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BlackBerry outage blankets North America

Consumer BlackBerry users across North America endured extended delays in email service earlier today due to some sort of technical glitch in the messaging network run by BlackBerry maker Research in Motion.
Cade Metz, 18 2009
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Space 2010 - the future is fantastic!

Highlights of space exploration missions in the year 2010.
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Film review site hacked to spew malicious PDFs

Hackers on Thursday exploited a vulnerability on Ain't It Cool News that redirected anyone visiting the movie review site to a server containing a malicious Adobe Reader file.
Sony Vaio VPCX11S1E/B

Sony Vaio X

Review Sony discovered it had a major problem when the first round of netbooks hit the market in late 2007. Having spent years educating well-heeled consumers that small notebooks were expensive, shoppers were hit by a deluge of small, light laptops that did everything they wanted for a fraction of Sony's traditionally high prices.

Ingres goes after disgruntled MySQL customers, partners

Open source database maker Ingres is hoping to benefit from concerns about the future of MySQL, by luring customers over to its VectorWise product.

Apple seeks patent on reality

Apple has filed a US patent for an immersive 3D display technology that allows you to vary your perspective on objects simply by moving your head.

Ten grand - the cost of iPhone-induced sobriety

The NHS spent ten thousand pounds developing the mobile version of its sobriety-inducing application, Drinks Tracker for iTunes.
Bill Ray, 18 2009
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Emulex licences TOE technology

Emulex is licensing Alacritech TCP/IP speed up technology for its OneConnect converged network adapter (CNA).
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Department for Transport pours millions into eTicketing

The UK's Department for Transport is to pour £20m into eTicketing outside London, and £60m into eTicketing within the smoke.
Bill Ray, 18 2009
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File-sharing Bill could give Government control of the internet

The Digital Economy Bill would give the Government the power to control the internet access of UK citizens by ministerial order, bypassing Parliament and without an adequate right of appeal, according to one legal expert.

Asus at work on Android-based 'Eee Bot'

Asus' next Eee product will ban a 'droid running 'Droid, it has been claimed.

Mobile internet to eat world, apparently

Morgan Stanley has issued a set of reports asserting that the mobile internet will be much bigger than the desktop internet: "Regarding pace of change, we believe more users will likely connect to the Internet via mobile devices than desktop PCs within 5 years."

Fujitsu staff begin walkouts over pay, job cuts

Fujitsu Services' staff are picketing at the company's London headquarters today, in protest against pension cuts and compulsory redundancies set for the New Year.
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DNS attack hijacks Twitter

A DNS hijacking attack left Twitter temporarily affected for about an hour early on Friday.
NorhTec Gecko Surfboard

Thai firm flies in early-80s style keyboard PC

Fed up waiting for Asus' Eee Keyboard to show? Asian mini PC specialist NorhTec may be able to sort you out with a keyboard-encased computer real soon.

LaCie pumps more data down USB 3 link

LaCie is prepping dual drive RAIDed storage box delivering up to 275MB/sec across its USB 3.0 link.
DONG logo

Better Place talks up DONG-powered e-car scheme

Leccy Tech Denmark is one of the first countries to fully embrace the e-car vision of Shai Agassi's Better Place, so it wasn't much of a surprise to see the leccy car infrastructure company show up at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen this week.
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Swedish bankers punt webcam smut to kiddies

A Swedish bank has apologised for punting porn to wide-eyed schoolkids in a magazine sent out to over half a million 9 to 12-year-olds.
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Oracle expects EC to approve Sun takeover bid

Database giant Oracle expects European Commission antitrust watchdogs to give the thumbs up to the company's multi-billion takeover bid for Sun Microsystems after Christmas.
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UK Border Agency delights with festive e-card

The UK's Border Agency has brightened the pre-Xmas season with a delightful e-card which nicely sums up the values of goodwill to all men:
iPhone as Wii Mote

Parrot to cast iPhone as games console controller

Parrot, best known for its headsets and other wireless audio products, will turn the iPhone into a Wii Remote-style gaming controller at the upcoming Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES).
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Google going local for next buy

Google has renewed takeover talks with local business review site Yelp.
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Blighty to get own 'cyber range'

The UK, following in America's footsteps, is to get a "cyber range" - a simulated network world where weapons-grade government malware and countermeasures can be tried out, much as bombs or missiles are on normal firing ranges.
Atom 2.0

