14th December 2009 Archive

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  • Hackers declare war on international forensics tool

    Microsoft's COFEE decaffeinated

    Security 14 Dec 06:40

  • Toshiba Satellite T110

    Trying too hard not to be a netbook?

    Laptops and Tablets 14 Dec 08:02

  • Where is virtualisation taking you?

    Is ‘perfect’ possible – or indeed necessary?

    Virtualisation Lab 14 Dec 09:42

  • 2009's Top Mid-Range Compact Cameras

    Budget snappers for photographers who want a little more

    Hardware 14 Dec 10:02

  • Adaptec appoints new sales boss

    Board struggles through yet more upheaval

    The Channel 14 Dec 10:13

  • Sony Ericsson intros tree-themed eco phones

    Handsets to hug

    Phones 14 Dec 10:16

  • Emulex gets short-lived FCoE design win

    Verari certifies - then 'crashes'

    Storage 14 Dec 10:26

  • Gov retreats on vetting database but ain't climbing down

    Balls throws vetting critics a bone

    Government 14 Dec 10:32

  • Fujitsu recalls 'fire risk' laptop batteries

    Red sky at night, Amilo alight?

    Hardware 14 Dec 10:34

  • Western Digital gears up for mighty formatting

    Ten per cent space boost soon come

    Storage 14 Dec 10:43

  • Kindle app comes to UK iPhones


    Hardware 14 Dec 10:59

  • Exchange 2010 dumps single instance storage

    Say hello again to attachment duplication

    Storage 14 Dec 11:01

  • IBM chums with Swiss to build 3D brain-density processors

    'Without them, IT will gobble entire world power supply'

    HPC 14 Dec 11:16

  • Cert snafu leaves Office 2003 locked out of files

    Crocked key conundrum resolved by weekend hotfix

    Applications 14 Dec 11:30

  • Axeman Chancellor toes the line on ID cards

    Just do it, Darling

    Government 14 Dec 11:46

  • Amazon EC2 urges customers to name their price

    Let the little fluffy cloud bidding wars commence

    Virtualization 14 Dec 12:22

  • Nuance closes in on Spinvox

    £30m bridging loan extended to allow deal

    Broadband 14 Dec 12:41

  • Eggheads solve England penalty-shootout crapness riddle

    Football lab-rats in goalie fear stress cycle

    Science 14 Dec 12:53

  • Oracle defrosts EC concerns over Sun takeover

    Careful what you wish for, Monty. It might just happen...

    Applications 14 Dec 13:12

  • Lighting up management’s information blind spot

    If ever there was a case for IT governance....

    CIO 14 Dec 13:17

  • Plough gives birth to sextuplets

    Asterism's Mizar actually six stars

    Science 14 Dec 13:19

  • Apple cancels Christmas... if you want a 27 inch iMac

    All-in-one suffers multitude of problems

    Hardware 14 Dec 13:22

  • DVLA data powers likely to be abused by foreign officials

    Bulgarian traffic wardens know where you live

    Government 14 Dec 13:24

  • UK e-car trials kick off with mass motor handover

    Minis in Oxford, Mitsubishis in Brum

    Science 14 Dec 13:34

  • US and Russia begin cyberwar limitation talks

    It's like SALT for hackers

    Security 14 Dec 13:37

  • Coldplay flog kit on eBay

    'Clearout sale' to benefit kids charity

    Bootnotes 14 Dec 13:39

  • 3 billion have suffered Slade's 'Merry Xmas Everybody'

    Noddy Holder tortures 42 per cent of world's population

    Bootnotes 14 Dec 13:56

  • Mesh intros bonkers BMW-designed gaming PC

    Weird chassis, mad price

    Hardware 14 Dec 13:56

  • Peer 1 setting up Atmos cloud storage

    Hundreds of terabytes

    Storage 14 Dec 14:17

  • German storage specialist punts luxury external hard drives

    Not at all blingy, thank goodness

    Hardware 14 Dec 14:29

  • 4G network goes live for lucky few

    Nothing in our stocking yet

    Mobile 14 Dec 15:08

  • Copenhagen talks stalled by green puppeteers

    DONGers' cars burnt in protests

    Science 14 Dec 15:27

  • Motorola joins industry of shopkeepers

    Shop4Apps slips out onto the net

    Mobile 14 Dec 15:55

  • Facebook chief explains bear photo bareness

    Intended to make now shielded pictures public, apparently

    Security 14 Dec 16:11

  • NASA's WISE heads skywards

    Embarks on six-month infrared mission

    Science 14 Dec 16:13

  • Verari Systems staff join alumni network amidst 'restructure'

    Speculation abounds over firm's future

    Storage 14 Dec 16:24

  • German shoppers slug it out with salami

    Parmesan 'dagger' contributes to trolley-rage casualties

    Bootnotes 14 Dec 16:38

  • US Supremes to hear text-message privacy case

    Do gov employers have a right to snoop?

    Law 14 Dec 19:29

  • Googlephone facing 10m more Jobsian challengers?

    'Nexus One' pics appear online

    Mobile 14 Dec 19:57

  • Google's reCAPTCHA busted by new attack

    Significant success rate

    Security 14 Dec 20:00

  • IT first to abandon Tiger Woods sponsorship

    Outsourcer says affairs don't rub with image

    Bootnotes 14 Dec 20:37

  • Data Robotics names new CEO

    Drobo maker co-founder replaced

    Storage 14 Dec 21:20

  • AMD cuts to the core with 'Bulldozer' Opterons

    The future is modular

    Hardware 14 Dec 21:45

  • Chocolate Factory does url shortening

    Toolbar, FeedBurner get Goo.gl

    Media 14 Dec 23:09

  • US Congress earmarks $30m for anti-piracy fight

    DHS boasts busts in 'Operation Holiday Hoax'

    Media 14 Dec 23:10

  • Google Chrome bug outs users seeking anonymity

    Loose-lipped proxy spills local IPs

    Security 14 Dec 23:30