3rd December 2009 Archive

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  • Space butterflies invade ISS

    …and they're hungry

    Science 03 01:11

  • EFF seeks answers from Facebook police

    Surveillance 2.0

    Security 03 05:02

  • Microsoft promises 'open' Bing strategy

    Silverlight sneaks in

    Media 03 05:20

  • Twitter mulls open protocol Web2.0rhea


    Media 03 06:02

  • Freeview HD goes live

    Technical details emerge as DVB-T2 service activated

    Hardware 03 07:02

  • Live Now : Reg Business Productivity Webcast

    Set browsers to play from 10am GMT

    Reg Technology Panel 03 08:02

  • Acer beTouch E101 touchscreen smartphone

    Cheap and..?

    Phones 03 08:02

  • BONDI is all beachy with W3C

    Happy widget consensus happens

    Mobile 03 08:02

  • Europe's ISPs object to secret copyright treaty talks

    ACTA factor

    Broadband 03 09:50

  • Proto-mammals survived ancient global warming in Antarctica

    Flight from tropics saved egg-laying furless cat

    Science 03 10:10

  • Micron lights touchpaper on flash rocket

    SSD now stands for supersonic drive

    Storage 03 10:17

  • Virgin Media network goes titsup in Brum

    Power outage blamed

    Broadband 03 10:19

  • Geeks Guide2 Christmas 2009 - Part II

    More Christmas Savings at Reg Books

    Site News 03 10:34

  • Wikipedia to disclose user's IP address in blackmail case

    Complies with court order to unmask suspect Wikifiddler

    Law 03 10:36

  • Micron takes wraps off 'fastest' desktop SSD

    6Gb/s Sata does the trick

    Hardware 03 10:38

  • LHC back after temporary unexistence

    'Pre-cycling interruptus' delays return

    Science 03 10:53

  • UK Wii sales surpass 6m

    Reaches milestone more quickly than any other console has

    Games 03 11:00

  • Setting application data free

    Liberating the user, or IT?

    Evolving Apps 03 11:07

  • Mozilla fixes memory-hogging bug in Thunderbird 3

    Email client almost ready for blast-off

    Applications 03 11:27

  • Intel fixes 'bricked SSD' firmware bug

    New X25-M firmware released

    Hardware 03 11:28

  • Time pops tablets to take magazines electronic

    Haven't we already tried that?

    Mobile 03 11:33

  • Google moves tanks onto property market's lawns

    Making stuff cheaper for estate agents? This might not be popular...

    Media 03 11:40

  • SD cards to get 300MB/s bus

    SD 4.0 spec roadmapped

    Hardware 03 11:45

  • 2009's Top Solid-State Drives

    High speed storage with no moving parts

    Hardware 03 12:02

  • Live Now: Why care about SLA Monitoring and Management?

    SLAve to the rhythm

    Reg Technology Panel 03 12:02

  • Swedish lactating bloke's dream turns sour

    Milkman's 'sore' moobs refuse to yield

    Science 03 12:19

  • Gov confirms plans for Sky box in charge of your house

    Smart meters remote-control spy boxes by 2020

    Government 03 12:25

  • Has your iPhone been involved in an accident?

    Ambulance chasing? There's an app for that

    Mobile 03 12:27

  • Manchester journo gets first ID card - late

    Nearly scuppered by potatoes, Chadderton

    Government 03 12:36

  • Optoma HD20 budget full HD projector

    Light fantastic

    Hardware 03 13:02

  • Malware derails Indian business school admission tests

    Politician wade in as exams for 8,000 applicants postponed

    Security 03 13:02

  • Catholics slam PETA nude adopt-a-mutt poster

    Unimpressed by angelic model's 'carefully-placed crucifix'

    Bootnotes 03 13:04

  • Footie fans flock to clock 'Miss of the Century'

    Ryman League open-goal howler delights YouTube crowd

    Bootnotes 03 13:47

  • Crooks 'too lazy' for crypto

    Met's digital forensics boss thanks human nature

    Law 03 13:49

  • Microsoft backs away from Murdoch love-in

    Not ready to go exclusive? Or not rich enough?

    Media 03 13:52

  • Murdoch takes aim at streaming pretenders

    MySpace Music arrives in UK with a bullet

    Media 03 14:32

  • UK police take down fake designer goods sites

    Del Boys swept out of .co.uk domains

    Security 03 14:51

  • MS kills 'Bing buys the news' furore, but Google could still lose it

    Imaginary story confirmed imaginary shock

    Media 03 14:54

  • Honda goes NUTs for future micro-car

    Welcome please the, ahem, Neo Urban Transport

    Science 03 15:35

  • Taliban attack Brit troops with explosive donkey

    'Considerable' blast from asinine IED

    Bootnotes 03 15:56

  • HP hit with another strike

    HP CDS becomes department of no work and less pensions

    Financial News 03 16:25

  • Antitrust incoming? A view of Google from 30,000 ft

    Have they bitten off more than they can compute?

    Media 03 17:37

  • MS honeypot research sheds light on brute-force hacks

    An idiot's guide to stronger passwords

    Security 03 18:01

  • SC09: Infiniband expands, Mellanox thrives

    Pretty sporty

    HPC 03 18:02

  • World Cup to be shown in 3D

    Beer bellies and silly specs ahoy!

    Hardware 03 18:05

  • Microsoft acted on Opera's modified browser proposal?

    'Robust remedy' in EU works

    Applications 03 19:10

  • Comcast promises not to lock Hulu behind paywall

    Enjoy it while it lasts

    Media 03 19:17

  • Google dodges Googlephone question

    Who's your hardware daddy?

    Mobile 03 19:56

  • Linux kernel cured of remote panic-attack bug

    Get your BUG_ON

    Security 03 20:04

  • Microsoft's Silverlight 4 - Flash developers need not apply

    The dark side of .NET improvements

    Developer 03 20:36

  • Apple's App Store police relent on hardware images

    Pictures forbidden, no more

    Developer 03 20:47

  • Google expands plan to run own internet

    The Chocolate Factory does DNS

    Networks 03 21:37

  • YouTube strips page clutter with 'Feather'

    Faster loading for crap computers

    Media 03 22:32

  • Man loses fight against firm that suffered data breach

    Harm? What harm?

    Security 03 22:37