27th January 2010 Archive

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  • Cisco sets free video con protocol

    Big enough to share

    Data Networking 27 00:22

  • Google Toolbar caught tracking users when 'disabled'

    We'll ignore this window if you close it

    Security 27 00:28

  • Yahoo! wows Wall Street with revenue drop

    Only 4% down. Well done

    Financial News 27 01:05

  • Prolific hacker releases PlayStation exploit

    Some memory-bus corruption required

    Games 27 01:51

  • Avere adds flash to filer accelerator

    Missing tier arrives

    Storage 27 06:02

  • Netezza slims TwinFin analytics appliance

    Skimmer aims low

    Servers 27 06:02

  • US book giant confirms Apple tablet

    'It's going to be terrific'

    Hardware 27 07:02

  • Second US man admits DDoS attack on Scientology

    Not so Anonymous after all

    Security 27 07:02

  • Gates backs China in Google censorship spat

    Uh, that's just what the Chinese do

    Security 27 08:02

  • Kiwi airline adds PC, iPod support

    Hi-tech mile high?

    Hardware 27 08:44

  • Scott McNealy signs off in style

    Walks into the Sun set

    Servers 27 08:55

  • Keep a close eye on your subsidiary, says Court of Appeal

    They can run away from parent companies

    Small Biz 27 09:02

  • Sun shops unnerved by Oracle Alpha man

    The Larry Factor

    Applications 27 09:02

  • Verified by Visa bitchslapped by Cambridge researchers

    More about pushing blame than preventing fraud

    Security 27 09:19

  • Samsung ready to sell World+Dog 3D TVs

    Mass-production point reached

    Hardware 27 10:08

  • Seagate expanding into PCIe flash

    LSI to hop on board alongside

    Storage 27 10:10

  • iPhone OS update sticks customers with premium call bills

    Hard knock for Bubblewrap, Admob tie-up

    Mobile 27 10:11

  • Potty mouth hackers pwn TechCrunch (again)

    This time it's personal

    Security 27 10:15

  • O2 axes broadband laptop bundle connection fee

    Two-year subs only

    Broadband 27 10:28

  • Science czar calls for openness on climate questions

    Reveal the things we know we don't know

    Science 27 10:30

  • Swiss computing lab offers free bug-immunity tool

    Clouds, browsers can self-debug without help, says prof

    Virtualization 27 10:32

  • Government IT strategy confirms savings target

    Pulls £3.2 billion per year out of its hat

    Government 27 10:48

  • MPs demand UK government end secrecy over ACTA

    International plan of mystery

    Government 27 11:22

  • HTC Hero to get Android 2.1 update in March

    Delayed again?

    Phones 27 11:27

  • Home Office says 'no decision' yet on sex offender disclosure

    Government may actually benefit for once

    Government 27 11:50

  • Playmobil throws down animation gauntlet

    Fan films inspire stop-motion challenge

    Bootnotes 27 11:53

  • Microsoft hit with cash-for-Points lawsuit

    Lawyer cries fraud over Xbox Live download payments

    Games 27 11:53

  • Amateur CCTV sleuth site probed by privacy watchdog

    ICO is very definitely watching the watchers

    Law 27 12:09

  • Nokia N97 Mini

    Size matters?

    Phones 27 12:26

  • Toshiba looks ahead, sees a 14TB disk

    Sifting through the bit pattern

    Storage 27 12:36

  • EMC blows CIFS benchmark away

    But shies away from NFS

    Storage 27 12:41

  • California school pulls 'oral sex' dictionary

    Merriam-Webster too explicit for wide-eyed kiddies

    Bootnotes 27 12:44

  • Nokia cuts down X6 handset

    Comes without music

    Mobile 27 13:13

  • Apple granted multi-tap detecting tablet patent

    How to do multi-touch circa 2005

    Hardware 27 13:24

  • UK.gov tweaks open source policy small print

    Enforce or fall on own sword, warns Ingres

    Operating Systems 27 13:32

  • Airships can defeat roadside bombers, says ex-US officer

    'ILLEGAL foot-dragging by air force kills our troops'

    Science 27 14:15

  • Compulsory perv scanners upset everyone

    The European Court of Human Rights is going to love this

    Government 27 14:25

  • Near-field comms gets 'peer-to-peer' data sharing spec

    NFC gadgets to swap info at a touch

    Broadband 27 15:09

  • Spanish town to reward good drivers

    By giving them the fines from crap ones

    Bootnotes 27 15:16

  • Which? warns on pirate letters

    Ambulance chasers chasing wrong ambulances

    Law 27 15:28

  • Power-brick maker touts... colour e-book reader

    Yours to buy - 10,000 pcs minimum - in Q2

    Hardware 27 15:43

  • Microsoft 'offered sex and drugs to distributors'

    And the problem is?

    The Channel 27 15:47

  • Phantom app risk used to bait scareware trap

    The non-threat with no name

    Security 27 16:15

  • We7 goes after Spotify with iPhone app, subs

    Aims for the Big Time

    Mobile 27 16:20

  • Negroponte sends broken OLPC laptops to Haiti

    Relief for Haiti - relief for OLPC owners

    Hardware 27 16:22

  • Larry to take integrated Sunacle direct to CIOs

    Oracle reveals its surprisingly reasonable plans for Sun

    Servers 27 16:25

  • Rubber Duck banned from txt

    Wev gt rslves a cnvy

    Mobile 27 17:04

  • South African Police reveal Apple tablet photos

    11 varieties, MDMA support

    Bootnotes 27 17:41

  • Apple iPad spanked with Defective by Design protest

    'Entering Apple restriction zone'

    Media 27 18:11

  • Oracle promises golden trip to yesteryear on Sun

    Like 1960s IBM. But 'open'

    Software 27 18:41

  • Steve Jobs uncloaks the 'iPad'

    World continues to revolve around sun

    Media 27 18:49

  • Ubuntu Firefox shuns Google for Yahoo! search

    Microsoft to fund Linux development

    Applications 27 21:09

  • Oracle in MySQL, OpenOffice autonomy vow

    You will take our extensions

    Applications 27 21:10

  • eBay refiddles with auction fees

    Free listings, higher sale charge

    Media 27 21:48

  • IE Windows vuln coughs up local files

    One click bares entire C drive

    Security 27 21:53

  • Apple's iPad - fat iPhone without the phone

    The tablet that can't multitask

    Hardware 27 23:01

  • Ellison to recruit thousands for Sun integration army

    Linux needs to grow up

    Applications 27 23:16