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Apple to acquire music streamer Lala?

UpdatedApple is said to be in acquisition talks with online music-streaming service Lala.
Rik Myslewski, 05 Dec 2009

FCC questions Verizon's early termination fees

US regulators are demanding that Verizon Wireless explain why it's doubling early termination fees for smartphone customers and why subscribers without a data plan are charged for inadvertently accessing its mobile web service.
Austin Modine, 05 Dec 2009

Germans devise attacks on Windows BitLocker

German researchers have devised five methods that determined attackers can use to bypass hard-drive encryption in recent versions of Microsoft operating systems.
Dan Goodin, 05 Dec 2009

iTunes gifts Blighty 12 freebies of Christmas

iTunes (UK) has a Christmas present for you - 12 of them, to be exact. Unfortunately, as will be true for most gifts you'll receive this holiday season, you don't get to choose what you'll receive.
Rik Myslewski, 05 Dec 2009
Pure Sensia

Pure Sensia widget-running DAB radio

ReviewAs a rule DAB radios don't really blow the wind up our skirt here at Register Hardware, but when Pure announced its new Sensia back in September, we had a brief Marilyn Monroe moment.
Alun Taylor, 05 Dec 2009

Mozilla lights fire under Thunderbird

UpdatedMozilla will step up the pace of on its Thunderbird mail and communications platform next year, to re-invigorate a "stagnant" email client scene.
Gavin Clarke, 05 Dec 2009

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