22nd January 2010 Archive

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  • Microsoft dodges multi-million dollar WGA payout

    Spyware case lacks class

    Software 22 01:03

  • Google betas Flash-free YouTube sans open codec

    Useless with Firefox and Opera

    Hardware 22 01:04

  • Hacker brings multitouch to Google's Nexus One

    Let the mods begin

    Phones 22 01:27

  • Spring daddy looks to Oracle's MySQL commitments

    Comfort guaranteed

    Applications 22 07:02

  • Quantum spruces up StorNext filesystem

    DXi influence spreads

    Storage 22 08:02

  • Public sector ICT 'under pressure'

    You don't say

    Government 22 08:02

  • The Equality Bill: Hidden agenda?

    Swerving discrimination means amendment pile-up

    Management 22 09:02

  • AMD preps for two-fisted two-socket catfight

    Sock it to Intel

    Servers 22 09:02

  • FCC website outs HP smartbook

    AirLife to feature always-on HSDPA 3G

    Hardware 22 10:09

  • China swings at Clinton as Schmidt fudges exit plan

    When I say pull out, what I mean is....

    Government 22 10:27

  • Storage is boring, right?

    Understanding the Sherpa layer of IT

    Infrastructure Workshop 22 10:35

  • Poetic justice for HK Taoist truck driver

    Sent down to judge's words of (real) Zen master

    Bootnotes 22 10:36

  • MS to release WinMo 7 to phone makers in September

    Mole also reiterates Zune, Xbox Live link claims

    Phones 22 10:48

  • Lords mull Hail Mary penance for file sharers

    Peers discuss costs, ambulance chasing

    Media 22 11:04

  • Irish board hack prompts password reset

    Users thrown into scramble to change up login credentials

    Security 22 11:32

  • Billionaire-funded e-car gets showroom date

    The e6, from BYD and Warren Buffet

    Science 22 11:38

  • Police arrest MD of dowsing-rod 'bomb detector' firm

    Sold 'magic' bomb wands to Iraqi gov for $56,000 each

    Law 22 11:42

  • Lenovo talks up LePhone launch

    Into China in May - UK later this year?

    Phones 22 11:48

  • Ofcom opens debate on Freeview HD DRM to punters

    The BBC wants it - do you?

    Hardware 22 11:48

  • HP TouchSmart 600

    Touchscreen iMac wannabee

    Hardware 22 12:02

  • Super-soldier exoskeleton to get 3-day fuel cell powerpack

    Mech-troopers will be able to plug in gadgetry, too

    Science 22 12:32

  • UK.gov stacking up gang of clouds

    Ain't nothin' but a G-thang

    Servers 22 12:34

  • Linux coders do it for money

    No such thing as a free (software) launch

    Operating Systems 22 12:51

  • Airport scanner staff object to vetting

    Nothing to hide - but they'd rather not be checked

    Government 22 13:03

  • Rickets rise linked to excessive gaming

    Too much PlayStation, not enough sunshine

    Games 22 13:19

  • O2 halts Mobile Landline signups

    You're through to O2... we're busy

    Mobile 22 13:20

  • Tor software updated after hackers crack into systems

    Miscreants remain anonymous

    Security 22 13:46

  • UK government rebuffs cries for free postcode database

    PAF remains fee-based, despite non-profit grumbles

    Applications 22 13:59

  • Avon & Somerset cop computers titsup?

    Tory MP questions use of 30 temp workers

    Government 22 14:13

  • Crusty fireball space mango wrecks US doctor's office

    'Fresh, pretty' meteorite blasts startled medics

    Science 22 14:30

  • NSA beats warrantless wiretap rap

    Because it took in a nation of millions

    Government 22 14:33

  • Indian Nokia workers ready to up tools

    'Misunderstanding' puts 2000 out on strike

    Mobile 22 15:16

  • Chris Morris jihad film good to go

    Four Lions trailer live

    Bootnotes 22 15:49

  • BT to throttle P2P for faster broadband

    Ah well, there's always the post

    Broadband 22 15:55

  • Zero-power LCD aims to reduce paper use

    Chalkboard for the 21st Century?

    Hardware 22 16:05

  • BBC and ITV chase gaming cash

    Both want to turn telly hits into games

    Games 22 16:28

  • Schwartz puts comforting arm around stricken Sun

    Uses other arm for Oracle fist-pump

    Servers 22 16:43

  • MS knew of Aurora exploit four months before Google attacks

    China light on the matter

    Security 22 16:46

  • A Geeks Guide2... Microsoft Training 365

    Save over £580 at Reg Books

    Site News 22 16:55

  • TSA screener plants powder baggie in flier's luggage

    Not everyone gets the joke

    Security 22 18:17

  • Facebook busts ground on first custom data center

    Follows Google and Microsoft into chillerless club

    Servers 22 18:58

  • Fujitsu puts systems chief at helm

    Be like Big Blue

    Business 22 19:00

  • Web2.0rhea infects International Space Station

    'We r now LIVE tweeting'

    Bootnotes 22 20:33

  • Boffins birth uber 'net neutrality' dowser

    Eye on your ISP

    Broadband 22 20:35

  • NASA pegs Noughties as hottest decade on record

    Global warming 'unabated,' say spacemen

    Science 22 21:07

  • Amateur goof makes Twitter account hijacking a snap

    Just add XML

    Security 22 21:35

  • Oracle prez admits 8 1/2 years with billboard woman

    Phillips married to another

    Bootnotes 22 23:34