2nd February 2010 Archive

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  • Ingres' VectorWise rises to answer Microsoft

    Open-source stealth project slips out

    Developer 02 05:24

  • Chinese tablet maven threatens iPad suit

    'Apple stole our design!'

    Hardware 02 06:02

  • Windows 7 RC 'buy a copy' shut downs start next month

    Buy the OS or your data gets it

    Operating Systems 02 06:02

  • Simpana joins the cloud crowd

    Vaulting ambition

    Storage 02 07:02

  • Dear Google: Just how mammoth is your search share?

    Surely, you know best

    Media 02 07:02

  • Politicos bid to stop Microsoft's cloud migration

    Windows Azure opens for business

    Developer 02 07:02

  • Web attacks cripple Russia's biggest indie newspaper

    Seven days and counting

    Security 02 08:02

  • Retailers fooled by fake and borrowed IDs

    Back in the day you just had to remember someone else's birthday

    Government 02 09:05

  • Directgov battles terrorism with report-a-website page

    Watch out YouTube

    Government 02 10:01

  • Security firms plot revamp to minimise false alarms

    Whitelisted addresses to reside in heavenly cloud

    Security 02 10:27

  • Pillar rejigs Axiom for flash

    Bring us a brick

    Storage 02 10:32

  • Transformers up for seven Razzies

    'Over-loud, over-long, uber-stupid'

    Bootnotes 02 10:54

  • Most consumers reuse banking passwords on other sites

    Password recycle fail leaves consumers ripe for harvesting

    Security 02 11:03

  • Can virtualisation reduce the management overhead?

    Yes and no. Maybe

    Virtualisation Lab 02 11:13

  • iPad runs Windows, Nokia runs OSX

    Black is east, up is white... argh!

    Mobile 02 11:13

  • ID minister promises virtual immortality for all Britons

    National ID register will hold the quick and the dead

    Government 02 11:40

  • Spiderman Beetleman wall-crawl glove/boot tech invented

    Does whatever certain kinds of beetle can

    Science 02 11:43

  • Head of Stats warns politicians: 'Hands off our numbers!'

    "No sh*t, Sherlock" moment after public confidence warning

    Government 02 11:45

  • Sony Ericsson preps BlackBerry-style WinMo phone

    Aspen skiis in

    Phones 02 11:58

  • FujiFilm intros 'ultimate' all-in-one camera

    A bridge to fear?

    Hardware 02 12:01

  • Amazon Kindle DX

    What a difference extra inches make

    Tablets 02 12:02

  • Femtocells wilt under attack

    Tiny, tiny, tiny root box danger

    Mobile 02 12:08

  • eBay cans free P&P requirement

    Pleases some, infuriates others

    Small Biz 02 12:09

  • Anti-Internet Explorer 6 protests grow with online petition

    Appeals for UK.gov to ditch aged browser

    Applications 02 12:22

  • Virgin Media battles privacy campaigners on P2P monitoring

    No one's looking at you, alright?

    Broadband 02 12:38

  • Nokia: go straight to Symbian 3, skip Symbian 2

    Do not pass Go. Do not collect £200.

    Phones 02 12:41

  • Movea waves in free-space mouse

    Control games with the flick of a wrist

    Hardware 02 12:46

  • Manchester cops clobbered by Conficker

    PCs' PCs still unplugged from PNC

    Security 02 12:54

  • Firm grows multi-touch see-through 'skin' for gadgets

    Make anything flat or curved touch-sensitive

    Hardware 02 13:17

  • Sony and Arsenal to stream match highlights to PSPs

    Footie on your handheld

    Hardware 02 13:33

  • Oz banker caught porn-surfing on live TV

    In-depth analysis of Miranda Kerr

    Bootnotes 02 13:33

  • Nokia slashes prices to up market share ante

    Rolls up sleeves for imminent manufacturer slugfest

    Phones 02 13:38

  • Mobile networks: It's a risky business, says 3

    You'll get an iPhone if you're good

    Mobile 02 13:46

  • US plans crewless automated ghost-frigates

    Mary Celeste class robot X-ships to prowl seas

    Science 02 14:15

  • Save DAB! Send FM radios to Africa

    Or bury them in a hole in the ground. We don't care

    Media 02 14:40

  • PGP buys tech to offer trusted ID from the cloud

    Close friends get to call it TC

    Security 02 15:10

  • Avatar attracts nine Oscar nods

    Big night in prospect for 3D epic

    Bootnotes 02 15:23

  • Google mulls biz software store to punt Apps

    Report suggests stretching of online shop tentacles

    Developer 02 15:26

  • The Virtensys triple whammy

    Delivering a kicking to server, switch and network interface vendors

    Storage 02 15:29

  • Eco Vaio netbook en route to Blighty

    Recycled plastic machine heading this way

    Hardware 02 15:36

  • First Vaio laptop with numberpad hits UK

    Es are good... for typists

    Hardware 02 15:43

  • Council saves quarter mil' from mobile bill

    Derby puts contract up for auction, thinks more should follow

    Government 02 15:47

  • Super Micro grows like crazy in fiscal Q2

    Previews future servers

    Servers 02 17:01

  • Designer pitches iPad gaming wheel

    Plastic circle to improve tablet's cornering?

    Games 02 17:39

  • Cisco 120Gbps router rumored

    Slow to outpace Juniper T1600

    Data Networking 02 19:21

  • Intel set for server chip blitz

    From Tukwila to Nehalem-EX

    Servers 02 19:32

  • Google reveals nonexistent Chrome tablet

    The GPad

    Hardware 02 19:35

  • Microsoft security dev tools go 'Agile'

    Not just for Windows anymore

    Security 02 20:46

  • Facebook re-write takes PHP to an enterprise past

    Remember C++? They do

    Developer 02 20:53

  • JooJoo men strike back at CrunchPad suit

    TechCruncher 'fatally imprecise'

    Hardware 02 22:49

  • Google behavioral ad targeter is a Smart Ass

    Distributed ad crunching

    Media 02 23:25

  • iPhone vulnerable to remote attack on SSL

    Beware of rogue config files

    Phones 02 23:31