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Sun Oracle revs LDom VMs for Sparc Ts

Former server and systems software maker Sun Microsystems, now part of the Oracle collective, quietly announced a new release of the Logical Domain virtual machine hypervisor for the Sparc T line of processors several days ahead of the closing of the $7.4bn deal.

Smartphone sales skyrocket

Smartphones shipments leapt 30 per cent year on year during Q4 2009 to 53m units, well ahead of the 12 per cent growth seen by handsets as a whole.

Steve Jobs dubs Google's 'don't be evil' motto 'bulls**t'

Steve Jobs has dubbed Google's "don't be evil" mantra "bullshit." Or at least "a load of crap."
Cade Metz, 01 2010

Microsoft and IBM cloud collab claims deflated

You have to leave it to IBM and Microsoft. The two won't let a small thing like a shrinking market douse the fire of a heated rivalry over business collaboration wares.
Microsoft Office logo

Microsoft accuses Google of 'software plus services'

Microsoft has accused Google of behaving like Microsoft.
Cade Metz, 01 2010
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IBM chases SMBs with custom data closets

While a number of companies are peddling and about as few companies are buying containerized data centers, even a 20 foot shipping container is overkill for a compact data center at most small and medium businesses. And a 40 footer would end up just being a place where the IT staff hung out to play video games. What most SMBs need is on the order of a Porta Potty or two in terms of cubic footage, and they often need to cram their IT gear into unusual places.
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DoH tells NHS to dump IE6

The Department of Health has told trusts using Windows 2000 or XP to move to version 7 of Microsoft's browser.
Kable, 01 2010
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Google boss worries about the future of reading

Google boss Eric Schmidt is worried that kids will lose the skill of reading for comprehension and deep understanding as they increasingly use devices rather than actual books.

Glasshouse tries for IPO - again

Trading conditions must be improving, as storage services company Glasshouse Technologies has refiled IPO papers and is looking to raise $75m.
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Another murderer pops up on Facebook

A second convicted murderer has been caught using Facebook to keep the world up to date with his life inside.

Intel and Micron get flash process lead

Intel and Micron have jumped to a 25nm NAND flash process, shrinking cell size and raising wafer yields. They'll use their lead to raise profit margins instead of lowering prices.
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Geeks Guide2... iPhone Development

Geeks Guide2 Development for App Store applications has never been more enticing. Since our last visit to iPhone development, more than 120,000 additional applications have been added to the App Store and over 2 billion have been downloaded. Furthermore, the public’s love for everything Apple will undoubtedly continue with the App Store compatible iPad.
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1 in 3 users reviewed Facebook privacy roll-back

One in three Facebook users changed their privacy settings in Facebook after the social networking site applied a controversial privacy roll-back and encouraged users to review how much they shared online back in December.
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Obama to boost US nuclear power industry

President Obama has moved to boost the US nuclear power industry, proposing massive government loan guarantees for construction of new stations and setting up a panel to sort out nuclear waste policy.
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The Loch Ness Stig gets pixellated

Those readers who live close to Loch Ness are invited to keep an eye out for circling black Google helicopters, since the Great Satan of Mountain View has inexplicably decided that this recent loch-side sighting of Top Gear's The Stig...

Acer says no to iPad-alike tablet

An Acer executive has contradicted one of his colleagues and claimed the company will not follow Apple into the multimedia web tablet arena.
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Stranded Hartlepool pair refuse coastguard rescue

Two people who were yesterday cut off by the rising tide at the mouth of the River Tees at Hartlepool refused a lifeboat rescue unless the emergency services also agreed to save their shopping trolley full of driftwood.
Broken CD with wrench

Vote, vote, vote for Barbie the computer engineer

Our friends at insideHPC pushed this story recently, but there hasn’t been an accompanying groundswell of buzz, so I’m bringing it to The Register’s audience in an attempt to get the ball rolling.
Dan Olds, 01 2010
Chip wafer

