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Cisco mobilizes US Olympics audience

Cisco is teaming up with US broadcaster NBC to make mobile phone network providers like AT&T squat and receive an HD Olympics video enema.
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Easily spoofed traffic can crash routers, Juniper warns

Juniper Networks is warning customers of a critical flaw in its gateway routers that allows attackers to crash the devices by sending them small amounts of easily-spoofed traffic.

LG heralds 'first' single-lens 3D projector

CES 2010 LG today showed off what it claimed is the world's first single-lens 3D projector capable of casting a 1080p image onto your wall.
Sony Dash

Sony readies family-friendly internet access gadget

CES 2010 Sony today unveiled its take on the internet tablet: a stand up or lie down device it calls Dash and is styled a "personal internet viewer".
Sony SD

Sony shows own-brand SD memory cards

CES 2010 Sony has more tightly clasped the SD memory card standard to its corporate bosom.
Samsung E6

Samsung shows off e-book readers you can doodle on

CES 2010 Samsung briefly whipped out its alternatives to Amazon's Kindle and Sony's Reader: the E6 and E101 e-book readers, both of which not only offer wireless connectivity but can be used as notepads too.
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Third Ruby-on-Rails beta nears launch

A beta for the third iteration of the wildly popular Ruby on Rails is due later this month or in early February.
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Westminster lays ground for shared networks

Westminster City Council has begun a procurement for next generation network services that could be taken up around London.
Kable, 07 2010
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Feds ratchet Galleon insider trading case

The Federal prosecutors building a case against Raj Rajaratnam, the man at the heart of an insider trading scandal that erupted in October last year, are preparing additional charges against the founder of the Galleon hedge fund. The news comes as one of his alleged co-conspirators, Anil Kumar, a director at management consultancy McKinsey & Co, is reportedly set to file a plea. The speculation is that Kumar has made some kind of a deal with the Feds.
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Software engineer rated best job of 2010 (almost)

When it comes to stress levels, salary and sheer physical demands on your body, it doesn't get much better than being a software engineer. Well, almost.
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It's official: Blogging is a dangerous business

2009 was a bad year for freedom of speech across the world, with journalists and bloggers getting the worst of it.
Popcorn Hour C-200 Networked Media Tank

Popcorn Hour C-200

Review Popcorn Hour made its name with the rather fine, if also rather expensive A100 and A110 media streamers, but now it has cooked up something strange and new that promises to redefine the breed by offering some unique hardware expansion possibilities.
Lenovo IdeaPad U1

Lenovo demos mini laptop with slip-out screen

CES 2010 on Video HASH(0x7f808a4e7bc8)

Ballmer preempts Jobs with tablet slate trio

CES 2010 During his keynote presentation Wednesday evening at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer sent a not-too-subtle message to that other Steve, Mr. "CEO of the Decade."

Volt switches to smartphone maintenance

Leccy Tech General Motors (GM) has released a free smartphone application to help Chevrolet Volt owners get the most from the e-car’s battery.
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Gumtree gives up on dating AND casual sex

Free ads service Gumtree is closing its dating and encounters section, claiming it's a reaction to customer feedback.

Yes, the Googlephone works in Blighty

In the US, Google's unlocked Nexus One handset plays with only one major 3G wireless network: T-Mobile's. But in other parts of the world, your options are rather more extensive.
Cade Metz, 07 2010
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How do you manage service levels in a virtualised environment?

Lab In previous research projects we’ve examined the impact of service level monitoring and management, and found positive benefits in having a range of associated SLAs in place. No surprises there of course.

Nexus One teardown: 'nicely put together'

The gadget teardown experts at iFixit have forked out $530 for a Google Nexus One smartphone, taken it to bits and posted their thoughts online.

Mobiles protect against Alzheimer's

Research showing that mobile phones protect mice against Alzheimer's disease could be bad news for mobile phones.
Bill Ray, 07 2010
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NASA infrared survey returns first snap

NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) has returned its first photograph - a calibration shot of "about 3,000 stars in the Carina constellation":
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Peeved Fujitsu workers down tools - again

Fujitsu Services' workers kicked off a further series of walkouts at the company today, following a clash with management over a pay freeze and redundancies in the UK last November.
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Anti-paedo vetting boss warns against relying on databases

The man in charge of millions of new anti-paedophile checks has spoken of the "false confidence" over child safety that the scheme could breed.

