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A decade to forget - how Microsoft lost its mojo

It was a confident - some might say complacent - Microsoft that entered the decade.
Gavin Clarke, 21 Dec 2009

Intel's Atomic 'Pine Trail' arrives early

Intel's new-and-slightly-improved Atom processors and support chips met the waiting world Monday morning, a couple of weeks earlier than their oft-rumored rollout at the upcoming Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Rik Myslewski, 21 Dec 2009

IT recession is no more, says study

We're coming into the home stretch of 2009, and this is the time when the IT prognosticators come out of the woodwork to make their predictions and projections for the new year. The wizards at Computer Economics - which makes a business out of measuring IT spending, salaries, and other technology trends - is calling an end to the IT recession that has been underway since early 2008. In North America, at least.
Toshiba MK6465GSX

Toshiba MK6465GSX 640GB laptop hard drive

ReviewToshiba is the first manufacturer to deliver a 2.5in laptop hard drive that packs more than 500GB of storage. Its new MK6465GSX sports 640GB on two platters, and while we are aware that the Western Digital Scorpio Blue and Seagate Momentus 5400.7 are also available in 640GB models we haven’t seen either drive to date.
Leo Waldock, 21 Dec 2009
The BBC HD Testcard

BBC looks to grab internet TV market

The BBC Trust has given the go-ahead for the corporation to push on with providing internet access to the TV, via a set-top box.
John Oates, 21 Dec 2009

GSMA recruits a bit of Fry and Duran Duran

Stephen Fry and Duran Duran will be headlining February's mobile industry bash, as the GSMA tries to drag some sex appeal into the increasingly-dull Barcelona proceedings.
Bill Ray, 21 Dec 2009

UK retail Wi-Fi security still patchy

Wi-Fi security in UK retail environments is improving, but shops remain vulnerable to the sorts of attacks carried out as part of the infamous TJX credit card heist.
John Leyden, 21 Dec 2009

Oz anti-censorship site is censored

The Australian company that runs the .com.au domain registry has been accused of abandoning its own procedures to censor a website satirising communications minister Stephen Conroy's ISP filtering regime.
Christopher Williams, 21 Dec 2009
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Data Robotics CEO change no big deal

The surprise CEO transition at Data Robotics shouldn't have been a surprise, according to the man who should know - the now ex-CEO Geoff Barrall.
Chris Mellor, 21 Dec 2009

Google: Do no evil, pay no tax

Google has been accused of swerving UK tax on the £1.6bn it makes in Britain.
John Oates, 21 Dec 2009
Samsung M5650

Samsung tunes into musical yoof with touchphone

Ladies and gentlemen, will you please welcome Samsung's latest touchscreen music phone. Now please depart - you're not the favoured audience.
Tony Smith, 21 Dec 2009
Panasonic's 18650 cell

Panasonic releases more capacious, less explosive laptop battery

Panasonic has begun mass-producing a lithium-ion battery for laptops that's rather more capacious charge-wise than current offerings.
Tony Smith, 21 Dec 2009

Faster BT broadband on starting blocks for Olympics - maybe

BT is hoping to complete roll out of its faster broadband network by June 2012, to ensure the framework is finalised in time for the London Olympic Games.
Kelly Fiveash, 21 Dec 2009

Plod to retain personal data from DNA innocents

Police will continue to retain the personal details of everyone they arrest, despite a human rights ruling meaning the DNA profiles they are linked to must be deleted.
Team Register, 21 Dec 2009

Vodafone to start selling iPhone on 14 January

Vodafone will begin selling the iPhone on 14 January 2010
Tony Smith, 21 Dec 2009

British troops to get new all-terrain camouflage kit

The British armed forces, in a bid to stop criticism regarding uniforms supplied to troops in combat, have introduced a new field camouflage pattern intended to be suitable for use in both desert and vegetated terrain.
Lewis Page, 21 Dec 2009

Twitter hack linked to internal security breach

Twitter's login credentials were used to make DNS changes that redirected surfers to a protest site last Friday, according to site admins.
John Leyden, 21 Dec 2009

UK ID card project descends into muddle

Further confusion has broken out over the UK government's controversial ID scheme, after it emerged that the Home Office was announcing an extension to the scheme, days after Chancellor Alistair Darling questioned the future of the project.
John Leyden, 21 Dec 2009
O2 logo

O2 takes a Christmas break

O2 is again struggling to get IP addresses to its customers, leaving many of them without data connectivity since yesterday lunchtime.
Bill Ray, 21 Dec 2009

