11th January 2010 Archive

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  • IBM software: big, blue and boring in the 2010s

    Where's the next Wladawsky-Berger?

    Software 11 03:43

  • Embedded developments

    What’s needed to push things further?

    Applications 11 06:37

  • Ion handycam is back to front (and back again)

    Two lenses = double the fun?

    Hardware 11 06:42

  • Flexiant flexes muscle in face of web hosting crowd

    Amazon-like Flexiscale gets new backers

    Applications 11 07:02

  • Plastic Logic shows executive e-book reader

    Join the Que

    Hardware 11 08:02

  • Demo'd: how to turn an iPhone into a universal remote

    Customisable controller for your home entertainment stack

    Hardware 11 10:02

  • Tax department targets IT downtime

    HMRC to cut something, for once

    Government 11 10:18

  • Acer recalls 22,000 over microphone flame out fear

    You're speaking too close to the fire

    Hardware 11 10:20

  • Italians take the 'p' to fight back against Big Brother

    Panopticon to Anopticon: Opposing the surveillance state

    Law 11 10:33

  • Taser offers obsessive parents total mobe intrusion package

    'Text message blocked due to Silly Spelling'

    Mobile 11 10:47

  • Database updates star in Oracle quarterly patch batch

    A light sprinkling of security fixes

    Applications 11 10:49

  • Google preps business-grade Nexus One

    BlackBerry rival?

    Phones 11 11:06

  • Google too powerful, warns German minister

    You can have too much of a non-evil thing

    Government 11 11:11

  • Mozilla teases surfers with near-final version of Firefox 3.6

    Show'n'tell Release Candidate hits intertubes

    Applications 11 11:17

  • 'Google' crowned word of the decade

    Epic linguistic fail

    Bootnotes 11 11:19

  • Oz firm seeks talented IT developer

    'SQL server experience, DD cup breasts'

    Bootnotes 11 11:57

  • Zuckerberg: 'I am a prophet'

    Facebook genius foresaw today's no privacy 'norm'

    Media 11 12:07

  • Peugeot designs Hybrid4 concept coupé

    To debut at Geneva Motor Show

    Science 11 12:28

  • Rogue phishing app smuggled onto Android Marketplace

    Ghost in the machine

    Security 11 12:36

  • CBI kills off the recovery before it's begun

    We're all doomed

    Small Biz 11 12:46

  • Yank walks plank over Liverpool fan email

    Director suggests to supporter: 'Blow me'

    Bootnotes 11 12:59

  • Samsung Omnia II

    Dazzling display?

    Phones 11 13:02

  • Mozilla tries to silence add-on developers' scream

    'Major technology changes, some sacrifices'

    Developer 11 13:10

  • AWOL SDK kicks off Nexus One backlash

    'Welcome to direct sales Google!'

    Mobile 11 13:20

  • New mega offshore windfarms could supply 2% of UK energy

    Likely to be offshored in more senses than one, though

    Science 11 13:51

  • Celebrity goat declines Britain's Got Talent gig

    Caprine YouTube star to stay on the farm

    Bootnotes 11 13:59

  • Seagate foresees monster 2011

    To follow big ol' 2010

    Storage 11 14:24

  • Integrated tube tickets not on the Olympic menu

    The world is not your Oyster

    Law 11 15:17

  • US CIOs say the work is piling up

    They're ready to start hiring

    Small Biz 11 15:19

  • False Facebook charge group used to spread malware

    Malware pokes outraged users

    Security 11 15:22

  • Microsoft recruits Halo jobsworths

    New edition in development?

    Games 11 15:56

  • Beeb reporter breaks Sonim's 'unbreakable' phone with fishtank

    All in a day's work

    Phones 11 15:59

  • The charge of the alternative gadget chargers

    Hydrogen and Wi-Fi used to power tech

    Hardware 11 16:00

  • IT workers told, 'Put down the biscuits, fat boy'

    BCS orders physical jerks

    Management 11 16:04

  • Compellent extends tiering to SAS

    SANs up, this is a RAID

    Storage 11 16:20

  • DARPA to build 'needle-in-haystack' detector goggles

    Not a figure of speech: That's the actual spec

    Science 11 16:21

  • NuLab's fave boffin claims phallocentric conspiracy

    Baronness Greenfield discovered to be redundant

    Science 11 16:24

  • Santa Fe man demands half a mill for being near iPhone

    Apple a day evidently not keeping the doctor away

    Phones 11 16:30

  • Seagate builds cloud on-ramp for ISVs

    Data protection is a cirrus business

    Storage 11 17:04

  • Progress moves forward with Savvion BPM buy

    Sales upswing in 2010. Profits? Not so much

    Applications 11 17:29

  • Orange exec busts opens iSlate kimono

    Definitely maybe

    Hardware 11 17:32

  • IBM sues ex-customer over unpaid $1.7m tab

    Transaction software not transacted

    Applications 11 20:48

  • Google suggests Islam is nothing

    The metaphysics of search

    Media 11 21:09

  • Judge awards Dish Network $51m from satellite pirate

    'Substantial and unquantifiable harm'

    Security 11 22:16

  • Dell rolls out rugged OptiPlex PC for retailers

    OEMs, please form a line

    Hardware 11 23:01

  • Google book scanners apologize to Chinese scribes

    Sorry for the poor communication - not the scanning

    Media 11 23:53