4th February 2010 Archive

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  • Oracle: destroyer of virtual worlds

    Lights out for Sun's Project Darkstar

    Developer 04 Feb 06:02

  • TPC adds power suckage to benchmarks

    Performance (per watt) anxiety

    Servers 04 Feb 06:02

  • Open-source Silverlight project drops early third code

    Microsoft mirror

    Developer 04 Feb 07:02

  • Huawei E5 Wi-Fi/3G modem

    Better known as the 3 MiFi

    Broadband 04 Feb 08:02

  • Appeal Court: TV menu decision was irrational, but not unfair

    Since when have shopping channels been rational, anyway?

    Media 04 Feb 08:02

  • Wikileaks finds cash to continue

    Don't (whistle)blow it all at once

    Financial News 04 Feb 08:52

  • Monster grabs Yahoo! jobs

    Carol Bartz cuts continue

    Financial News 04 Feb 08:58

  • IBM preps biz info flow sniffer

    Plus auto-redaction software

    Applications 04 Feb 09:02

  • MoD turns to bloggers for advice on UK defence policy

    Labour, Tories: We won't reveal plans until we're in charge

    Government 04 Feb 09:56

  • Singer wears ‘Twitter dress’ to Grammys

    Imogen Heap models hi-tech glad rags

    Hardware 04 Feb 10:10

  • Schwartz goes all of a Twitter

    He goes in style - oddly

    Servers 04 Feb 10:20

  • Aussie ISP beats Hollywood on 'copyright' rap

    Providing net access not same as OK-ing copyright theft

    Broadband 04 Feb 10:25

  • BBC 'to chop DAB radio flops'

    Sent to bubbling mudbath

    Media 04 Feb 10:37

  • DNA pioneer lambasts government database policy

    Declares himself 'astonished, perplexed and deeply worried'

    Law 04 Feb 10:43

  • HP ordered to pay £200m in interim damages ruling

    Sky is the limit for total figure

    The Channel 04 Feb 10:51

  • ARM boss forecasts mass migration to netbooks

    Desktops, laptops out - small, cheap computers in

    Hardware 04 Feb 10:57

  • Carbon trade phish scam disrupts exchanges

    Complex fraud lies behind emissions permissions attack

    Security 04 Feb 10:59

  • PS3 sales up, says Sony

    Console boosts Q3 results

    Games 04 Feb 11:12

  • Vodafone signs up 410k UK customers for Christmas

    It's the thought that counts

    Mobile 04 Feb 11:25

  • Webcam saves stranded man

    Cameras! Lights! Reaction!

    Hardware 04 Feb 11:34

  • The long and winding road to server virtualisation

    It’s all about Tetris and the price of fish

    Virtualisation Lab 04 Feb 11:49

  • Symbian shares the source

    Go open source early

    Mobile 04 Feb 11:59

  • Acer punts Windows server for your stuff

    Atom-powered Nas

    Hardware 04 Feb 12:00

  • Men at Work swiped Down Under riff

    Oz classic plagiarised Girl Guides' ditty, court rules

    Bootnotes 04 Feb 12:01

  • Sony, Vodafone vie for X10 UK launch first

    Manufacturer to sell online ahead of operator

    Phones 04 Feb 12:04

  • Iran launches rat, two turtles, some worms into space

    Tiny space ark 'entirely peaceful', says general

    Science 04 Feb 12:08

  • Politico sues politico

    Cease and desist nonsense du jour

    Law 04 Feb 12:36

  • Sony 'actively thinking' about PSN access fee

    Time to cough up?

    Games 04 Feb 12:38

  • MS probes bug that turns PCs into 'public file servers'

    Unwanted promotion for older Windows boxes

    Security 04 Feb 12:44

  • Sonos ZonePlayer S5

    Sonic boon?

    Hardware 04 Feb 13:02

  • Blacklisted UK colleges take Border Agency to court

    Student visa systems overhaul gets legal

    Government 04 Feb 13:03

  • Blighty gets DARPA cash to put sat-phones in satellites

    Inmarsat space BGAN mobe for 'fractionated' cluster-swarm

    Broadband 04 Feb 13:27

  • H.264 video codec stays royalty-free for HTML5 testers

    Patent granted 5-year amnesty, Mozilla still no-likey

    Developer 04 Feb 13:39

  • Teen blogging is sick! (and not in a good way)

    The unbearable pointlessness of blogging

    Broadband 04 Feb 13:41

  • Wales Audit Office boss sacked amidst laptop smut claims

    Bowtied beancounter's bawdy bookmarks...

    Government 04 Feb 13:50

  • Motorola Devours el cheapo Androidphone market

    Calling all Web2.0rheics

    Phones 04 Feb 14:02

  • Amazon fingers touch tech firm

    Kindle goes to the feelies?

    Hardware 04 Feb 14:32

  • Does Apple patent claim show iPad with built-in camera?

    Cupertino drops heavy clues

    Hardware 04 Feb 14:37

  • NASA develops spaceship work robot called 'R2'

    Definitely the droid we're looking for, say space chiefs

    Science 04 Feb 15:18

  • Google turns to NSA for help in cyberattack defences

    Worm belatedly turns

    Government 04 Feb 15:24

  • Extreme pr0n suspect has his internet access suspended

    Heard not seen, at least not online

    Law 04 Feb 15:57

  • Chinese e-tailer lights up ciggie-lighter phone for smokers

    Puff piece

    Phones 04 Feb 15:58

  • E-book readers are a satisfied lot

    Or were before the iPad was announced

    Hardware 04 Feb 16:21

  • Big iron bolsters Q4 at Unisys

    Mainframes make money

    Servers 04 Feb 17:11

  • Kit cracks iPhone backup passwords

    Download, point, click

    Phones 04 Feb 18:09

  • Cisco's California sales on the double

    400 sees gold in them thar servers

    Servers 04 Feb 19:11

  • Juniper bakes 250Gbps core router chip

    Preemptive Cisco strike

    The Channel 04 Feb 19:35

  • Apache terminates 'outdated' web server

    We, and the world, move on

    Applications 04 Feb 19:41

  • Do Google's search warrant police run IE6?

    The Not Quite Anti-Microsoft

    Applications 04 Feb 19:55

  • Adobe to Jobs: 'What the Flash do you know?'

    Flash never ships with bugs we're aware of

    Applications 04 Feb 21:12

  • US bill seeks cybersecurity scholarships

    Send your kid to hacker school

    Security 04 Feb 21:13

  • Domain auction house wrestles with alleged shill

    SnapNames in legal action against ex-exec

    Networks 04 Feb 22:37

  • AT&T lets 3G Sling TV onto iPhone

    Timing is everything

    Phones 04 Feb 23:22