MS brings Project Natal to gamers' senses in Xmas 2010

Project Natal, Microsoft motion sensing technology for the Xbox 360, will ship in the "holiday season" in 2010, the company said yesterday. Non-Americans, that translates into a probable late November launch date.
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Freed Peter Moore will be 'paid in full' for time as Iraq hostage

Exclusive IT consultant Peter Moore - now back in Britain after being held hostage by kidnappers in Iraq for two and a half years - will be paid in full for the time he spent in captivity, The Register has learned.
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MEPs put virtual strip machines on the block

The European Parliament has finally gotten round to slapping a 'for sale' notice on half a dozen body scanners it has had lying around its buildings for the last five years.
Joe Fay, 07 2010
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Southampton chap lodges todger in steel pipe

A Southampton man who somehow got his todger stuck in a three-inch length of steel pipe had to be cut free by eight firemen bearing an angle grinder, the Southern Daily Echo reports.
Blu-Ray teaser 75

Blu-ray capacity to increase by a third

Blu-ray disk capacity can increase by a third because of enhanced signal processing and a new way to evaluate media quality.

Moto's morphing Android mounts balance beam

Motorola has expanded its Android smartphone portfolio with a quirky little number called Backflip.
Packard Bell oneTwo M

Packard Bell oneTwo M

Review As the world swings inexorably away from desktop PCs towards notebooks, netbooks and PMPs, the PC has to adapt or die. One way to go, as Packard Bell would have it, is the touchscreen media PC. It follows the iMac paradigm that the whole thing should be built into the back of a large-format LCD screen.
EU flag

UK mobile operators call for UK competition regulation

UK mobile operators, with the exception of T-Mobile and Orange, have called for the UK authorities to investigate the creation of T-Orange rather than trusting Brussels.
Bill Ray, 07 2010
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Boris bares data bunker

Efforts to open up datasets held by public bodies will receive a big boost today, with Boris Johnson announcing he will publish reams of crime, education, environmental and health information from London's archives.
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ID card scheme for foreigns extended

The government's much loved ID card scheme was extended yesterday - from now on Tier 2 foreign nationals will have to apply for a card if they wish to extend their stay in the UK.
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Johnson reveals ID register linked to NI numbers

Home Secretary Alan Johnson has confirmed that the National Identity Register contains National Insurance numbers and answers to 'shared secrets'.
Kable, 07 2010
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Galileo sat-nav contracts, startup dates announced

The European Commission has announced contracts for the procurement of the first 14 operational Galileo navigation-and-timing satellites.
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Pioneer puts Pandora Radio in your car

CES 2010 Pioneer hammered another nail in the coffin of traditional music radio when it announced that its new top-end car-audio and satnav system would - among many other features - include support for Pandora Radio.
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Will a service pack for Windows 7 rock up anytime soon?

Analysis Eagle-eyed bloggers who, it seems, have nothing better to do with their time then to scan Microsoft’s Windows 7 underbelly, recently discovered a Registry Key that points to service pack 1 of the operating system.
Boxxee box by D-Link

Boxee shows telly-ready media playback box

CES 2010 on Video Boxee shows telly-ready media playback box var MediaPlayerVars = { '_': { 'http://www.youtube.com/v/Yu5SAzbVSGg': { width: 560, height: 340 } } };
Toshiba NB305

Toshiba updates snazzy netbooks with latest Atom tech

CES 2010 Toshiba has equipped its NB200 netbook - our favourite netbook of 2009 - with Intel's latest Atom chippery, and upped the machine's model number in the process.

UK videogaming sales shrink in 2009

The value of videogame and console sales in the UK fell 18 per cent in 2009. This is not as bad as it may seem at first sight - 2008 was a record year and 2009 ranks as the second best for the games sector.

