22nd December 2009 Archive

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  • Intel patches critical security bug in vPro software

    Silicon-based bypass

    Security 22 Dec 00:03

  • UK etailer calls self 'the last place you want to go'

    Dixons does a Ratner

    Bootnotes 22 Dec 00:08

  • US politico calls for cancer warning on cell phones

    This is your child's brain on who knows what

    Government 22 Dec 00:13

  • Microsoft AV advice may aid attackers, researcher warns

    Better performance. But at what cost?

    Security 22 Dec 06:02

  • Doing the maths on Copenhagen

    It's my party and I'll fly in the face of common sense

    Science 22 Dec 07:02

  • Can anyone explain the chunnel fiasco?

    Five trains in, none out

    Science 22 Dec 07:02

  • Devolo dLan AVplus

    Now with mains power pass-through socketry

    Broadband 22 Dec 08:02

  • Another Overland Nasdaq delisting threat

    Company now not worth enough

    Financial News 22 Dec 10:17

  • Samsung not-quite-DSLR surfaces on web

    Latest 'hybrid' design spied

    Hardware 22 Dec 10:55

  • HP probes 'racist' webcams

    Facial tracking stalks whites, ignores blacks

    Hardware 22 Dec 11:07

  • iPhone gets a decent keyboard

    But no Apple approval

    Phones 22 Dec 11:09

  • Existence of 'Sea of Krakens' on Titan confirmed

    Vast 19-Wales sized* lake of liquid patio gas sighted

    Science 22 Dec 11:22

  • Scientist proposes quantum über-battery

    Ten times the energy density of lithium-ion

    Hardware 22 Dec 11:22

  • Acer to ship lots of smartphones, many of them Android, claims mole

    Astonishing, Holmes. How ever did you work that out?

    Phones 22 Dec 11:44

  • Angels can't fly: Official

    UK prof shoots down heavenly beings

    Bootnotes 22 Dec 12:00

  • Ferry giant refuses ID card

    'You're not going anywhere without a passport'

    Government 22 Dec 12:21

  • Firefox 3.5 wins top dog browser crown - sort of

    All versions of Internet Explorer still reign supreme, however

    Applications 22 Dec 12:25

  • Chinese villager jailed for eating tiger

    Stiff sentence for shooting last wild Indochinese cat

    Science 22 Dec 12:30

  • Mobile networks line up to bash net snooping plan

    'Wholly disproportionate' and 'cannot possibly work'

    Law 22 Dec 13:03

  • iPhone worms can create mobile botnets

    Paranoid, and not just about Android

    Phones 22 Dec 13:32

  • China moves closer to a smut-free internet

    Now also free of political dissent and annoying Tibetans

    Government 22 Dec 13:42

  • BBC Trust kicks out IP Vision appeal

    Confirms 'provisional approval' of Project Canvas

    Media 22 Dec 14:36

  • German strato-sperm airship prototype flies

    Robot tadpole zeppelins aim for the wind bucket

    Science 22 Dec 14:41

  • Italian project examines data centre energy use

    Energ-IT goes down, you better be ready

    Storage 22 Dec 14:50

  • Schmidt named Obama cybersecurity czar

    Months long wait finally over

    Security 22 Dec 15:17

  • Essex leaps into bed with IBM

    The future's bright and the future's blue, say Tories

    The Channel 22 Dec 15:36

  • Ofcom sets 60GHz free

    No licence required, indoors or out

    Broadband 22 Dec 15:38

  • Traffic reports for the wrong country? There's an iPhone app for that

    Reg uncovers weird Navigon 'feature', doesn't get money back

    Phones 22 Dec 15:57

  • Extra dates added to e-bike race calendar

    The e-cars that ate Paris

    Science 22 Dec 16:14

  • UK air-traffic offers flying-car-style safety gizmo

    Gadget keeps map'n'compass oldtimers clear of airliners

    Science 22 Dec 16:26

  • Real-time web searcher in ad du jour pitch

    Automatic Brittany Murphy ads

    Media 22 Dec 17:23

  • AMD revs up Stream SDK

    GPUs get OpenCL 1.0 support

    Software 22 Dec 17:38

  • Microsoft loses appeal on Word injunction

    Must remove XML tech by January 11

    Applications 22 Dec 19:10

  • Serious web vuln found in 8 million Flash files

    XSS R Us

    Security 22 Dec 20:51

  • Apple angling to transform TV?

    Talks with CBS, Disney

    Media 22 Dec 20:58

  • Red Hat has a jolly Q3

    Except for that lawsuit settlement

    Software 22 Dec 22:50