Hungary mandates open standards

The Hungarian government has mandated the use of open standards in its departments in a move to help "foster" competition in the software market.
Kelly Fiveash, 21 Dec 2009

Scareware scammers exploit Brittany Murphy's death

Actress Brittany Murphy's sudden death, just like Michael Jackson's untimely demise before her, has quickly been exploited by scareware scammers.
John Leyden, 21 Dec 2009

Dan O’Bannon dies at 63

Dan O'Bannon, the man who gave the world Alien and Total Recall, has died aged 63, the New York Times reports.
Lester Haines, 21 Dec 2009

DARPA scientists demand lightning on tap

Sometimes it's not so easy being a mad scientist. Narrow-minded colleagues disparage your theories using harsh terms like "crackpot" and "ethically dubious". Persons in charge of critical supplies vital to your experiments - morticians, gravediggers, the people who run the brain depositary* - refuse to cooperate. Even once these hurdles are overcome, and your creation lies ready on the slab awaiting only a lightning bolt to add the vital spark of life, you must often wait weeks or months for the necessary thunderstorm.
Lewis Page, 21 Dec 2009

Privacy group sues DoJ over 'digital strip search' data

A privacy group has filed a lawsuit against the US Department of Justice for allegedly failing to disclose information about the use of devices that capture black 'n' white images of people stripped naked.
Kelly Fiveash, 21 Dec 2009
Atom 2.0

Asus, Dell, MSI announce next-gen Atom netbooks

The 'Pine Trail' netbook announcements are coming thick and fast, following Intel's announcement of its next-gen Atom platform last night. First up, Dell, MSI and Asus.
Tony Smith, 21 Dec 2009
Volvo BEV C30

Volvo: C30 e-car coming as fleet not one-off prototype

Leccy TechWhen Volvo first unveiled its C30 Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) back in September 2009, it stressed that the handful of cars produced would be one-off prototypes.
Alun Taylor, 21 Dec 2009

France gets a fourth third generation network

The French regulator has awarded its fourth 3G licence, with Illiad-owned Free winning the beauty contest to get the spectrum at a knock-down price.
Bill Ray, 21 Dec 2009

Aliens more likely to live on moons than planets, say boffins

Noted US boffins have stated that habitable conditions in far-flung star systems may be more commonly found on moons in orbit around planets than on the planets themselves. This of course suggests that space travel may be very common elsewhere in the galaxy, among aliens who are not unfortunate enough - like the human race - to live in a star system with only one habitable body.
Lewis Page, 21 Dec 2009

WinAmp update fades out critical media player flaws

WinAmp users ought to upgrade following the discovery of multiple security vulns affecting the popular media player.
John Leyden, 21 Dec 2009

Secret neo-Nazi documents published

ExclusiveWikileaks is in the process of making a cache of documents and files from eleven different neo-Nazi organisations readable, and readily available, online.
John Oates, 21 Dec 2009

Vatican awards self 'unique copyright' on Pope

The Vatican has awarded itself a "unique copyright" on the Pope's name, image, coat of arms, and any other symbol or logo related to the Holy Father.
Cade Metz, 21 Dec 2009

ISS gets Soyuz visitors for the holidays

Three fresh crew members for the International Space Station blasted off from Kazakhstan on Sunday to staff an orbital construction team over the holidays.
Austin Modine, 21 Dec 2009

Stella Artois augments iPhone reality

iPhone users looking for a lager can now find one via Stella Artois augmented reality.
Bill Ray, 21 Dec 2009
Cat 5 cable

The Avatar storage effect

CommentAvatar - James Cameron's 3D-enhanced sci-fi CGI space-western movie - is set to be a stunning success, and the storage industry is jumping on the bandwagon carrying its 10 feet tall, blue-skinned aliens.
Chris Mellor, 21 Dec 2009

Closeted lesbian sues Netflix for privacy invasion

An in-the-closet lesbian mother has sued Netflix for publishing data that she believes could be used to out her.
Dan Goodin, 21 Dec 2009

Harvard smarties name Steve Jobs 'world's best CEO'

The prestigious Harvard Business Review has published its ranking of the world's best-performing CEOs, and we'll give you one guess who is El Numero Uno.
Rik Myslewski, 21 Dec 2009

Inside Google, data drives 'everything'

Newly-appointed Google evangelist Don Dodge has confirmed that inside the Mountain View Chocolate Factory, decisions - big and small - are driven almost entirely by data analysis.
Cade Metz, 21 Dec 2009

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