14th January 2010 Archive

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  • Firefox 3.6: I am more than my Monkey

    Web juice beyond JavaScript

    Developer 14 Jan 04:45

  • Gates' patent legacy turns heat on IBM

    Microsoft's hits factory fired up

    Software 14 Jan 06:02

  • VMware hypervisors on the Go

    Server virt for cheapskates

    Virtualization 14 Jan 07:02

  • Samsung SH-BO83L

    Combo upgrade time?

    Hardware 14 Jan 08:02

  • China throws rotten tomatoes at IMDb

    Online movie bible blocked

    Government 14 Jan 09:02

  • Dixons celebrates shiny Christmas

    Sales up but margins down

    The Channel 14 Jan 09:04

  • Virtualisation as a business enabler for wild animals

    How do you do IT in a Zoo?

    Virtualisation Lab 14 Jan 09:45

  • Microsoft tells UK schools: buy our software, save money

    Hopes Tories (and Google) won't crash the party

    The Channel 14 Jan 09:52

  • E-commerce law update includes ISP hate speech exemption

    Dispensation granted for 'mere conduits'

    Broadband 14 Jan 09:56

  • Report calls for mandatory shared back office

    That's not a euphemism

    Government 14 Jan 10:08

  • Russia assigns $16.7m for nuclear spaceships

    Better propulsion is 'key problem' for Mars, Moonbases

    Science 14 Jan 10:16

  • LG eyes 'second biggest phone firm' status

    Warns Samsung with 2010 sales forecast

    Phones 14 Jan 10:32

  • E-book readers attract unwanted VAT

    Books are essential, but e-books are a luxury, apparently

    Hardware 14 Jan 10:36

  • Sun shines on PC sales as economic storm abates

    The Win 7 effect? Not much

    Hardware 14 Jan 10:37

  • Dell positioning to acquire Exanet

    Circles stricken NAS cluster vendor

    Storage 14 Jan 11:16

  • West Country pagans tie horses in knots

    The Hair Witch Project hits Devon manes

    Bootnotes 14 Jan 11:18

  • Understanding service requirements: How true are the truisms?

    How to please the hard to please

    CIO 14 Jan 11:22

  • Nintendo confirms DSi XL's UK launch

    Expanding into Europe in March

    Games 14 Jan 11:26

  • Vodafone struggles to get iPhones out

    Under the weather

    Phones 14 Jan 11:29

  • T-Mobile UK earmarks two tariffs for scrappage

    Not so flexible, not so friendly

    Phones 14 Jan 11:34

  • New Labour bring old Nuremberg Laws to Britain

    Police may act unlawfully when 'only obeying orders'

    Law 14 Jan 11:34

  • Oracle will cut half of Sun workers, analyst predicts

    But which half...

    Financial News 14 Jan 11:43

  • Orange squeezes out 300 jobs

    Bristol call centre closing

    Mobile 14 Jan 12:13

  • Modern Warfare 2 outsold Avatar, claims developer

    Initially, yes; longer term, no

    Games 14 Jan 12:14

  • Dodgy Haiti earthquake-themed domains point to scams

    Some people really are all heart

    Security 14 Jan 12:15

  • Lightning catches up with Thunderbird

    So, what day is it?

    Applications 14 Jan 12:19

  • Samsung soups up flash capacity

    Wants bigger share of big market

    Hardware 14 Jan 12:45

  • Men more different from chimps than women, say boffins

    if you have any poo, fling it now - ladies

    Science 14 Jan 12:47

  • UK.gov moves to block Hamas kids site

    Incites hatred, says MP

    Government 14 Jan 12:57

  • Sony Ericsson Aino

    The must-have PS3 accessory?

    Phones 14 Jan 13:02

  • ZTE accelerates Android handset release plan

    Joins Google Gang to speed release

    Phones 14 Jan 13:10

  • Audi confirms e-tron production plans

    Latest design given 2012 launch date

    Science 14 Jan 13:29

  • Knuckle rap for riot shield sledging coppers

    YouTube snow fun vid provokes reprimand

    Law 14 Jan 13:33

  • Atoms in supercomputing?

    OK, Atom chips

    HPC 14 Jan 14:02

  • World standards body maps out 3D TV generations

    From stereoscopy to holography

    Hardware 14 Jan 14:06

  • China silent on Google, welcomes compliant internet firms

    Washington worries about other stuff for now

    Government 14 Jan 14:17

  • Security experts dissect Google China attack

    Howdunnit mystery

    Security 14 Jan 14:54

  • Swedish Weight Watchers bring down the house

    Floor surrenders to Växjö heavyweights

    Bootnotes 14 Jan 14:54

  • Avatar expands 3D TV interest

    Making punters keener to buy too?

    Media 14 Jan 15:02

  • Cisco, NetApp and VMware announce three-way love-in

    Although John Chambers isn't that sort of CEO

    Storage 14 Jan 15:32

  • Kodak strikes at Apple in iPhone, Mac patent dispute

    RIM targeted too

    Law 14 Jan 15:51

  • Keep space station past 2015, pleads ESA chief

    It'll only just be finished

    Science 14 Jan 15:53

  • Wearable speaker plays to mums' brainy baby plans

    Mozart Effect in action

    Hardware 14 Jan 16:05

  • Nvidia gets biological with life sciences nerds

    Better shampoos through GPUs

    HPC 14 Jan 17:04

  • Swiss Army updates nerd-friendly knives

    USB key security, Bluetooth and more added

    Hardware 14 Jan 17:20

  • Panasonic flees Microsoft Exchange for IBM cloud

    'The world's largest cloud computing contract'

    The Channel 14 Jan 17:50

  • Ex-AMD exec called own company 'pathetic'

    And Intel would like you to know it

    Hardware 14 Jan 19:04

  • Pizza delivery man cops to life in DarkMarket

    Ran 'eBay for criminals' from net cafe

    Security 14 Jan 19:56

  • Cisco stuffs four SAN services into one card

    Boxes data migrationware into appliance

    Storage 14 Jan 20:06

  • Microsoft names new date for Visual Studio 2010

    Delays, done

    Developer 14 Jan 20:27

  • Survey outs Britain as nation of tech twits

    Steve Jobs? Y'mean the footballer?

    Bootnotes 14 Jan 20:32

  • AMD's GlobalFoundries consumes Chartered Semi rival

    Twice as many fabs as the Beatles

    Business 14 Jan 20:32

  • IE zero-day used in Chinese cyber assault on 34 firms

    Operation Aurora unveiled

    Security 14 Jan 21:37

  • Intel profits surge towards heavens

    An 875 per cent leap (with caveats)

    Financial News 14 Jan 22:10