7th December 2009 Archive

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  • Chocolate Factory buys AppJet for Google Wave

    Lame duck EtherPad goes open source

    Applications 07 Dec 05:37

  • Fanboi site squeaks on crocked iMacs

    Let's count the cracks

    Hardware 07 Dec 06:33

  • Voiis Bluetooth music streamer

    Send out wireless stereo - and receive it too

    Hardware 07 Dec 08:02

  • Webmasters fume as Google profiles signed-out searchers

    'Welcome to the GORG'

    Media 07 Dec 08:09

  • 2009's Top Netbooks

    Computing on the go

    Hardware 07 Dec 10:02

  • Exanet exit-bound despite Dell's efforts

    $70m risks going down the plughole

    Storage 07 Dec 10:35

  • Balancing user and business expectations

    Should ‘Generation Y’ millennials get all their own way?

    CIO 07 Dec 10:43

  • NHS IT spree faces cutbacks

    Burnham coughs to cuts of £600m

    Government 07 Dec 10:47

  • Acer buys into Nvidia's Ion 2?

    Perhaps Intel's Atom GPU not up to snuff

    Hardware 07 Dec 10:49

  • MIT win DARPA's flashcrowd balloon-hunt compo

    Asymptotic free lunches mobilize spotter horde

    Science 07 Dec 10:57

  • HTC's next-gen Android flagship phone to debut Feb 2010

    With or without a Qwerty array?

    Phones 07 Dec 11:15

  • Dodgy Avast update classifies multiple legit files as malign

    Initiates needless Chicken Little-style panic

    Security 07 Dec 11:17

  • IDC numbers show Dell server storage booming

    While NetApp NAS revenues are busted

    Storage 07 Dec 12:09

  • The return of the Psion-sized PC

    Is that a QWERTY in your pocket?

    Mobile 07 Dec 12:11

  • Microsoft grinches W7 Family Pack in US

    UK consumers safe from furry green beast for now

    The Channel 07 Dec 12:54

  • Nokia N900 Linux smartphone

    Finnish phone firm fights back

    Phones 07 Dec 13:02

  • Hacker scalps NASA-run websites

    Pulling a McKinnon

    Security 07 Dec 13:16

  • Gordon Brown declares another new era in gov IT

    12 years of IT chaos to be wiped out by more change

    Government 07 Dec 13:36

  • Novell to mashup management tools

    No tea making facilities as yet, though

    Software 07 Dec 13:39

  • Combat walker machines: $3m for new studies

    From motor mule to metal man to battlefield juggernaut?

    Science 07 Dec 13:47

  • IFPI aims legal broadside at single filesharer

    'We've had 50 songs off him'

    Media 07 Dec 13:53

  • Sprint and Hearst launch Skiff ereader

    But competition means it won't be plain sailing

    Hardware 07 Dec 13:54

  • FIA to oversee first e-car 'grand prix' series

    Six races lined up for 2011

    Science 07 Dec 14:22

  • Dongles pricey and pointless, says Bluetooth SIG

    Bluetooth smiles better!

    Mobile 07 Dec 14:33

  • Medion prices up Windows 7 netbook

    Similar-spec XP models rather cheaper

    Hardware 07 Dec 14:40

  • Ministers lick problem of pan-EU patents - almost

    Consensus lost in translation

    Government 07 Dec 15:00

  • Spook firm readies Virgin Media filesharing probes

    'Witch-measuring not witch-finding'

    Media 07 Dec 15:03

  • TSA, HSBC in secret doc redaction oopsie

    Your uh, data is showing

    Security 07 Dec 15:32

  • Google slaps barcodey stickers on Favourite Places

    Like Michelin stars but scannable

    Mobile 07 Dec 15:48

  • No more UFO reports please, says MoD

    'No evidence aliens are any threat to Blighty'

    Science 07 Dec 16:01

  • Google boss tracks Carly, Arianna, all three Dixie Chicks

    Schmidt succumbs to Twitter

    Media 07 Dec 16:09

  • IBM thinks outside the box with containerized data centres

    Looks like we got a convoy

    Servers 07 Dec 16:16

  • TTXGP e-bike race dates announced, goes international

    US trials as well as UK races

    Science 07 Dec 16:41

  • Muggers plundering gig bootleggers' booty

    And isn't it ahhh-ronic

    Mobile 07 Dec 17:12

  • One in 200 success rate keeps phishing economy ticking over

    Nibbles add up to big haul

    Security 07 Dec 18:26

  • Apple said to snub Intel's next-gen mobile chip

    Arrandale on the outs?

    Hardware 07 Dec 18:55

  • eBay wanted to buy Craigslist, Whitman tells judge

    Court showdown over board seat

    Media 07 Dec 19:02

  • Red Hat revs real-time MRG Linux to 1.2

    Better, stronger, faster

    Operating Systems 07 Dec 19:09

  • Google chief: Only miscreants worry about net privacy

    'If you don't want anyone to know, don't do it'

    Media 07 Dec 19:56

  • Webmasters targeted in cPanel look-alike phish

    Wanted: FTP credentials

    Security 07 Dec 20:37

  • Microsoft and EU close on browser settlement?

    Opera whistlin' positive

    Applications 07 Dec 21:25

  • Google equips self for 'real-time' search

    More than just Twitter. Really

    Media 07 Dec 22:28

  • Service cracks wireless passwords from the cloud

    135 million words in 20 minutes

    Security 07 Dec 22:30

  • US eyes speedy reviews for 'green' patents

    Change color. Save 12 months

    Media 07 Dec 22:54