29th January 2010 Archive

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  • 1,000 devs raid iPadded code kit

    Jobsian slipstream

    Developer 29 Jan 00:22

  • Windows 7 misses Microsoft's summit of success

    Beware the false bottom

    Software 29 Jan 04:12

  • Fujitsu: 'iPad? That's ours'

    Oh, and there's that Canadian bra

    Hardware 29 Jan 06:02

  • Windows 7 upgrades Vista laptops to lower battery life

    Time to replace your brand new battery

    Hardware 29 Jan 06:39

  • Who ate all the iPies?

    Apple's mid-life crisis in tablet form

    Mobile 29 Jan 07:02

  • Oracle hands out love and handcuffs to Sunware

    Hello, Java. So long, Kenai

    Applications 29 Jan 07:02

  • BPI rejects scareletter approach to possible pirates

    ACS:Law treads lonely path

    Media 29 Jan 08:02

  • Ellison: Only Oracle can do OLTP clustering

    Armonk, we have a problem

    Servers 29 Jan 08:02

  • Oracle sues support firm over 'massive theft'

    Shades of TomorrowNow

    The Channel 29 Jan 09:02

  • iPad vs e-book readers: price matters

    Do you want cheap as chips — or Apple?

    Hardware 29 Jan 09:02

  • EU damns scanners, Facebook, MySpace and Phorm

    Not keen on SWIFT either

    Law 29 Jan 09:08

  • Zoo man uses virtualisation to tame his server herd

    Reg reader tells it like is

    Virtualisation Lab 29 Jan 09:24

  • Baidu gets out of jail free

    Pack your bags, Google

    Media 29 Jan 10:04

  • First mass-produced camera heads to auction

    Gadgets geeks shocked by lack of Flickr support

    Hardware 29 Jan 10:05

  • High-flying 3PAR down at ground level

    Revenues yes, profit not so much

    Storage 29 Jan 10:10

  • Who's the world's largest tech firm?

    Not who you think

    Financial News 29 Jan 10:29

  • Silicone implants that generate 'leccy invented for US spooks

    Katie Price will never need to buy batteries again

    Science 29 Jan 10:31

  • Ex-Broadcom boss beats drugs orgy charges

    White lines blow away

    Financial News 29 Jan 11:00

  • Remote tribe discovered worshipping iPad

    It came to me in a dream, claims shaman elder

    Bootnotes 29 Jan 11:02

  • World phone biz backs out of downturn

    324m shipments in Q4 09

    Phones 29 Jan 11:08

  • GTA IV updates coming to PS3

    Windows version also confirmed

    Games 29 Jan 11:10

  • French mock British G-spot probe

    It does exist, you just can't find it

    Science 29 Jan 11:15

  • Moto to make Nexus One version two?

    CEO talks up 'consumer device' partnership with Google

    Phones 29 Jan 11:17

  • How secure are virtual desktops, really?

    Lock and load

    Virtualisation Lab 29 Jan 11:29

  • UK.gov shutters half its websites

    Direct to the bin, guv'

    Government 29 Jan 11:30

  • Many voice encryption systems easily crackable

    Malware will shut your yap

    Security 29 Jan 11:31

  • Sony slams colour e-paper quality

    But does want to offer a colour Reader

    Hardware 29 Jan 12:04

  • Greenock pensioners cuffed for Tesco 'sex romp'

    Alleged indecency incident in bakery aisle

    Bootnotes 29 Jan 12:16

  • Samsung ST550

    Two-screen camera

    Hardware 29 Jan 12:17

  • Italians salute Mussolini on the iPhone

    Fascism? There's an app for that

    Mobile 29 Jan 12:21

  • IT training firm goes titsup

    School's out for....

    Small Biz 29 Jan 12:26

  • Xiotech reloads Matrix

    ISEbergs warning

    Storage 29 Jan 12:47

  • Sun takes over MoD's UFO bureau

    Martian eggface prof Pillinger endorses soaraway plan

    Science 29 Jan 12:49

  • British poshos outdrink chavs

    Or are just better at maths

    Science 29 Jan 13:22

  • Google Apps goes loopy on booted-off Premier subs customers

    Mountain View fails to cough up glitch fix

    Applications 29 Jan 13:24

  • Experts fret over iPad security risks

    Death and taxes and browser exploits

    Security 29 Jan 13:32

  • Hong Kong Taoist masters still hard at it

    Gang dupe woman into sex on promise of 'heavenly treasure'

    Bootnotes 29 Jan 13:38

  • AT&T plans $2bn wireless overhaul

    Less iPhone suckage by 2011

    Broadband 29 Jan 14:02

  • Interpol chief questions body scanner rollout

    Over-expensive, under-effective

    Law 29 Jan 14:16

  • iPad Mini/Nano beta-tester: Of course it's real

    Pocket-size voice fondle-slab's existence confirmed

    Bootnotes 29 Jan 14:23

  • Teletext toddles off as licence taken

    Smell you later, interactive telly

    Broadband 29 Jan 14:53

  • Spanish disco offers gals free 'consolers'

    'You're going to vibrate'

    Bootnotes 29 Jan 15:21

  • Show me the money!

    Uncovering the financial aspects of IT

    CIO 29 Jan 15:41

  • Danes ditch Microsoft, take ODF road - at last

    Cross party parliamentarians gang up against Redmond

    Applications 29 Jan 15:41

  • CpW unveils new identity excitingness

    It'll be called... Consignia! Oh, hang on

    Networks 29 Jan 16:07

  • IBM countersues Neon over zPrime accelerator

    More lawyers feast on the mainframe largesse

    Servers 29 Jan 16:18

  • Lens firm promises shake-free cameraphones

    Optical stabilisation to replace digital in 2011?

    Phones 29 Jan 16:54

  • Bathroom scale plugs into Google Health

    Share your weight with Mountain View

    Hardware 29 Jan 17:41

  • Google mystery server runs 13% of active websites

    And only Google runs its mystery server

    Applications 29 Jan 19:25

  • Brits choose Altix UV supers to fight cancer

    SGI beefs pipeline

    HPC 29 Jan 19:26

  • CA taps IBM alum as chief exec

    McCracken takes the helm

    Applications 29 Jan 19:33

  • Google (finally) pays bounties for Chrome bug reports

    Up to $1,337

    Security 29 Jan 20:00

  • CIA, PayPal under bizarre SSL assault

    Plus hundreds of others

    Security 29 Jan 20:55

  • Woman sues rail line for 'exploding' toilet

    Crap maintenance alleged

    Bootnotes 29 Jan 21:30

  • PHP fluffed to suck data from Microsoft's cloud

    Azure spit and polish

    Developer 29 Jan 21:35

  • Apple video shows Flashed iPad

    Which is it, Steve?

    Mobile 29 Jan 21:49