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Market tempts Micronyx to get in the ring

Comment There are renewed suggestions coming into El Reg that flash suppliers Micron and Numonyx could join up later this month.
Freescale tablet reference

Freescale to show ARM-based net tablet design

Chip maker Freescale has launched a reference design from which ARM-based handheld internet tablet can be forged.
Samsung NX10

Samsung launches hybrid NX10

Samsung has taken the wraps off its NX10 DSLR-style camera.
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Texas cops cuff 176 at illegal cockfight

Texas cops arrested 176 people on Saturday at an illegal cockfight around 50 miles northwest of Fort Worth, the Dallas Morning News reports.
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China pinches thousands for pron

Chinese authorities have arrested over five thousand people in a continuing crackdown on internet pornography.
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25kg of cocaine hits Spanish supermarket shelves

Drug smugglers in Spain are at least 25 kilos of cocaine short after boxes of bananas in which they'd hidden the Bolivian marching powder ended up on supermarket shelves.
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Boys in blue caught breaking IT rules

Over 400 police officers and support staff were caught and disciplined for misuse of IT systems last year.
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Monty's 'Save MySQL' mudsling gets 15,000 backers

A petition to stop Oracle taking over MySQL has garnered support from more than 15,000 people, after Michael ‘Monty’ Widenius launched his last gasp web campaign in December.
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In-depth probe fails to hit the G-spot

UK researchers have concluded that the legendary G-spot - the earth-moving button allegedly sited in the front wall of the vagina - "may be a figment of women's imagination, encouraged by magazines and sex therapists".
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Oz bank thinks it's 2016

A new year bug has scuppered card transactions at thousands of Australian shops for four days so far, because systems at the Bank of Queensland say it is now 2016.
Asus Lamborghini VX5

Asus Lamborghini VX5

Review It’s hard to see who Asus’s supercar laptop tie-ups are aimed at. If you have the money to buy a Ferrari, a Porsche or, in this case, a Lamborghini, will you really be going for a £1,700 portable to remind you what’s in the garage. If you drive a lowered Golf with blue neons underneath, wouldn’t you want a VW laptop? We guess the Asus VX5 is all about aspiration.
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BeautifulPeople ejects post-Xmas fatties

BeautifulPeople.com's beautiful users have turned on those unwise enough to admit they've overdone it on the turkey and pud over Xmas, and as a result 5,000 newly-lardy members of the "sexiest website in the world today" have been given their marching orders.

Lenovo takes Thinkpads to the Edge

Lenovo has kicked off 2010 with a fresh, three-machine ThinkPad laptop line-up.

Yorkshire Ripper loves Wii Bowling

Even multiple murderers aren’t immune to the Wii bug: nearly two dozen of the Nintendo consoles have been installed at Blighty’s high-security psychiatric Broadmoor Hospital and Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe is a fan.
Samsung N220

Samsung updates netbook line ahead of CES

Samsung has announced its has updated its netbooks with Intel's new N450 Atom processor and will be shipping them to buyers this month.
Pirates ahoy!

Bono accuses ISPs of 'reverse Robin Hooding' over piracy

U2 frontman and save-the-world mouthpiece Bono has hit out at internet service providers for failing to clamp down on illegal file sharing over their networks.

LG drops inches with Extreme Slim

We are only four days into 2010 and LG is already shedding the inches, unveiling what it has claimed is the world’s slimmest LCD TV so far.
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Indie download site eMusic 'up for sale'

Pioneering indie music download site eMusic will listen to acquisition offers, according to its chief executive.
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Please shut up about the Mull of Kintyre Chinook crash

Analysis New information is said to have emerged in the case of the 1994 RAF Chinook helicopter crash on the Mull of Kintyre. Internal MoD documents, casting doubt on the safety of the engine-control software in the wrecked Chinook, have been leaked to the media.

