20th January 2010 Archive

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  • Big Blue boosts profits despite sales slump

    x64 turnaround

    Financial News 20 Jan 00:11

  • Microsoft confirms May date for next SQL Server

    Unisys slip pans out

    Applications 20 Jan 00:23

  • Apple (finally) boot camps Windows 7

    19 days late

    Hardware 20 Jan 01:16

  • Bill Gates hits Twitter, re-opens Facebook

    Celebs join the crush

    Bootnotes 20 Jan 01:35

  • Big Brother Blue seeks biometric anti-terror patents

    Tracks eyes, breath, aftershave

    Security 20 Jan 06:02

  • EMI, Universal ink pacts with free tunes startup

    FreeAllMusic (except for the video ads)

    Media 20 Jan 06:02

  • Think tank urges more centralised IT

    Gov IT failure seemingly down to insufficient meddling

    Government 20 Jan 07:02

  • Ex-JBoss chief attacks Monty's 'dangerous' MySQL crusade

    Open-source integration at risk

    Applications 20 Jan 07:02

  • China picks MIPS for super-duper super

    Dawning of a new petafloppy day - perhaps

    HPC 20 Jan 07:02

  • Speedo Aquabeat

    The life aquatic

    Hardware 20 Jan 08:02

  • Big Blue stalking STEC?

    Rumours drive up SSD maker's share price

    Storage 20 Jan 08:02

  • Hyundai's i10 goes green

    Electric version for late 2010/early 2011

    Science 20 Jan 09:02

  • IBM's Power7 servers imminent

    Here by March

    Servers 20 Jan 09:02

  • Opera and Firefox downloads soar after IE alerts

    The Teutonic Leap

    Applications 20 Jan 09:02

  • FBI nicks 22 in classic bribery sting

    Hoover would be proud

    Law 20 Jan 09:26

  • Vomit cannon to protect vessels from pirates, paparazzi

    Mercenaries ward off jacuzzi nipslip threat with puke ray

    Science 20 Jan 10:02

  • Rambus thanks Samsung for the memory

    $900 million? That'll do nicely...

    Hardware 20 Jan 10:16

  • Post-Copenhagen, does green IT matter?

    IT is the means, not the end

    CIO 20 Jan 10:31

  • ASA bans tyrannical German boss ad

    Don't mention the war, watchdog orders Reed Online

    Bootnotes 20 Jan 10:33

  • BOFH-making bug plugged in D-link update

    I'm the king of the... oh

    Security 20 Jan 10:37

  • Euro astro biz: It's time for solar panels in Spaaace

    Orbital laser cannons power stations proposed (again)

    Science 20 Jan 10:40

  • 2010 will be 'boom time for Apple'

    Xmas sales rather higher than expected

    Hardware 20 Jan 10:47

  • Opera swallows mobile ad manager

    They've got to make money somehow

    Mobile 20 Jan 10:55

  • Sony sets back PS3 motion controller launch

    Extra time for game development

    Games 20 Jan 10:57

  • FBI faked terror alerts to get phone records

    Subpoena scamola spilled

    Government 20 Jan 11:23

  • Swedish necrophiliacs in fake Facebook fundraiser

    Haiti hoax relief effort a dead 'good laugh'

    Bootnotes 20 Jan 11:43

  • Strike cripples Apple screenmaker in China

    More money, less paralysis and death wanted

    Mobile 20 Jan 12:08

  • Google grabs Indian cricket coverage

    Premier League picks YouTube

    Media 20 Jan 12:17

  • Small biz loves VoiP, not air miles

    Tech beats planes

    VoIP 20 Jan 12:19

  • Bob the Builder slapped with CGI rendering

    Stop motion goes the way of dry stone walling

    Bootnotes 20 Jan 12:20

  • Google: Keep user data safe by letting us hoard it forever

    Fleischer demands EU trust Google

    Security 20 Jan 12:22

  • Bocada looks at data protection market through Prism

    Just pop off the lens cap

    Storage 20 Jan 12:44

  • Odd-design Moto smartphone will go global

    8Mp Android smartphone inbound

    Phones 20 Jan 12:48

  • Apple trawling networks for tablet subsidies?

    Can it get Microsoft to pay for the iSlate?

    Hardware 20 Jan 12:49

  • World of Warcraft film makers thicken plot

    Fans hoping for 2011 release

    Games 20 Jan 12:53

  • Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX1

    Clever compact with painless panoramas

    Hardware 20 Jan 13:02

  • Report finds texting a 'valid educational tool'

    Dayly txts hlp kids read n rite

    Phones 20 Jan 13:02

  • New avast freebie security scanner aims to keel-haul MS

    Free 5.0 tweaked to work faster on multiple cores

    Security 20 Jan 13:03

  • Why Bono is wrong about filesharing

    P2P is fun: just let us pay for it

    Media 20 Jan 13:03

  • Car-stopping electropulse cannon to demo 'next month'

    Cig-lighter EMP blaster down to suitcase size, apparently

    Science 20 Jan 13:15

  • Modest Apple update slices third-party bugs

    Dirty dozen vulns pureed

    Security 20 Jan 13:27

  • Luvvies spill tears on precious glacier

    While NASA pulls Himalayan claim

    Science 20 Jan 14:01

  • Oz man coughs to DD-jub job advert outrage

    Perp laments 'heavily intoxicated' hack

    Bootnotes 20 Jan 14:27

  • UN issues call for international privacy agreement

    Countering counter-terror powers

    Government 20 Jan 14:33

  • DVLA makes £44m flogging drivers' details

    The great government data giveaway, if you've got the cash...

    Government 20 Jan 14:35

  • Air France offers two-seat deal for fatties

    Suggests they pay extra 'for their own comfort'

    Bootnotes 20 Jan 14:55

  • Baidu sues registrar over DNS records hack

    Legal salvo lands in New York

    Security 20 Jan 15:35

  • Microsoft gets in hosted services' face, causes headache

    Cloud providers left clutching at thin air

    Small Biz 20 Jan 15:42

  • New York Times builds paywall - very slowly

    Gray Lady to cover up next year

    Media 20 Jan 15:49

  • PM: UK airports to get perv scanners next week

    Who? What? Where?

    Law 20 Jan 15:50

  • IBM buys spook-riddled DC services expert

    Financial terms not made public. You don't say

    Government 20 Jan 16:43

  • Amazon offers publishers pre-iSlate Kindle bribes

    More for authors, too

    Hardware 20 Jan 17:03

  • ARM wrestling: Apple iPad chip to overpower rivals?

    In-house chippery to make or break tablet, say analysts

    Hardware 20 Jan 17:10

  • Windows 8 and beyond: Microsoft's next decade

    Three big bets

    Microbite 20 Jan 17:31

  • Adobe fixes critical Shockwave bugs with neanderthal patch

    Manual uninstall required

    Security 20 Jan 18:34

  • Apple and Microsoft plot iPhone Google slap

    Bing to Jesus meeting

    Mobile 20 Jan 19:32

  • Microsoft will issue emergency IE patch on Thursday

    Copycat hackers, take notice

    Security 20 Jan 19:33

  • Rattled Red Hat battles support impostors

    Death of a thousand cuts?

    The Channel 20 Jan 21:04

  • Cisco trials 'internet in space'

    In-orbit IP router

    Data Networking 20 Jan 21:15

  • eBay marketplace reverses revenue shrinkage

    Well, then. The economy must be fine

    Financial News 20 Jan 22:34

  • Apple's iPad - the tablet with the data center soul

    We want your eyeballs. And your money

    Media 20 Jan 22:56