11th December 2009 Archive

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  • Mozilla man sends Firefoxers to Microsoft Bing

    Schmidt privacy rant sparks Google snub

    Applications 11 01:48

  • Rambus soothes EC ire with lower prices

    Antitrust charges dropped

    Hardware 11 06:02

  • Florida judges banned from 'friending' lawyers on Facebook

    What would people think?!

    Media 11 06:02

  • Parcelforce to drop Windows 7 compatibility through letterbox in New Year

    Should old Vista, Linux acquaintance be forgot?

    Operating Systems 11 07:02

  • Apple preps adaptable gadget adapter

    Behold the iSquishDock

    Media 11 07:02

  • IBM punts Linux-only mainframes

    Big MIPS, deep discounts

    Servers 11 07:02

  • Linux devs exterminate security bugs from kernel

    Ping of death killed again

    Security 11 08:02

  • HTC HD2 'pink blob' patch produced

    Camera glitch fixed

    Phones 11 09:02

  • Steel-woven wallet pledges to keep RFID credit cards safe

    Blocks wireless snoopers

    Hardware 11 09:06

  • Oracle plays hardball with Euro regulators

    'Pretty damn confident' of approval for deal

    Software 11 09:50

  • 2009's Top E-book Readers

    For your reading enjoyment...

    Hardware 11 10:02

  • Gov slams critical database report as opaque, flawed, inaccurate

    Not the diplomatic dept then

    Government 11 10:13

  • James Cameron poised to make Fantastic Voyage

    Rehash promises Avatar-style CG trickery

    Bootnotes 11 10:32

  • Secondary pupils get free iPhones in edu-app trials

    Handheld handouts

    Mobile 11 10:33

  • Acer's first 'Pine Trail' netbook: details emerge

    Vendor acknowledgement

    Hardware 11 10:33

  • Asus said to be making gadget inspired by gadget Apple is said to be making

    Little rumours have lesser rumours upon their backs to bite 'em

    Hardware 11 10:53

  • BA.com titsup

    Airline's website grounded

    Management 11 10:59

  • We made the kit that makes Freeview HD possible, boasts NEC

    Still no one able to watch, though

    Media 11 10:59

  • Kidnap fears kybosh charity car rally

    Bonkers banger race is no more

    Bootnotes 11 11:07

  • Dell goes on 10GbE binge

    Unveils table laden with EqualLogic gear

    Data Networking 11 11:31

  • Boffins build bendy Flash array

    Organic floating-gate transistors employed

    Hardware 11 11:54

  • National space agency for Blighty, says Drayson

    Skylon spaceplane fleet to follow? Hmm...

    Science 11 12:02

  • Hackers root Motorola Droid

    These are not the Droids you are hacking for

    Phones 11 12:04

  • Pig plague alert: Our safe sex guide

    How to get it on in these high-risk times

    Bootnotes 11 12:15

  • Headteachers slam 'disproportionate' vetting database

    Cynical ISA makes claims they cannot support

    Law 11 12:38

  • Microsoft urges Flash makers to pay fat dollar for exFAT format

    Linux? Who they?

    Software 11 12:40

  • Liverpool declares itself an ID-free zone

    Labour members back non-cooperation vote

    Government 11 12:54

  • Police snapper silliness reaches new heights

    City of London employ new ironic policing tactics

    Law 11 13:08

  • Nokia intros updated Comes With Music touchphone

    Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the 5235

    Phones 11 13:24

  • Last splash for Flash support on elderly PowerPC G3s

    Vintage Mac gets version 10.1 swansong

    Applications 11 13:41

  • Canon Powershot S90

    DSLR price and pretensions

    Hardware 11 13:45

  • Privacy furore forces partial climb-down from Facebook

    Social network faces up to criticism

    Security 11 13:55

  • Sunday night is Geminid night

    Cue cloud, rain and despair for annual meteor show

    Science 11 13:56

  • Moffat denies SEC's insider trading charges

    Claims he never said anything 'material'

    Financial News 11 14:10

  • Congressmen steam over Wikileaks TSA breach

    I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll achieve very little

    Government 11 14:24

  • RAF's new military airlifter finally lumbers into the air

    Crap, many years late - but at least it's expensive

    Government 11 14:35

  • Zuckerberg pictures exposed by Facebook privacy roll-back

    CEO shown 'plastered', possibly while devising new policy

    Security 11 15:15

  • Vodafone drops top-of-the-range HTC

    What with the iPhone coming and all...

    Mobile 11 15:20

  • Radio Society tries to beat back powerline networks

    Appeals for £75K to challenge Ofcom

    Bootnotes 11 15:27

  • Red Hat opens up Spice desktop virtualisation protocol

    Starts plotting Fedora 13 features

    Virtualization 11 15:46

  • Unused phone lines to be taxed for rural broadband

    Skypers won't get away with it either

    Broadband 11 15:52

  • WebGL draft spec brings 3D interweb future one step closer

    Beer goggles at the ready, fun times ahead!

    Developer 11 16:26

  • HP strike off - for now

    Ex-EDS staff up tools. Talks ahoy

    The Channel 11 16:31

  • Apple responds to Nokia lawsuit, in kind

    My patents are bigger than your patents

    Mobile 11 16:39

  • Sage payment processor goes titsup - again

    Groundhog day so close to Christmas. Bah, humbug

    The Channel 11 16:41

  • Sun brews up Java EE 6

    GlassFish server, NetBeans IDE drink it

    Servers 11 16:59

  • Stolen bank data mixed into list of French tax dodgers

    Swiss bank IT worker turned gov informant under protection

    Security 11 17:43

  • US bests UK in iTunes Xmas giftiness

    Jobs bless us, every one!

    Media 11 19:16

  • Remote execution flaw mars older Thunderbird versions

    Mozilla's email add-on blues

    Security 11 19:22

  • US Congress seeks control over NASA moonshot

    House passes bill barring changes

    Science 11 20:03

  • Mozilla to open - gasp! - Firefox add-on store

    For-pay browserware mooted

    Applications 11 20:36

  • Video surfaces of alleged Apple tablet

    Furniture shopping for the 21st century

    Hardware 11 21:21

  • Testimony spills messy details in eBay-Craigslist squabble

    Treachery and double-dealing all around

    Media 11 21:58

  • Opera on Google Chrome OS: what me worry?

    A browser can run a browser

    Applications 11 22:47