17th December 2009 Archive

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  • Adobe: critical Acrobat flaw fix 4 weeks away

    Batten down the hatches

    Security 17 07:02

  • Nvidia boss: Intel suit to 'transform computer industry'

    And GPUs rock

    Hardware 17 08:02

  • Motorola Milestone

    A Googlephone for business?

    Phones 17 08:02

  • Dell internalises EqualLogic's automated data movement

    Better than Compellent, it claims

    Storage 17 09:55

  • Government lets CCTV watchdog off the leash

    Will ask who, what, where...but not why

    Government 17 10:05

  • The double-edged sword of virtualisation security

    Are you feeling security benefits?

    Virtualisation Lab 17 10:11

  • Conficker jams up developing interwebs

    Uber-botnet already used to sling scareware

    Security 17 10:12

  • Leaner Symmetrix goes faster

    EMC adds 8gig Fibre Channel and deleted space reclaim

    Storage 17 10:28

  • Blu-ray boys finish 1080p 3D spec

    Compatible with old players, kind of

    Hardware 17 10:29

  • Wireless mics get reduced bureaucracy

    More spectrum, less consistency

    Mobile 17 10:30

  • Secure USB drive relies on recognising faces

    Works as a bottle opener too

    Hardware 17 10:32

  • Stargazers spy super-Earth waterworld

    Bit too hot for Kevin Costner, though

    Science 17 10:35

  • Research suggests Wii Fit is no flab fighter

    Not for adults, at least

    Games 17 10:54

  • How to improve business productivity

    Rip it up and start again?

    Reg Technology Panel 17 10:59

  • £500m telecoms deal up for grabs

    Buying Solutions gets busy

    Broadband 17 11:18

  • Optimising business comms: Putting the U in UC

    Cracking new Reg Reader research report a click away

    Reg Technology Panel 17 11:18

  • Belkin intros iPhone-to-hi-fi Bluetooth link

    Golden Age of Wireless

    Hardware 17 11:19

  • Packard Bell preps Moto GP champ backed PCs

    Valentino Rossi sponsorship

    Hardware 17 11:21

  • 'CRU cherrypicked Russian climate data', says Russian

    Newly released info probed as Climategate, um, snowballs

    Science 17 11:29

  • Senior IT workers caught in bank bonus tax crossfire

    Confusion reigns in the city - so it's business as usual

    Management 17 11:32

  • BMW uncloaks ActiveE

    The e-car with the mobile phone control system

    Science 17 11:42

  • Facebook sues social network spammers

    Alleged anti-social behaviour provokes lawsuit

    Security 17 11:59

  • EDS mainframe goes titsup, crashes RBS cheque system

    Anyone know how to fix this? Oh, we fired them

    Servers 17 12:04

  • Soaraway PC market growth for 2010, says IDC

    Ballistic gizmo shipments hoist biz out of recession

    Hardware 17 12:16

  • RockYou admits security snafu exposed email login details

    Suitably contrite over 32m credential breach

    Security 17 12:23

  • Google Fast Flip pulls in more news outlets

    It's goodnight from me and goodnight from him

    Applications 17 12:29

  • China cages game Trojan hackers

    Go directly to jail, do not collect any gold

    Security 17 12:40

  • Surveying anonymity and the public good

    Our survey shows researchers and the public disagree

    Government 17 13:02

  • Official: British telly really is almost all repeats

    Traditional viewer grumble made real by digital era

    Media 17 13:14

  • A New Year's call to Apple: publish and be damned

    Microsoft envy

    Developer 17 14:02

  • Why buy CDs? It's instant music, stupid

    Consumption habits of the SuBo Tribe

    Media 17 14:02

  • Ten years of .NET - Did Microsoft deliver?

    Platform shift repeats

    Developer 17 15:02

  • Sony plots death of Amazon Kindle

    I will kill you with my Google

    Hardware 17 16:02

  • Brando outs retro Bluetooth headset

    Banana also available...

    Hardware 17 16:40

  • Fasthosts martyrs relive email FAIL (again and again)

    'We apologise unreservedly'

    Networks 17 16:55

  • VMware: virtualized SMBs do it better

    Disaster recovery on the cheap

    Virtualization 17 17:25

  • Adaptec CEO resigns

    Storage co. for sale

    Storage 17 17:42

  • Iraqi insurgents hack US drones with $26 software

    Video feed intercept

    Security 17 17:54

  • Shuttleworth steps down as Canonical CEO

    Remains Ubuntu 'benevolent dictator'

    Operating Systems 17 18:47

  • Google 'in talks' over Googlenetbook

    Chrome OS hardware subsidy?

    Media 17 21:21

  • Watchdog files complaint over Facebook 'privacy' settings

    EPIC violation of user expectation

    Security 17 22:52

  • Intel details fresh desktop, mobile 'Cores'

    New Year's coming-out party

    Hardware 17 23:12