Google to outline smartphone strategy tomorrow

All eyes are on Google, which is holding a briefing about its smartphone strategy tomorrow to coincide with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). It is likely to focus on its own branded phone, the Nexus One, which is made by HTC but will showcase the newest features of Android and the Google user experience.
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Dubai cuts ribbon on world's tallest building

Dubai is trumpeting the completion of the Burj Dubai - the world's tallest building, whose 800-plus metres took five years, 12,000 labourers and an estimated $1.5bn to construct.
Apple Magic Mouse

Magic Mice cast energy-sapping spell

Apple's wireless mouse stands accused of draining the energy from Apple's wireless keyboards, forcing daily battery replacements on some, and free keyboards on others.
Bill Ray, 04 2010

Samsung jumps onto 3D bandwagon

Samsung looks set to wade into the 3D TV market, if an announcement by 3D technology firm RealD is anything to go by.
Ethernet cables

O2 and Be Broadband speeds dip

O2 and Be Broadband customers suffered a slowdown in the last year, against the market trend of improving speeds, it has been found.

Kingston coughs to security flaw in 'Secure' flash drive

Kingston Technology is instructing customers to return certain models of its memory sticks, after the firm discovered a glitch in its DataTraveler Secure flash drives.
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All US Army combat units now to include robots

The march of the droids continues, with news emerging over the festive season that ordinary US Army line units - not special forces or temporary trial formations - will now consist partly of war robots and other digitally networked automated killware.
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Synaptics offers trackpad gesture tech for (almost) all

Touchpad maker Synaptics has released an early draft of software it has developed to bring gesture recognition to laptops that don't already provide it.
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Seagate may face noise reduction patent payout

Just as Seagate is getting back to health after a year of recovery, it has been accused of destroying evidence pertinent to a 10-year old noise reduction technology lawsuit instigated against it by Convolve and MIT.

Apple misses self-imposed Windows 7 boot camp deadline

Apple has missed its own deadline for Windows 7 support, after the Jobsian outfit failed to release a "Boot Camp" version allowing users to dual install the latest Microsoft operating system with Snow Leopard on their Macs.
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US companies look to add jobs in 2010

The US economy stopped haemorrhaging jobs in November. The unemployment rate actually went down a smidgen and could do it again when the Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics puts out its jobs report for December later this week.

Google chisels Chrome OS tablet, rumors say

Google and HTC, its bosom buddy hardware manufacturer, have spent the last 18 months developing touch-screen tablets, according to a report out of Australia.
Cade Metz, 04 2010
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Microsoft tosses Windows, Office discounts at XP holdouts

Microsoft has kicked off 2010 with steep discounts on copies of Windows 7 Professional and Office 2010 Professional for businesses still clinging to Windows XP and Office XP.

Cisco, IBM tackle home video conferencing

Cisco and IBM are expected to introduce home video conferencing services this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
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Nokia sues Apple (again)

Nokia has beefed up its legal challenge to Apple, filing a second patent-infringement lawsuit against Cupertino in US District Court in Delaware. This time around, the Finnish outfit says that Apple stole patents that make Nokia unique, including patents for a camera phone and a touch-screen display.
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Adobe Reader vuln hit with unusually advanced attack

With more than a week until Adobe is scheduled to patch a critical vulnerability in its Reader and Acrobat applications, online thugs are targeting it with an unusually sophisticated attack.
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Acer uncloaks next-gen Atom netbook

Acer has released its first netbook based on Intel's latest Atom processor and Pine Trail platform, but as with Samsung's new next-gen lineup also announced today, don't expect to get your hands on one until later this month.
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Yahoo! to offload Zimbra on...VMware?

Yahoo! is on the verge of selling its Microsoft Exchange–battling Zimbra unit to VMware, according to a report citing multiple sources "close to the situation."
Cade Metz, 04 2010
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EMC slides Archer Technologies into security quiver

Storage behemoth EMC started down the 2010 acquisition trail on Monday by announcing an agreement to purchase Archer Technologies, a privately-held maker of IT governance, risk management, and compliance software.