Flash chip makers promise bigger, cheaper SSDs

Chip giant Intel and its Flash-making friend Micron have begun producing solid-state storage chippery at the 25nm 'node', a move that will boost storage capacities and cut costs to consumers.
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UK.gov unmoved by Internet Explorer 6 security concerns

Google and the NHS may soon be ditching support for Internet Explorer 6, but that hasn’t stopped UK government officials from declaring the browser doesn’t give them cause for concern, unlike their French and German counterparts.
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Austrian army cans Benny Hill recruitment ad

The Austrian army has canned a recruitment ad in which a group of young ladies is persuaded that a "joy ride" in a well-endowed tank is a far more exciting prospect than a spin in some bestubbled geezer's sports motor:
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Oracle and Sun: First takes

The roadblocks to Oracle’s purchase of Sun Microsystems have fallen away, and the deal is – for all intents and purposes – done.
Dan Olds, 01 2010
Nokia X6

Nokia X6 Comes With Music

Review Nokia's X6 smartphone is more than just another touch screen smartphone in an overcrowded market. In its 32GB form, this well-spec'd music phone will only be available with Nokia's Comes With Music package. It'll be hard to avoid, and is likely to benefit from aggressive subsidies.
Promise SmartStor DS4600

Nas box maker pitches non-network, still attached storage

Nas specialist Promise has introduced an 8TB storage box designed to connected not to a network but directly to a Mac, Windows PC or Linux box.

Fujitsu on brink of Quantum fusion breakthrough

Fujitsu is understood to be OEM'ing Quantum's DXi deduplication technology across its recently enhanced product line. Conversely, EMC and Dell may have dropped DXi deduplication because of slow restore speed.
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Amazon deletes a 6th of its catalogue in book price barney

Amazon.com removed all Macmillan books and ebooks from its US site over the weekend when it didn't get its own way over price negotiations.
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UK moob jobs rocket 80 per cent

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (or BAAPS, phnar, phnar) has reported a massive rise in gynaecomastia ops last year, as lardy chaps moved to reduce their swelling moobs.

Free mobe map app 'shut down by' Nokia

Popular freebie cross-platform mobe navigation app Nav4All has been "shut down by" Nokia's mapping subsidiary, according to the company. The move is bound to be seen as linked to Nokia's decision to offer free mapping to owners of its smartphones last week.
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Airport scanners go live today, kids included

Body scanners went into operation at Heathrow and Manchester airports this morning. People chosen by security staff will not be allowed onto flights without going through the machine from now on.

Brits to get 3G iPad early - and at a reduced price?

Will Brits be able to get their mitts on the iPad sooner than they thought? Apple UK's website seems to suggest they will. The gadget may also be cheaper than expected too.
Nokia N97

Nokia updates N97 firmware

Nokia has taken steps to improve the N97’s call stability and touchscreen by releasing a firmware update for the handset.
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Extreme Pr0n - One Year On

Analysis One year on from the passage of the extreme porn laws, and it would appear that the worst fears of those who campaigned against them have, in the main, not been realised. At the same time, the case for driving a coach and horses through some basic principles of English Law feels equally unmade.

Sky 3D soccer fails to score

Hands Eyes On As Manchester United scored its first goal against Arsenal yesterday at the Emirates Stadium, a lucky few secretly soaked up another football triumph: the world’s first football match broadcast in 3D.
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Tories moot breaking up BT Openreach monopoly

A Conservative government would allow rivals to connect their own fibre to BT exchanges as part of a plan to spread the rollout of faster broadband to rural areas.
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Google Chrome dev-only build hopes to be famous 5

Google released Chrome version 5 developer builds for Windows and Mac on Friday.

Virgin hails 'free' landline-to-mobe calls

Virgin Media is to offer customers free calls from their Virgin landlines to their Virgin mobile phones. As always, strings are attached.
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Voice crypto fails spark astroturf claims

Doubts have arisen about the integrity of supposedly anonymous tests on the security of voice encryption products.

