4th December 2009 Archive

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  • NASA declares Ares I-X test a success

    Still not sure about booster 'chute failure

    Science 04 Dec 00:25

  • Windows 'openness' hailed in Nintendo game defeat

    Bizarro-World judge calls it

    Developer 04 Dec 00:34

  • Cell phones don't fry brains, boffins say

    'But don't quote us'

    Mobile 04 Dec 06:02

  • Tech-savvy UK kids = (over)confident writers


    Media 04 Dec 07:02

  • Two US men charged with running phony Cisco biz

    Fake serial numbers in alleged $1m haul

    Security 04 Dec 07:02

  • Samsung YP-R1 16GB PMP

    Small screen sensation

    Hardware 04 Dec 08:02

  • 2009's Top Personal Media Players

    Apples are not the only fruit

    Hardware 04 Dec 10:02

  • Never mind virtual desktops - what about the apps?

    When you don’t need to virtualise everything...

    Virtualisation Lab 04 Dec 10:07

  • Who owns science? Manchester Manifesto can't answer

    Some questions are bigger than others

    Science 04 Dec 10:47

  • Zero-day IE fix stars in last Patch Tuesday of the decade

    Critical Office and Win updates also lined up

    Security 04 Dec 10:49

  • Unified Comms: The inside track

    It's the way you tell 'em

    Reg Technology Panel 04 Dec 10:54

  • Dell offloads Polish factory to Taiwanese manufacturer

    Yes, the Polish plant they shut Limerick for

    The Channel 04 Dec 10:56

  • Smut is OK, says Montreal prof

    'We looked for men who hadn't seen any pr0n. Found none'

    Bootnotes 04 Dec 11:09

  • MS Jingle Bell bus rattles past Reg Towers

    Sugababes sweeten the Windows 7 experience

    Bootnotes 04 Dec 11:49

  • Lord Carlile: Police are taking the proverbial on terror

    Snap-unhappy cops really do over-use powers, says gov advisor

    Law 04 Dec 11:53

  • MPs to go clubbing in cocaine inquiry

    Cross-party effort to ruin your Christmas night out

    Government 04 Dec 12:12

  • Nokia to halve its smartphone portfolio in 2010

    Sends R&D a maemo

    Mobile 04 Dec 12:35

  • Copenhagen forest-saving plans to create 'carbon refugees'

    Treehugger scheme may mean 'humanitarian crisis'

    Science 04 Dec 12:37

  • Spyware threat haunts squeaky-clean iPhones

    Research finds rogue app privacy risks to regulation models

    Mobile 04 Dec 12:40

  • Pig plague alert: Avoid missionary position

    Adopt reverse cowgirl, Cosmopolitan urges

    Science 04 Dec 12:43

  • Intel to intro next-gen netbook Atom on 10 January?

    Stepping onto the 'Pine Trail'

    Hardware 04 Dec 12:58

  • Nikon D300s DSLR

    Quality stills workhorse gets HD video

    Hardware 04 Dec 13:02

  • Camel carcasses menace Outback water supplies

    Drought does for Oz dromedaries, with poisonous results

    Science 04 Dec 13:31

  • PayPal mistakes own email for phishing attack

    'You're right, it does look suspicious'

    Security 04 Dec 13:32

  • Google UK boss: Think of us as a newsagent

    With schoolkids allowed in all the time?

    Media 04 Dec 13:48

  • Open sourcers aim selves at US gov

    'Misconceptions' battle

    Software 04 Dec 14:02

  • Norwegians plan to harpoon Twitter

    Wailing on fail whale imminent

    Law 04 Dec 14:05

  • LG has 23in 3D LCD to sell, right now

    Commercial launch

    Hardware 04 Dec 14:17

  • RIM joins queue for Qi

    Just behind the Energizer bunny

    Mobile 04 Dec 14:32

  • Physicists assemble world's smallest snowman

    Very short, and just 10 µm wide

    Science 04 Dec 14:33

  • Georgia cops cuff terrorist elf

    Threatened Santa with dynamite in shopping mall drama

    Bootnotes 04 Dec 15:09

  • Zero-day Adobe bug overshadows impending Flash fix

    Illustrator illin'

    Security 04 Dec 15:41

  • The unrealised potential of ERP and CRM

    Digging up that buried treasure

    Evolving Apps 04 Dec 15:52

  • 'Doctor Dark Energy': The Ultimate LHC eccentric?

    Only Osama can stop 'collaptic devil particle'

    Science 04 Dec 16:16

  • Lots of young adults still sexting shock

    Strong and warm and wild and contract-free

    Mobile 04 Dec 16:31

  • VW unveils slippery four-seat hybrid

    Light as a feather and with very little drag

    Science 04 Dec 17:03

  • Copan moves to indirect sales channel

    The MAID lays many people off

    Storage 04 Dec 17:55

  • Bing dies (briefly) after Microsoft hits wrong button

    Test config kills search site

    Media 04 Dec 18:59

  • Attack exploits just-patched Mac security bug

    Fix my browser, fan pleads

    Security 04 Dec 19:12

  • Ellison compromises on MySQL control?

    So much for "vigorous"

    Applications 04 Dec 20:17

  • Cisco says Tandberg borging underway

    Resistance was, indeed, futile

    Data Networking 04 Dec 20:25

  • FCC eyes 'over' 150MHz of TV airwaves for broadband

    What if everyone had AT&T's crap network?

    Networks 04 Dec 20:56

  • Motorola's banana-mutilation ad disses iPhone

    ¿Que es muy macho? ¡El Moto Droid!

    Mobile 04 Dec 21:57

  • Accused phone thief snared after phone sends pic to victim

    (Self)-portrait of the suspect as a dumb man

    Security 04 Dec 22:07

  • Microsoft and Yahoo! finally finalize search pact

    And now for closure

    Business 04 Dec 22:49

  • Intel condemns tardy Larrabee to dev purgatory

    Umpteen-core beast de-productized

    HPC 04 Dec 23:32