Dell reveals Pliant SSD-shaped hole in new array

Dell is adding a solid state drive (SSD) option to its PowerVault MD1220 array this quarter and it looks like start-up Pliant has won the supply deal.
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Google tosses extra $27.5m on pile to buy On2 Technologies

Google sprinkled some much needed sugar over its bid to take over On2 Technologies today by agreeing to pony up $134m, after On2 shareholders grumbled that they were getting a raw deal from last August's original $106.5m offer.
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Sarko gets crypto mobe after BlackBerry ban

Nicolas Sarkozy and 20,000 of his French government lieutenants will be equipped with specially-commissioned encrypted smartphones, following fears over the security of BlackBerries.
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Prosecutors claim BitTorrent admin had $300K

Alan Ellis, the 26-year old man accused of administering the OiNK file sharing service, told a court today he was not guilty of conspiracy to defraud.

Intel intros 'ultimate' Wi-Fi card

CES 2010 It's official, Centrino is now no longer a laptop platform brand, it's solely for wireless adaptors, of which Intel announced a trio of new models today.
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US music royalties' collector sues T-Mobile over ringback tones

Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) quietly filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against the US wing of T-Mobile last month.
LG X300

LG preps 17mm-skinny HD netbook

CES 2010 LG is readying a pair of juicy portables to extend its netbook and ultra-skinny notebook families, including a machine possibly based on Intel's as-yet-unlaunched next-gen Atom platform for handheld tablets.
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BMC gulps down Java management minnow

Management specialist BMC Software has shelled out to buy Phurnace Software, a privately held and venture backed maker of tools to manage the release-cycles of commercial Java applications.
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Eurostar goes tits up again

Remember the five Eurostar trains that broke down in the channel tunnel because snow got into the electrics and melted? A train has got stuck in the tunnel again.
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France floats Google music-and-movie tax

France should tax Google and other online US giants to subsidize local music and movie industries, a report commissioned by the country's culture ministry has recommended.
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Palm jumps to Verizon with two new phones

CES 2010 - Updated Palm announced today that it will jump from Sprint to Verizon when it releases two new phones on January 25.
Bill Gates teaser pic

Ghost of Gates' tablet haunts Microsoft's future

Almost ten years after Bill Gates personally bought into the idea of the tablet PC, Microsoft's hawking the concept as something fresh.
Ion iType

Ion add-on to equip iPhone with full Qwerty keyboard

CES 2010 Ion, a company best known for its USB turntables and cassette decks, has introduced a Qwerty keyboard add on for... the iPhone.

Intel unloads 32-nanometer Cores blitz

CES 2010 Intel has kicked off the Computer Electronics Show extravaganza and gadget fest by unloading a slew of desktop, laptop, and embedded x64 processors from its Westmere family of 32-nanometer products.
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Google open-source boss comes clean on Android

Google open source guru Chris DiBona has acknowledged that the company's freewheeling approach to building a mobile operating system can cause a few headaches for developers, with unfamiliar versions of its Android OS appearing on new phones with little warning. But, he says, that's not developers' main concern - nor Google's.
Cade Metz, 07 2010
Samsung E101

Samsung e-book reader range doubles in a day

CES 2010 Samsung's upcoming line of e-book readers is larger than the company's initial announcement suggested, taking in a Kindle-style model with a keyboard and a basic unit in addition to the two versions highlighted yesterday.
Samsung IceTouch

Samsung's translucent OLED finds home in MP3 player

CES 2010 Samsung has shown off IceTouch, the first ever MP3 player to sport a see-through screen.
Broken CD with wrench

AMD's former chip arm to bake Qualcomm wafers

AMD's former chip manufacturing arm GlobalFoundries has inked its third customer for its wafer baking operations: wireless chip-maker Qualcomm.
Motorola Backflip

Motorola's latest Android 'andset demo'd

CES 2010 on Video HASH(0x7f808ab0c050)
Cisco logo

El Reg sparks international incident with Olympics committee

El Reg has sparked an international crisis of gun-boat proportions. Seems we've raised the hackles of the US Olympic Commission in our article, Cisco mobilizes US Olympics audience.
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Windows Mobile 7.0 due on LG phones this year

CES 2010 LG Electronics has confirmed the first devices featuring Microsoft's highly anticipated Windows 7 Mobile will hit retailers in 2010.
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RSA crypto defiled again, with factoring of 768-bit keys

Yet another domino in the RSA encryption scheme has fallen with the announcement Thursday that cryptographers have broken 768-bit keys using the widely used public-key algorithm.