13th January 2010 Archive

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  • Google may exit China after 'highly targeted' attack

    Activists hit in 20-company dragnet

    Security 13 Jan 00:12

  • 'Sandwich attack' busts new cellphone crypto

    Kasumi cipher cracked (in theory)

    Security 13 Jan 00:17

  • Microsoft Office 2007 retailers dodge patent injunction

    Redmond misses update deadline

    Applications 13 Jan 01:20

  • VMware relieves Yahoo! of its Zimbra

    Our grand plan to simplify IT

    Applications 13 Jan 01:26

  • Terracotta polishes Quartz job scheduler

    Boosts Java caching

    Developer 13 Jan 06:02

  • Calcitic astro-whiz clogs ISS piss recycler

    Yesterday's coffee, today's problem

    Science 13 Jan 06:02

  • Tech downturn is history, says Forrester

    No more Dumb Computing

    Hardware 13 Jan 07:02

  • Symantec buys Gideon to bow before government idols

    Slaps some SCAP on the grill

    Business 13 Jan 07:02

  • Seagate Barracuda XT 2TB Sata 3.0 HDD

    The first hard drive with the new bus standard

    Hardware 13 Jan 08:02

  • 'Fizzy phone' tops wacky handset list

    Closely followed by ivory tickling alternative

    Phones 13 Jan 08:56

  • Israeli ducted-fan robo sky-jeep in hover trials

    Not a flying car, but perhaps a flying mule

    Science 13 Jan 09:02

  • Sony Ericsson Android phone caught on camera

    Xperia X10 demo'd

    Phones 13 Jan 09:49

  • Home Office picks new prof for Nutt job

    As Spaniards blame coke for three per cent of deaths

    Government 13 Jan 09:52

  • Dell's pimps 6gig SAS for DAS

    Faster PowerVaults

    Storage 13 Jan 10:00

  • Alfresco ECM gilds IBM's Lotus suite

    Enterprise 3.2 supports cloud deployment

    Software 13 Jan 10:02

  • Demystifying architecture for non-enterprise organizations

    Have you got a map?

    CIO 13 Jan 10:17

  • Diva: Samsung touts tarted up telephones for WAGs

    Handbag handsets

    Phones 13 Jan 10:23

  • An academic take on Santa

    HPC 13 Jan 10:34

  • Brit firm aims to make airport perv scans obsolete

    Voyeurs despair, chemistry fetishists delighted

    Law 13 Jan 10:37

  • Networkers at Cisco Live: €300 discount for Reg readers

    Justification letter to open the purse strings

    Site News 13 Jan 11:02

  • Prysm pitches ultra-green laser telly tech

    Reinvents the CRT for the 21st Century

    Hardware 13 Jan 11:02

  • Supercomputing in retail?

    What are they getting out of it?

    HPC 13 Jan 11:07

  • Critical Adobe updates overshadow MS Patch Tuesday

    PDF peril finally plugged

    Security 13 Jan 11:08

  • US faces critical lack of (mad) computer scientists

    Outreach project to teen tech dorks planned

    HPC 13 Jan 11:41

  • Wii welcomes video on demand

    Nintendo and Netflix shake hands

    Games 13 Jan 11:47

  • Economics backs net neutrality, say researchers

    The dollar has spoken

    Broadband 13 Jan 11:48

  • 'Plutonium pinch' nips NASA

    Shortage of fuel squeezes exploration programme

    Science 13 Jan 11:50

  • HP loses massive DWP contract

    Fujitsu Services to pick up desktop deal

    Hardware 13 Jan 12:11

  • GSMA sees 2.6GHz future

    Digs knife a little deeper into WiMAX

    Mobile 13 Jan 12:25

  • Mini-asteroid sneaks up on Earth

    Lunchtime flyby for diminutive rock

    Science 13 Jan 12:27

  • French culture minister flames Google over book scan plan

    Mitterrand tells Google to go conjugate itself

    Media 13 Jan 12:29

  • ntl:Telewest forgets who its customers are

    Someone else's fault obviously

    Broadband 13 Jan 12:31

  • What Ballmer and Hurd should announce this afternoon

    Hyper-V not Slates please

    Virtualization 13 Jan 12:36

  • Labour MP experiences nasty video shock horror

    Proposes censoring sport, music, religion. Is nothing sacred?

    Law 13 Jan 12:51

  • Lethic botnet knocked out by security researchers

    Zombie network taken down

    Security 13 Jan 12:56

  • Canon Digital Ixus 200 IS

    Trendy touchscreen snapper, anyone?

    Hardware 13 Jan 13:02

  • Schools minister strikes elegiac tone at Bett

    You should coco, Vernon

    Government 13 Jan 13:35

  • Google leaves censorship to China's experts

    China crisis not exactly a human rights triumph

    Security 13 Jan 14:19

  • Seagate CEO rides again

    Pops up as leading light in LED firm

    Storage 13 Jan 14:38

  • Spam filters stuff Canadian Beaver

    Venerable magazine to adopt less suggestive title

    Security 13 Jan 14:41

  • Fem-rage shocker: Woman zaps ex-boyf with pink taser

    Battery charge(d) loverat dustup unpleasantness

    Bootnotes 13 Jan 14:47

  • Yikes! It's the Yike Bike

    Leccy penny-farthing, anyone?

    Hardware 13 Jan 14:50

  • French top MOT failure league

    Mon dieu mon brave, that's gonna cost you

    Science 13 Jan 15:14

  • Facebook snuggles with McAfee in security spree

    Symantec unlikely to like updated relationship status

    Security 13 Jan 15:20

  • Cisco taps Avnet to peddle 'California' servers

    Up next, Arrow Electronics?

    The Channel 13 Jan 16:07

  • Rugby Football Union scores 3D first

    England vs Wales match to be beamed into cinemas

    Hardware 13 Jan 16:38

  • Sun marries Hadoop to Grid Engine

    DIY Googleplex

    Servers 13 Jan 16:38

  • Sony Ericsson outs see-through screen phone

    Xperia Pureness

    Phones 13 Jan 16:39

  • McKinnon granted another judicial review

    Is Pentagon hacker too ill for US trial?

    Security 13 Jan 16:49

  • HP, Microsoft form $250m IT tag team

    Frontline battle with Sunacle, CiscoEMCVMware

    Servers 13 Jan 18:43

  • Google flips default switch for always-on Gmail crypto

    Hours after dropping Chinese hack bomb

    Security 13 Jan 18:51

  • 3D TV gets cold shower from Avatar man

    Geek spec chic will have to wait

    Hardware 13 Jan 19:04

  • Googlephone sales off to a sluggish start?

    'Only 20K' in first week

    Phones 13 Jan 19:49

  • Microsoft predicts Linux will fail mobile 'quality' test

    Victory through cheap Windows branding

    Phones 13 Jan 20:06

  • Trojan pr0n dialers make comeback on mobile phones

    By popular demand

    Security 13 Jan 20:56

  • RealNetworks boss in sudden exit

    Glaser steps down after 16 years

    Media 13 Jan 23:28