12th January 2010 Archive

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  • Apple sits on critical Mac bug for 7 months (and counting)

    Unix flaw fixed in OpenBSD, not OS X

    Hardware 12 Jan 00:14

  • Microsoft Office 2007 migration aches foreshadow 2010

    Pain now, pain later

    The Channel 12 Jan 00:36

  • Google leaks small biz stats to random people

    Traffic data snafu blamed on 'human error'

    Small Biz 12 Jan 07:01

  • Say hello to Maxell-branded hard drives

    Are you sitting comfortably?

    Hardware 12 Jan 07:02

  • Twitter hunts app-making, security-boosting techies

    Can you apply in less than 140 characters?

    Security 12 Jan 07:02

  • Microsoft offers Oracle-phobes MySQL migration tool

    Data play

    Applications 12 Jan 07:02

  • TVonics DTR-HV250 DVR

    Freeview+ recorder for yer folks

    Hardware 12 Jan 08:02

  • Brown offers free laptops to deprived UK schoolkids

    Home Access scheme gets national rollout

    Hardware 12 Jan 08:02

  • Naked scans: Net cries nude-o-geddon

    If gov says 'pants to terrorism', will you feel the breeze?

    Law 12 Jan 09:02

  • Small biz sees signs of recession ending

    Can you tell what it is yet?

    Small Biz 12 Jan 09:05

  • Delivering and deploying software for virtualisation

    Developers, now it’s your turn

    Virtualisation Lab 12 Jan 10:16

  • Emulex posts higher than expected results...

    ...on the P&L and in the lab

    Storage 12 Jan 10:23

  • Nokia gets giggy with it

    Gig Finder app shows you to the shows

    Phones 12 Jan 10:24

  • Supersonic stealth jumpjet in first hover-system flight test

    Brit pilot fires up Rolls-Royce lift kit

    Science 12 Jan 10:28

  • Twitter hack group hits Baidu.com

    Chinese search engine giant in DNS hijack drama

    Security 12 Jan 10:33

  • Orange denies exec's Apple tablet 'confirmation'

    Comments taken out of context, truth lost in translation

    Hardware 12 Jan 10:51

  • Consumer Electronics Show Complete Coverage

    All the stories, all the tech

    Hardware 12 Jan 10:52

  • US airport body scanners can store and export images

    Uproar likely over threat of blurry customs pr0n

    Law 12 Jan 11:06

  • Gambling boss gets three years

    US ignores geography

    Financial News 12 Jan 11:15

  • Record labels seek DMCA-style UK takedowns

    Shoot first, check later

    Media 12 Jan 11:16

  • SuperSpeed USB roll-out raises steam

    Official device tally hits 17 - plenty more to come

    Hardware 12 Jan 11:25

  • Nexus One bits and bobs cost $174

    iSuppli does the calcs

    Phones 12 Jan 11:34

  • Freesat BBC iPlayer trial coverage widened

    Now available to all Humax Freesat set-top box owners

    Media 12 Jan 11:42

  • Volkswagen unfolds coupé concept

    Demos hybrid future at Detroit Motor Show

    Science 12 Jan 12:01

  • Orange chief engulfed by Apple Tablet feeding frenzy

    Actually just said he'd read a magazine about it...

    Mobile 12 Jan 12:02

  • Apple vanishes multi-touch ancestor

    Will Cupertino be doing its own Qwerty work?

    Mobile 12 Jan 12:05

  • AOL sets itself mountain to climb with 1,400 layoffs

    Wrinkly web outfit axes offices in Sweden and Spain

    Media 12 Jan 12:12

  • Avatar renders this earthly life meaningless

    Can't go to Pandora? Kill yourself!