Asus 'Atom 2' netbooks appear

We've seen details of Acer's upcoming netbooks based on the next-gen Atom platform, 'Pine Trail', slip out, and now it's Asus' turn.
Samsung Bada UI

Samsung Bada: UI shots spied on web

Images showing the user interface Samsung has grafted onto its upcoming Bada smartphone OS have appeared on the web.
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Billie Piper hooks up with Belle de Jour

Secret Diary of a Call Girl thesp Billie Piper and Dr Brooke Magnanti - aka blogging prostitute Belle de Jour - will feature in a forthcoming ITV2 programme which promises "a fresh insight into Brooke's life and Billie's portrayal of her".
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Reg Hardware Christmas 2009 Prezzy Trail

Kit of the Year Stuck for inspiration when it comes to last-minute Chrimbo shopping? Fancy Product X but want to see if there's a cheaper alternative? Then look no further as we round up our group tests.

Nokia sets date for netbook UK debut

Want to be assured of getting your mitts on Nokia's Windows 7 netbook, the Booklet 3G? The Finnish phone giant is now taking advance orders for the pricey product, which, it says, will ship in January.
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UK e-Borders scheme thrown into confusion by EU rules

Conflicts with EU free movement rules have thrown the UK's £1.2 billion electronic borders program into disarray.
Saab ZE 9-3

Neat two-motor soft-top first victim of GM Saab sale?

Leccy Tech GM's decision to wind down Saab puts the subsidiary's e-car development plans in doubt. Which is a bugger, because Saab's effort looked rather good.

Red Hat pulls plug on Itanium with RHEL 6

Exclusive If you run Itanium-based servers in your data center, 2010 has a surprise for you. The dominant supplier of commercial Linux, Red Hat, is not going to be supporting its future Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 on any Itanium platforms, old or new.
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TfL deploys privacy-busting voyeurcam

Forget Google's Street View - Transport for London is the new black when it comes to privacy-busting surveillance black ops, if this live traffic camera image captured yesterday is anything to go by:
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Google fined for book copyright

A French court has found Google guilty of infringing copyright by digitising books without the approval of the publisher.
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Bluetooth SIG takes it down a notch

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has approved a low-power variant of the wireless standard, taking on Zigbee and Z-Wave and targeting heath care applications.
Bill Ray, 18 2009

Fujitsu workers picket London HQ

Disgruntled Fujitsu Services' employees protested at the firm's London headquarters today to mark the start of strike action by Unite union members - many of whom are disgusted at the management's stance on pay, pension and jobs.
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Special Ops robots now do psychological warfare

US arms globocorp Boeing has announced yet another military robot demonstration - but this time, one with a difference. Rather than spying on meatsacks or mowing them down with the traditional array of automated weaponry, the war-bots in this trial sought to win over their fleshy opponents using psychological warfare.
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Return of MP3 spam punts penis pill sites

MP3 spam has made an unwelcome return, two years after the tactic was first used to spamvertise products and services.
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Mozilla shoots out fifth Firefox 3.6 beta

Mozilla has released a fifth - and surely final - beta of Firefox 3.6, a complete version of which it plans to spin out before the end of 2009.
hands waving dollar bills in the air

Adaptec - the eternal wannabe

Comment Adaptec always wanted to grow beyond its core adapter business - to be greater than the sum of its parts - but it only managed to serially underachieve, never fully breaking out of the adapter market in which it felt confined.
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Crypto snafu grounds 3D Avatar screenings in Germany

Several 3D screenings of Avatar were called off in Germany earlier this week following a DRM-related mix-up.
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Heartland to pay Amex $3.6m for massive payment breach

Heartland Payment Systems will pay American Express $3.6m to settle claims related to the criminal breach of its payment processing network last year.
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Design firm sues Microsoft over Bing trademark

A small graphic design firm that uses "Bing!" for its branding is suing Microsoft for using the same word for the name of its search engine.
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Obama banks on NASA's big launcher

US President Barack Obama will ask Congress to jettison NASA's plans to develop its next-generation Ares I crew launch vehicle and increase funds for the "simpler" Ares V heavy lift rocket to replace the space shuttle fleet.
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The year in tech lunacy - an El Reg guide

Yes, readers, it's that time of year again. Time to remember our favorite moments of the year in tech. No, we don't mean the debut of Windows 7. Or the arrival of the iPhone 3GS. We mean that moment when Vladimir Putin bitchslapped Michael Dell. Or when Eric Schmidt officially turned Google into public enemy number one.