Microsoft details new distie accreditation

Microsoft has appointed Bell Micro and Computer 2000 as the first two disties to qualify as Value Add Distributors(VAD).
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Dunstone talks up TalkTalk TV

Charles Dunstone, CEO of Carphone Warehouse, hasn't given up on the dream of being a quad-player, after revealing plans to launch TV and mobile TalkTalk services.
Bill Ray, 01 2010
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Man sets mice on musophobic ex-missus

A Swedish man was arrested yesterday on "suspicion of unlawful threats and animal welfare offences", after shoving 19 mice through the letterbox of his musophobic ex-missus's Stockholm flat.
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Missile missed in criticism-busting interceptor test failure

The US Missile Defence Agency (MDA) has announced a failed test of its controversial Groundbased Midcourse Defence interceptor. The agency blamed the test failure on problems with the Sea Based X-Band radar, well known for its resemblance to an enormous golfball mounted on an oil rig.
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Survey: Only 1% of Torrents non-infringing

99 per cent of files accessed through a Torrent network are unlicensed copyright material, according to a survey by an American undergraduate.

Sony heralds 'Greenest Company of 2009' award

Sony today claimed its eco credentials have been given a boost after an environmental blog named the electronics giant “the greenest company of 2009”.

UK mum lost 50kg with 'Wii Fit diet'

A British woman who used to tip the scales at 114kg (18 stone) has proclaimed that Wii Fit saved her life, after she lost a whopping 50kg playing the Nintendo videogame.

Nexus One poised for iPhone's American 3G

Google is on the verge of releasing a version of its Nexus One handset that will run on AT&T's 3G network.
Cade Metz, 01 2010

What do you call the iPad in Arabic?

What do you call the iPad in Arabic? Sorry, can't help you there, but then neither can Google Translate, which transliterates whatever the iPad is called in Arabic into the English "Aye Bad".
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Britain warns businesses of Chinese 'honey trap'

Britain's MI5 security service has accused the Chinese government of engaging in an unusually wide-ranging campaign to breach UK business computer networks, in some cases exploiting sexual relationships to pressure individuals to cooperate.

December chip sales reach 2007 levels

The Semiconductor Industry Association, a trade group representing the interests of US-based chip and fab equipment makers, said today that worldwide chip sales in 2009 ended on a slight - and expected - down note. However, it said conditions in December were considerably better than a year ago when the bottom was falling out of the global economy.
Apple's 27-inch iMac

Apple's mega Mac on hold (again)

Apple has stopped production of its multi-troubled 27-inch iMac.

Google yanks IE6 love from web apps

Google is pulling IE6 support from Google Apps, its online suite of office applications.
Cade Metz, 01 2010
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Power7 power lunch and launch next Monday

It looks like IBM's initial Power7-based servers are going to be launched in New York on February 8. Big Blue sent out the invitations today.
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Security bugs reinfect financial giant’s website

Five months after Ameriprise Financial fixed a bug that could have helped criminals steal user authentication credentials, the financial giant's website is vulnerable again.
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Obama scraps Constellation moon mission

President Barack Obama is calling on NASA to cancel its plans to return astronauts to the moon by 2020 and instead focus on developing "building blocks" for future deep space exploration as well as partnerships with private industry.
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US state probes breach that exposed data for 80,000

A computer database containing the personal details of more than 80,000 employees was penetrated by unknown hackers, according to multiple news agencies, citing Iowa's Racing and Gaming Commission.
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Facebook plans PHP changes

On Tuesday, Facebook is expected to unveil changes to PHP, the language that helped make the social networking site a success - along with millions of other web sites.
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The Borings get another whack at Street View

Mr. and Mrs. Boring will get a third chance to fight Google over the snapping photos of their secluded home from a Street View spymobile.
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HP bids to boost sales with 0% financing (again)

More than IBM or Oracle, IT supplier Hewlett-Packard is dependent on volume sales to make its top and bottom lines. And with the economy improving but still not in great shape, HP has reanimated some zero per cent financing deals from early last year in the hopes of helping it get a solid start to 2010 in North America.