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High-speed Chinese train kicks French, Japanese butt

China's new high-speed passenger-train service broke world speed records on its maiden run over the weekend.
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Japanese chap sets paper plane flight record

A Japanese aeronautical origami engineer has set the world record for the longest flight by a paper-only plane - 26.1 seconds.
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Firefox 3.6 hits ice - won't show up till Spring

Mozilla has delayed the release of Firefox 3.6 until the first quarter of 2010.

Telefonica gobbles up Jajah

VoIP outfit Jajah got its Christmas wish, €145 million in cash from mobile operator Telefonica.
Bill Ray, 29 2009
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Wikileaks suspends ops to launch pledge drive

Wikileaks has temporarily suspended operations while it launches a pledge drive.

It's the end of TV as we know it

Comment Carphone Warehouse has signed up to Project Canvas and the BBC is to promote it. This probably heralds the beginning of the end for broadcast TV.
Bill Ray, 29 2009
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Fancy a lottery win? Smoke dried vulture brains

Those of you feeling a bit cash-strapped following Xmas might find a solution in South Africa's traditional medicine, or muti, markets, where a particle of dried vulture brain could help you secure a vital cash injection.
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Escaped con regularly updates Facebook fan page

An escaped convict has provided an insight into his thinking, and irked pursuing authorities, by continually updating his Facebook status since going on the run back in September.
Christmas tree

Christmas stockings attract a Touch or two

Apple's iPod Touch was the Christmas gift of choice this year, if an apparent 1000 per cent jump in application sales in anything to judge by.
Bill Ray, 29 2009
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Monty launches frantic 'save MySQL' web campaign

In a desperate last gasp bid to stop Oracle buying Sun Microsystems and its precious MySQL kit and kaboodle, the database's co-creator - Michael ‘Monty’ Widenius - has launched a campaign to "help keep the internet free."
Ethernet cables

ISPs slam Digital Economy Bill's multi-million pound price tag

Internet service providers have grumbled that the anti-piracy measures proposed in the Digital Economy Bill (DEB) could cost consumers up to £500m.

O2 grovels for London network failure

O2 has apologised for the repeated network failures in the capital before Christmas, claiming it was caught unawares by excessive data use.
Bill Ray, 29 2009
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Yorkshire lass eBays cheating boyf's Xmas prezzies

A West Yorkshire lass who discovered on 22 December that her boyfriend had cheated on her has dumped his unopened Xmas gifts on eBay as she will "definatly not be getting back together" with her former squeeze.
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TJX sniffer author jailed for two years

The malware coder who wrote the sniffer program used in the infamous TJX credit card heist has been jailed for two years.

How the cloud could conquer the world in 2010

Comment The cloud was one of the big topics of 2009, with a broad swath of technologies and offerings coming to market from vendors of all shapes and sizes.
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Nokia jacks up Apple patent complaint

Nokia has upped the ante in its patent-infringement battle against Apple by extending its accusations to cover "virtually all of [Apple's] mobile phones, portable music players, and computers," according to a statement by the fiesty Finns.
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California cops don defensive headcams

A California police department is testing a high-tech defense against one of the most pernicious weapons used against them in recent years: the video camera.
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Adobe predicted as top 2010 hacker target

Adobe will overtake Microsoft as the primary target for hackers and virus writers in 2010, net-security firm McAfee predicts.