    Media 12 Jan 12:13

  • Acer announces 'Arrandale' laptops

    3D-ready model included

    Hardware 12 Jan 12:27

  • Computacenter says profits 'materially' ahead of forecasts

    As Morse signals confidence

    The Channel 12 Jan 12:33

  • 2010: The year PC prices go up

    Component shortages means end of cheap PCs - for now

    Hardware 12 Jan 12:45

  • Roll up, roll up for the great Reg survey

    Help us find out who you are

    Reg Technology Panel 12 Jan 12:46

  • US Matrix-style cyberwar firing range goes to Phase II

    Duplicate internet for gov war-malware trials

    Government 12 Jan 12:54

  • Home Office misses Brussels' Phorm deadline

    Guess who could pay

    Broadband 12 Jan 12:55

  • Nokia Booklet 3G

    Mobile maker's netbook debut

    Laptops and Tablets 12 Jan 13:02

  • Frustrated bug hunters to expose a flaw a day for a month

    Fed up about getting exploited about exploits

    Security 12 Jan 13:29

  • Browsers could host a (simple) database

    APIs for offline data access

    Storage 12 Jan 13:39

  • Latest Asus Eee Keyboard desktop demo'd

    Multi-touch panel included

    Hardware 12 Jan 13:55

  • Data breach howlers to get up to £500,000 fine

    Ministry of Justice awaits Parliamentary approval

    Law 12 Jan 13:58

  • Canada quashes Yes Men hoax with phishing claim

    Too many boys crying wolf

    Law 12 Jan 14:02

  • Spider-Man 4 washed down plughole

    Maguire and Raimi exit project

    Bootnotes 12 Jan 14:03

  • European court pulls plugs on terror stop and search

    Another clumsy fail for the Home Office

    Law 12 Jan 14:40

  • Star Trek to boldly go (again)

    Stardate 2012 for sequel undocking

    Bootnotes 12 Jan 14:44

  • Judge blames RealNetworks for DVD-ripping ban

    Snuffs antitrust claims against Hollywood

    Media 12 Jan 15:02

  • Android and WinMo updates going head-to-head

    Smarter smartphones inbound?

    Phones 12 Jan 15:15

  • Google flaps free flag in white space database race

    Competing to catalogue unused spectrum suddenly trickier

    Mobile 12 Jan 15:19

  • DARPA cuts back on Cray super project

    Say goodbye to $60m

    HPC 12 Jan 15:21

  • Women to 'chest drive' Bulgarian airbags

    'Simulated breast prosthesis' - sport before you import

    Bootnotes 12 Jan 15:24

  • Google releases Nexus One SDK

    Now, if they can just sort out the rest of it

    Mobile 12 Jan 15:26

  • Honda beats rivals to hybrid coupé launch

    Take that, Peugeot and VW

    Science 12 Jan 15:51

  • IT infrastructure: what really matters?

    Building a definitive picture for mid-sized companies

    CIO 12 Jan 16:11

  • Is it art or is it pr0n? Australia decides it's ALL filth

    Won't someone think of the pictures of children?

    Law 12 Jan 16:25

  • Phoenix to rise from Martian ashes frost?

    NASA checking for signs of life from Red Planet lander

    Science 12 Jan 16:27

  • Making big ones out of small ones: RNA networks

    Memory aggregation

    HPC 12 Jan 18:02

  • Police cuff citizens for videotaping arrests

    Film a cop, go to jail

    Security 12 Jan 18:27

  • Sun, Fujitsu juice entry Sparc box

    Yes, Sun still sells servers

    Servers 12 Jan 18:47

  • Open-source BI specialist gets in-memory boost

    Jaspersoft bundles up for the enterprise

    Applications 12 Jan 19:28

  • Nokia opens Ovi Store for N900s

    One Maemo 5 update away

    Phones 12 Jan 19:31

  • 'God help our smartphones,' vicar prays

    Plough Monday ploughed under

    Mobile 12 Jan 19:34

  • South Korea sets up cyberwarfare unit to repel NORK hackers

    M*A*S*H with hackers instead of medics

    Security 12 Jan 20:46

  • Google unveils GDrive that's 'not the GDrive'

    Storage for any file on Google Docs

    Hardware 12 Jan 21:47

  • Next-gen iPhone rumored for April

    When is 4G not 4G?

    Phones 12 Jan 22:19

  • Hackers pluck 8,300 customer logins from bank server

    New variation on an old theme scheme

    Security 12 Jan 22:29

  • Apache mulls end to 1.3 and 2.0 web server releases

    Lack of developer interest

    Software 12 Jan 22:37