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New York Times set to charge, again

The New York Times is set to return to charging for access to its website.
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SFO abandons case management IT

The Serious Fraud Office has written off £1.3m on an abandoned case management system.
Kable, 18 2010
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Google's Creepy Club of Chrome

Strategy Boutique A notoriously creepy Malthusian thinktank appears to have provided the inspiration for the design of Google's new web browser, Chrome. The icon for Chrome seems to be little more than a holistic logo of The Club of Rome.
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Pillar's Axiom 600 gets multicore brain transplant

Pillar Data has increased the performance of its Axiom 600 array and laid the foundation for future systems, with a doubled core count in its Slammer controllers and 700,000 lines of new Axiom ONE software code.
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Can financing and management models survive IT change?

Comment Whether or not you believe that IT is about to experience a revolution, it is clear that a number of the fundamentals of how the IT infrastructure is built are changing.
Tony Lock, 18 2010
Apple iMac

Apple preps touchy-feely iMac

Here's an Apple rumour that doesn't centre - for once - on the iPad. The Mac maker will this year release an iMac based around a 22in touch-sensitive display.
Motorola Milestone

Motorola Milestone more pricey to make than Nexus One

Motorola’s Milestone and Google’s Nexus One are both Android 2.0 smartphones, but a Bill of Materials (BoM) breakdown has revealed that the Googlephone costs less to make.

Asus readies colour e-book reader

Asus has let slip the technical specifications and launch date of its now confirmed e-book viewer – the DR-570.
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Palestinian hackers deface Jewish Chronicle

The Jewish Chronicle website was defaced over the weekend by hackers calling themselves the "Palestinian Mujaheeds" who posted a rant against Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip.

DisplayPort 1.2 launched at last

The Video Electronics Standards Association (Vesa) clearly just missed finishing off the DisplayPort 1.2 specification in time for the Consumer Electronics Show at the beginning of the month, because it's launched the spec a mere ten days afterward.
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Company collapses? We've only just begun, warn accountants

An insolvency firm has warned that company collapses could shoot up later this year, as HMRC begins to take a firmer line on payments and long-awaited spending cuts start to hurt public sector suppliers.
Joe Fay, 18 2010
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Verity Stob's App Store

Stob You have had your Sweet iJesus NexPreDroidBerry smart-like-hell-when-you-get-the-statement-phone for a month or so now. Perhaps the novelty has worn off a device that's much more difficult to use than its primitive predecessor, and which eats its battery charge faster than a New Year's resolution breaker munching an economy-sized bar of fruit-and-nut.

Gran Turismo 5 launch delayed

The reason for Grand Turismo 5’s delayed launch has been revealed: it simply isn’t finished.
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Discrimination warning over airport body scanners

The equality watchdog has called on the government to explain its plans for the use of body scanners at airports, citing concerns about racial profiling and privacy.
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Yanks floored by nail guns, computers and baseballs

We're very much obliged to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, which has produced a handy online guide detailing just what kind of damage our accident-prone American cousins managed to sustain between 1991 and 2008.

Nexsan adds high-availability to dedupe

Nexsan has souped up its deduplication product, adding a high-availability configuration, and support for Symantec's OST and 10GbitE. There is a new high-end box as well.
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Is Mandy right to cut science funding?

The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee is to investigate government plans to take an axe to science, technology and engineering funding.
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Near-ready Firefox 3.6 gets second RC sausage

Mozilla has popped out a second Release Candidate of its forthcoming browser Firefox 3.6, a final version of which could land this week.
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Selfridges punts £1,800 Spanish ham

Selfridges is inviting customers with discerning palates and deep pockets to cough £1,800 for an authentic jamón ibérico puro originally belonging to an acorn-fed Spanish porker.

LG releases Android smartphone

LG is now officially part of the Android smartphone clan, today launching its first phone based on the Google OS.

HMRC fraud warning emails baited by phishers

UK taxpayers were targeted by a tax fraud scam mail run late last week.
Acer T230H

Acer T230H multi-touch monitor

Review Apple fans have been enjoying the advantages of multi-touch computing for some time, but Windows users are little late to arrive at the party. However, with Windows 7 billed as the first version of the operating system to “fully embrace multi-touch technology”, we’re starting to see notebook PCs and add-on tablets supporting the functionality.
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Chavez decries evils of PlayStation

The evils of decadent Western technology have been highlighted by a brace of enlightened regimes, just days after China warned only compliant firms need bother trying to operate on its cyber turf.
Joe Fay, 18 2010

PlayStation is 'poison', claims Venezuela’s President

The President of Venezuela has once again voiced his dislike of violent videogames, damning the Sony PlayStation as “poison”.
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Net Neutrality: Now cures all wickedness - and Loompa scurvy, too

Delicious news from the United States, where 'Net Neutrality' is again being recast for a new political purpose.
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Nokia reckons its Symbian^4 UI will leapfrog the rest

Last week, the Symbian Foundation looked to steal some of Android's bright limelight by outlining its 2010 roadmap.
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Monty looks to Russia, China to stop Oracle's Sun buyout

The co-founder of MySQL is hoping to convince Chinese and Russian regulators to halt Oracle’s planned buyout of Sun Microsystems, after grumbling that European watchdogs looked set to clear the takeover.

