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Googlephone debuts Jan. 5, says everyone but Google

UpdatedA Tuesday press-conference invitation and a T-Mobile leak make it ninety-nine per cent certain that Google will announce its Android-based Googlephone Nexus One smartphone at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, January 5, at its Mountain View Googleplex.
Rik Myslewski, 30 Dec 2009

Border Agency and Cardiff fail on FoI reviews

The Information Commissioner's Office has ordered two public bodies to improve the way they deal with internal reviews
Kable, 30 Dec 2009
Samsung Galaxy

Samsung's Galaxy stuck in history

CommentIt seems no one will be updating the Galaxy to Android 2, annoying customers whose purchase decision was based on what it would do rather than what it could do.
Bill Ray, 30 Dec 2009

English language falls to the Slashdot effect

A list of notable new additions to our beloved mother tongue reveals that the interwebs continued to enhance the lexicon during 2009, with hashtag, tweetup and the Slashdot effect featuring large on the manifest of neologisms.
Lester Haines, 30 Dec 2009

X-Box 360 theft suspect busted after online gaming sesh

An alleged X-Box 360 thief was tracked down after he forgot to disable the game console's auto sign-in feature before hopping on the net.
John Leyden, 30 Dec 2009

Jimbo asks online folk to play nice, be civil

The co-founder of Wikipedia is once again calling on internet surfers to adopt good manners online.
Kelly Fiveash, 30 Dec 2009

NASA eyes asteroid, Moon and Venus

NASA has named the three finalists for a future New Frontiers mission, with competing teams eyeing an asteroid, the Moon and Venus as possible destinations.
Lester Haines, 30 Dec 2009

Apple ejects Dalai Lama from Chinese iTunes

iPhone apps based on the teachings of the Dalai Lama don't exist on the Chinese incarnation of iTunes, it has emerged, demonstrating that even Apple has to bend to do business in China.
Bill Ray, 30 Dec 2009

MS dismisses IIS zero-day bug reports

Microsoft has dismissed reports that there's an unpatched critical flaw in the latest version of its webserver software.
John Leyden, 30 Dec 2009

They said what? Quotes of the Year

Back by popular demand, here is our Annual Hall of Stupid, leavened with a few moments of genuine wit. It's a Stephen Fry Free Zone. Almost.
Andrew Orlowski, 30 Dec 2009

Kate Winslet sports top celeb bod

Thesp Kate Winslet has topped of "most desirable body" poll in which UK women voted wholeheartedly for traditional curves and kicked tanorexic stick insects firmly into touch.
Lester Haines, 30 Dec 2009

TJX kingpin pleads guilty to Heartland hack

TJX hacking mastermind Albert Gonzalez faces a minimum of 17 years behind bars after pleading guilty to further cybercrimes.
John Leyden, 30 Dec 2009

Steve Jobs gets top dog Noughties honours

Apple boss Steve Jobs has been crowned the "Person of the Decade" by readers of the Wall Street Journal.
Kelly Fiveash, 30 Dec 2009

Nuance scoops up Spinvox

US speech recognition outfit Nuance Communications has bought Spinvox for £64m ($102.5m).
Kelly Fiveash, 30 Dec 2009

IT consultant freed after almost three years in Baghdad

Kidnapped IT consultant Peter Moore is on his way home to the UK having been held hostage in Iraq since May 2007.
Bill Ray, 30 Dec 2009

Brum DJ canned for cutting short Her Maj

A Brum-based DJ has been given his marching orders after cutting Liz II's live Xmas broadcast and declaring: "Two words: Bor-ing."
Lester Haines, 30 Dec 2009

Microsoft wants someone to turn Xbox into Xphone

Microsoft is advertising for a program manager to drive the Xbox Live experience onto Windows Mobile, hoping to raise one brand with the application of another.
Bill Ray, 30 Dec 2009
Psystar logo

Hackintosher's new line: Linux and T-shirts

The irrepressible Hackintoshers that earlier this month were pronounced bleedin' demised, only to respond with a Pythonesque "I'm not dead yet!" cry of defiance, have reemerged with a new business model: T-shirts and Linux boxes.
Rik Myslewski, 30 Dec 2009

Google slapped in domain name spat

Google is Google, and Groovle is Groovle - and as Rudyard Kipling might have put it, never the twain shall meet.
Rik Myslewski, 30 Dec 2009

Court: iPod hearing loss your fault, not Apple's

A US court has turned back an appeal of a 2008 ruling that declared that if you blow out your ears by listening to your iPod too loudly, it's your own damn fault.
Rik Myslewski, 30 Dec 2009

Redkneck Vampire Attacks Trailer Park

Google Books has saved for future generations the inimitable Weekly World News, which from 1979 to 2007 entertained the US with front page headlines such as "Aliens Settle In San Francisco", "Redkneck Vampire Attacks Trailer Park" and "Giant Polar Monster Attacks Cruise Ship!".
Lester Haines, 30 Dec 2009

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