6th January 2010 Archive

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  • Year 2010 bug wreaks havoc on German payment cards

    Son of Y2K also hits SpamAssasin, Symantec

    Security 06 01:28

  • Microsoft's 'almost ready' Azure set for April delivery?

    We ain't done 'til we're done

    Developer 06 04:16

  • MIPS squeezes Android into set-top box

    Commercially available. Someday

    Hardware 06 06:02

  • NetEx tosses Hyper-V VMs around WANs

    Dropping HyperIP into Hyper-V

    Virtualization 06 07:02

  • MSI's Pine Trail netbook: 'Do you think I'm sexy?'

    WiMax certification too

    Hardware 06 07:47

  • Me, me, me: Iomega clones PCs virtually

    VMware technology does the trick

    Virtualization 06 08:02

  • Sony BDP-S760 Blu-ray disc player

    Best in class?

    Hardware 06 08:02

  • The Googlephone - there's more where that came from

    Nexus indeed

    Phones 06 08:29

  • Recession forces software escrow releases to jump by 150%

    Save the code, save your world

    Developer 06 09:38

  • Speculation takes flight over 5th generation Velociraptor

    USB 3.0 My Book announced

    Storage 06 09:58

  • Westfield opens kimono on EV Cup racer

    Lean, mean and green

    Science 06 10:02

  • Kindle DX goes global

    Amazon to sell e-book reader outside US

    Hardware 06 10:17

  • Cybersitter firm sues China, Lenovo for Green Dam code lift

    Solid Oak swings legal baton

    Law 06 10:31

  • Boffin calculates pi to 2.7 trillion digits

    On a humble desktop PC

    Science 06 11:14

  • Ballmer readies slate PC for CES

    Monkey boy to hurl spoiler at Apple?

    Hardware 06 11:16

  • 'Peeping Tom' caught on own camera

    Police issue self-portrait of changing room spy cam man

    Security 06 11:21

  • Asus goes wide with Bang & Olufsen laptop

    Sounds good to us

    Hardware 06 11:22

  • BT names 63 more exchanges for fibre upgrades

    Rollout focuses on the south east

    Broadband 06 11:42

  • NASA's nuclear Mars tank gets improved cooker mod

    Hungry robot to make soup of tenacious alien lifeforms

    Science 06 11:46

  • Seagate boards USB 3 train

    BlackArmor external drive gets new interface gear

    Hardware 06 11:58

  • Kodak parades photo-sharing compact

    Slice of social networking life

    Hardware 06 12:19

  • Microsoft to herd third parties with licensing patent

    Patent app hopes to funnel ISVs

    Developer 06 12:33

  • Hadopi three strikes law hits another hurdle

    Data protection agency says 'Non'

    Media 06 12:44

  • Copia sets sights on Kindle's collaboration dream

    eReader platform could allow mass reading festival

    Mobile 06 12:49

  • Samsung N140

    Ticks all the right boxes, almost

    Laptops 06 13:31

  • Slovakian flies to Dublin with 90 grams of explosive

    'Unconventional security operation' goes seriously awry

    Bootnotes 06 13:34

  • Imperial calls on SGI super for answers to big questions

    Academic thinking

    HPC 06 13:41

  • FSA charges four ex-directors of NHS software supplier

    Former iSoft bosses face conspiracy charges

    Financial News 06 13:49

  • Nexus One web address used to punt smoky jazz

    Google forgets to Google name of new phone

    Mobile 06 13:53

  • Firefox 3.7 to feel need for speed with multicore boost

    Mozilla revs up browser

    Applications 06 13:55

  • Airbus: We'll cancel crap A400M unless we get more £££

    OK, you do that. It's rubbish

    Science 06 14:30

  • Sony confirms 3D TV channel plans

    Specs at the ready

    Hardware 06 14:50

  • Bosses warned over Scrooge-like approach to snow problems

    Home working and common sense suggested

    Small Biz 06 15:21

  • Skype offers living room TV action

    Just disconnect while watching specialist films

    VoIP 06 15:24

  • UK prosecutors drop 'tiger' sex video case

    North Wales Police missed Frosties connection

    Law 06 15:34

  • No more dirty phone calls

    Wash your phone out with soap, potty mouth

    Phones 06 15:48

  • You and what Android? The Google iPhone killer that isn't

    The Mountain View hippies just ain't hard enough

    Mobile 06 15:49

  • Dot Hill buys into storage virtualisation

    Picks unlucky Cloverleaf Communications

    Storage 06 16:09

  • Cisco scarfed up the most venture-backed firms over 10 years

    Having munchies in the Noughties

    Financial News 06 16:30

  • Slingbox touts one TV remote to rule them all

    Touchscreen with five buttons

    Hardware 06 17:39

  • Cisco trials consumer video call gear

    Skype, Polycom join in Jetson phone market

    Broadband 06 17:52

  • Hacker pierces hardware firewalls with web page

    No interaction required

    Security 06 19:25

  • Toshiba unwraps Cell TV

    On the fly, 2D to 3D conversion anyone?

    Hardware 06 19:36

  • Toshiba preps 3D BD player for Q3 release

    Hardware 06 19:58

  • US feds kick in funny money for green data centers

    Helping IT vendors help themselves

    HPC 06 19:59

  • FCC raises eyebrow at Google 'white-space' play

    Don't you back neutrality?

    Broadband 06 20:37

  • LaCie launches compact telly-ready hard drive

    Disc sized

    Hardware 06 20:37

  • Logitech aids laptop movie lovers with audio upgrade

    Lap rest with speakers

    Hardware 06 21:02

  • Fed watchdog barks at cloud security

    Consumers might get bitten

    Government 06 21:14

  • Microsoft joins IE SVG standards party

    Don't pop the poppers

    Applications 06 22:42

  • Baidu launches (legal) online video company

    Shades of Hulu

    Media 06 22:47