Freesat talks up a year of HD sport

If snowy sports are your thing, the BBC will be broadcasting the 2010 Winter Olympics in their entirety in HD, free-to-air satellite service Freesat has revealed.

Asus confirms e-book reader trio

Updated Asus has clarified plans for an e-book reader rollout, telling Register Hardware that it will launch three models in the UK this year.
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Avatards rush to name sprogs Pandora

Film fans are reportedly rushing to celebrate world-changing, paradigm-busting 3D celluloid epic Avatar by naming their poor babies after characters from the Film That Changed The World Forever™.
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Yahoo!'s Chinese affiliate disowns parent for siding with Google

Yahoo!'s Chinese affiliate has slammed its part owner for siding with Google in an ongoing row over cyber-espionage attacks on Western businesses, widely blamed on the Chinese government.
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British government ignores MS browser fears

France and Germany have already told their citizens to avoid Microsoft's Internet Explorer because of a critical hole in the browser, so what does the British government think?

GM plumps for long-distance hybrid Cadillac

Leccy Tech General Motors (GM) has finally found a home for its dual-mode plug-in hybrid drivetrain, in the shape of a concept Cadillac.
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One second-hand space shuttle: Yours for $29m

NASA has knocked down the price of a used space shuttle to an affordable $28.8m - a considerable saving on the $42m it originally wanted for Atlantis, Discovery and Endeavour.
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Oxford bans Spotify

Heartless BOFHs at Oxford University have banned students from using Spotify, according to the student paper Cherwell.
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US makes travellers go online, before getting onboard

Anyone travelling to the US on the Visa Waiver scheme will now have to get pre-approved online before they can board a plane.
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Microsoft, German publishers hit Google with anti-trust suits

Google has been hit with a barrage of anti-trust complaints in Germany, with two publisher groups, a mapping firm and a Microsoft-owned ad firm launching an enveloping movement on the ad broker and sometime search firm.
Joe Fay, 18 2010
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Google Wave invites stack up - who's still playing?

Comment Now that the hype about Google’s minimalist and actually quite fragile real-time collaboration tool has died down, the ad broker is readying common task extensions that might make it a little easier to fiddle with.
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Poisoned PDF pill used to attack US military contractors

Unidentified hackers are running an ongoing cyber-espionage attack targeting US military contractors
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Can Republicans steal Obama's Web 2.0 mojo?

When Digg began aggregating political articles during the 2008 US presidential election, many of the stories pushed to the top by the highest number of Diggs were pro-Obama and anti-McCain.

Apple's 'latest creation' debuts January 27

Apple has invited selected members of the press and industry analysts to an event next Wednesday when the company will almost certainly unveil its massively hyped and long-awaited tablet.

Intel linked with HPC boost buy

Comment With Intel sending its "Larrabee" graphics co-processor out to pasture late last year - before it even reached the market - it is natural to assume that the chip maker is looking for something to boost the performance of high performance compute clusters and the supercomputer workloads they run. Nvidia has its Tesla co-processors and its CUDA environment. Advanced Micro Devices has its FireStream co-processors and the OpenCL environment it has helped create. And Intel has been relegated to a secondary role.

BlackBerry gets Quickr with Lotus

Research in Motion (RIM) is packing more support for IBM's Lotus platform into BlackBerry smartphones with a new mobile application for Lotus Quickr.
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Ballmer: no China exit for Microsoft's Bing

Microsoft is following Google into practically everything - except its threat to pull out of the Chinese search market.
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IBM's 'Project Vulcan' sneak peeks Lotus Notes future

IBM is giving its researchers a new pipeline to show off early versions of net-based Lotus collaboration tools.
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FCC evicts wireless mics from future 4G band

The US Federal Communications Commission has ordered theaters, churches, schools, theme parks, and other wireless microphone users to vacate the 700 MHz band, that prime slice of American spectrum set to house the next generation of wireless broadband services.
Cade Metz, 18 2010
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Windows 7 users to fly without SP parachute

Windows 7 is shaping up to become the first version of Windows that will see widespread deployment before the customary reassurances of a first service pack.