15th December 2009 Archive

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  • Microsoft China accused of pilfering webcode

    Microblogging skulduggery alleged

    Media 15 Dec 04:38

  • Vodafone: No HD2 for you!

    Just for business use now, alright?

    Broadband 15 Dec 07:02

  • Novell rejigs self, waves bye to CTO

    Four units squeezed into two

    Applications 15 Dec 07:02

  • LG 42SL9000 42in LED-backlit TV

    Ultra thin and frameless too, apparently

    Hardware 15 Dec 08:02

  • Sun ditches 'try and buy' program

    60-day trial fails to shine

    The Channel 15 Dec 09:02

  • Geeks Guide2 Christmas 2009 - Part III

    Even More Savings at Reg Books

    Site News 15 Dec 09:52

  • Chinese domain crackdown targets smut sites

    Individual website ownership swept away by clean up

    Security 15 Dec 09:53

  • 2009's Top High-End Touchscreen Phones

    Nokia vs Apple - fight, fight, fight

    Phones 15 Dec 10:02

  • Ladies put off tech careers by sci-fi posters, Coke cans

    Coffee, books, pics of 'nature' or 'art' recommended

    CIO 15 Dec 10:14

  • Intel schedules six-core Extreme Edition CPU debut

    'Gulftown' roadmapped

    Hardware 15 Dec 10:28

  • EU finally ratifies copyright treaty

    It only took 13 years

    Law 15 Dec 10:32

  • Nokia N900 to hit Vodafone next month

    Linux gadget gets operator output

    Phones 15 Dec 10:43

  • OGC claims £196.7m ICT savings

    It's a start...

    The Channel 15 Dec 10:47

  • What to do about virtual server security?

    Process, not technology, holds the key

    Virtualisation Lab 15 Dec 10:54

  • WIN! LG 42in Seamless Full HD TV worth £1400

    LG's very stylish LED-backlit 42SL9000 up for grabs

    Hardware 15 Dec 11:02

  • Top cop's 'stop stopping snappers' memo: Too little too late?

    Middle England's onto you now you know

    Law 15 Dec 11:11

  • Critics aim to sink Titanic ice cubes

    'Sick and distasteful' novelties provoke tabloid angst

    Bootnotes 15 Dec 11:13

  • LG predicts bountiful 3D TV sales

    3.4m 3D sets for 2011 alone

    Hardware 15 Dec 11:32

  • Unpatched PDF flaw harnessed to launch targeted attacks

    Adobe software pwned by crackers, again

    Applications 15 Dec 11:51

  • Free software lawyers hit Best Buy et al with GPL 'violation' claim

    In Boxing ring with BusyBox

    Mobile 15 Dec 11:57

  • Google to flog unlocked phones in January

    And will tie-up with T-Mobile

    Mobile 15 Dec 12:11

  • Home Office battles to make CCTV useful

    No impact on crime, not as pretty as hanging baskets

    Law 15 Dec 12:12

  • Soot warming 'maybe bigger than greenhouse gases' - NASA

    Forget Copenhagen CO2 cuts, tune your diesel properly

    Science 15 Dec 12:16

  • Microsoft volume licensing website takes festive holiday

    Customers asked to activate using phone, people

    The Channel 15 Dec 12:43

  • Quarter of France Telecom staff 'psychologically vulnerable'

    Study shows morale collapse

    Broadband 15 Dec 12:44

  • Does Quality of Service matter?

    And where do you start if it does?

    Reg Technology Panel 15 Dec 13:29

  • Modders turn nook reader into Android tablet

    Ripping yarns

    Mobile 15 Dec 13:33

  • The Great Aussie Firewall is dead: Long live the firewall

    Details of Australian ISP blocking now public

    Government 15 Dec 13:38

  • Boeing 787 Dreamliner set for first flight

    Today's the day - finally

    Science 15 Dec 13:46

  • Police moot pop-up social network warnings

    Approved by ACPO™

    Law 15 Dec 14:15

  • Xperia X2 delayed until 2010

    Sony Ericsson admits phone's faults

    Phones 15 Dec 14:36

  • PS3 hardware still losing Sony money, claims analyst

    Does my BoM look big in this?

    Games 15 Dec 14:43

  • Loud sex woman coughs to ASBO breach

    Guilty of 'unnatural' vocalisation

    Bootnotes 15 Dec 14:57

  • Major helicopter reorganisation for RAF and Navy

    New Chinooks, Merlins handed over to 'Junglies'

    Science 15 Dec 15:09

  • Plug-in Prius production plan posted

    Test models next year, launch in late 2011

    Science 15 Dec 15:12

  • SF's rogue admin finally gets day in court

    Just a flip-out over protocols, says defense

    CIO 15 Dec 15:18

  • IBM's XIV roadmap includes multiple frames and InfiniBand

    2TB drive support also on the cards

    Storage 15 Dec 16:50

  • Googlephone specs uncovered?

    Nexus One launch date outed too

    Phones 15 Dec 16:51

  • Honeynet research lifts the lid on spam trends

    Busy bees reveal a hive of junk mail activity

    Security 15 Dec 17:01

  • Sun claims IP victory over defunct US 'counterfeiter'

    And cracks down on grey marketing

    The Channel 15 Dec 17:13

  • Neon sues IBM over 'anticompetitive' mainframe tactics

    zPrime finally feeds some lawyers

    HPC 15 Dec 17:48

  • The Ballmer decade and what's next for Microsoft

    Confidence, lost

    Microbite 15 Dec 18:11

  • Sony PlayStation network moves into reality TV

    Wants original, HBO-like content

    Games 15 Dec 20:24

  • Google demos image rec 'quantum computer'

    In excited state over D-Wave entanglement

    HPC 15 Dec 20:38

  • Microsoft cops to webcode theft

    Blames 'Chinese vendor'

    Software 15 Dec 20:55

  • Verari Systems confirms layoffs

    Founder and CTO departs

    HPC 15 Dec 21:54

  • Data collector threatens scribe who reported breach

    Shoot the messenger, Texas-style

    Security 15 Dec 23:33