2nd December 2009 Archive

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  • Windows 7 soars while Mac OS X trips online

    Down, the new up for Apple

    Operating Systems 02 00:05

  • Google: We avoid hiring too many smart people...

    ...to keep everyone else in line

    Media 02 01:37

  • Midrange, big iron take the Q3 hits

    x64 boxes up off the mat

    Servers 02 05:02

  • Stealth: Dell's other server business

    OEM sales beat hyperscale boxes

    Servers 02 06:02

  • Beeb iPlayer blocked by Xbox velvet rope

    Microsoft contract limbo

    Media 02 06:02

  • UK mulls extension of McKinnon judicial review period

    Refusal to step in branded 'spineless'

    Security 02 07:02

  • Malicious PDFs can commandeer BlackBerry Servers, RIM warns

    Patch available

    Security 02 07:02

  • Q-Waves Wireless USB AV Kit

    Cable-free TV from your PC

    Broadband 02 08:02

  • LHC knocked out by ANOTHER power failure

    'Birdy bread-bomber from the future' involved?

    Science 02 10:00

  • Server Virtualisation for Hard-Nosed People

    What’s the Real ROI on Virtualisation?

    Virtualisation Lab 02 10:20

  • Sony Ericsson ships Satio patch

    Back on sale soon?

    Phones 02 10:26

  • Acer to be 'first' with Chrome OS netbook

    Sometime in H2 2010, apparently

    Hardware 02 10:40

  • Twitter founder signs up to iPhone mag-stripe reader

    Square gives other card readers the finger

    Mobile 02 10:54

  • Hacked climate Prof stands aside

    Taking the heat off

    Science 02 10:57

  • Centrino logo a no show for next-gen Intel-based laptops

    Brand to go as chip giant focuses on CPU not Wi-Fi

    Hardware 02 11:01

  • Universal to bond Blu-ray Discs to DVDs

    Glue-ray disc concept returns

    Media 02 11:26

  • Sage strikes subdued note in near term forecast

    Figures get boost from currency movements

    The Channel 02 11:28

  • High Court: Software dev agreement did not transfer copyright

    Empty-handed plaintiffs rue woolly contract terms

    The Channel 02 11:28

  • 2009's Top Android Smartphones

    The real iPhone killers?

    Phones 02 11:34

  • PrevX U-turn on Windows update Black screen of Death claim

    Paint IT black

    Security 02 11:43

  • Sex with Taoist truck driver leaves woman fully satisfied

    Ritual leg-over prompts career leg-up, HK court hears

    Bootnotes 02 11:48

  • Samsung shines up Omnia HD camphone

    Gold Edition unveiled

    Phones 02 11:49

  • Jobs jumps in to free private APIs

    Video streaming on iPhone opens appgates

    Mobile 02 12:13

  • Google shrinks its door to free WSJ stories, slightly

    Small, possibly meaningless concession to Murdoch?

    Media 02 12:14

  • HDS wants to be the Toyota of storage

    Claims that IBM double-counts SVC sales

    Storage 02 12:34

  • Wireless widget gadget comes to Blighty's bedsides

    Chumby tumbles in

    Hardware 02 12:36

  • Cameroon leapfrogs Hong Kong in malware hosting blocklist

    One in three .cm domains booby-trapped, warns McAfee

    Security 02 12:55

  • EMC aggregates Centera clusters

    Virtual archive is go

    Storage 02 13:00

  • Blackberry Storm 2 9520 touchscreen smartphone

    RIM gets finger friendly again?

    Phones 02 13:01

  • Internet and journos fertilise scrotum-ripping drug panic

    Meow madness really is a load of b*ll*cks

    Media 02 13:02

  • Squeezing more out of ERP and CRM

    How might you get better ROI?

    Evolving Apps 02 13:07

  • Nokia maps out next 12 months

    Better UIs, downmarket Symbian and flat growth

    Phones 02 13:31

  • Facebook goes live with privacy revamp

    Is there an 'enemy of my enemy' setting?

    Security 02 14:33

  • Muswell Hillbillies force BT to move broadband boxes

    Paint it black, NIMBYs chant

    Broadband 02 14:38

  • Navy's £1bn+ destroyers set to remain unarmed for years

    Ex-British miracle missiles in new test FAIL

    Science 02 14:46

  • Virgin Media smites TV software patents

    Rovi loses in High Court

    Applications 02 15:50

  • McKinnon team granted extra week to file extradition appeal

    One more one more time

    Law 02 15:52

  • Use Web 2.0 magic to sprinkle democracy on science

    Mike Hulme: Apply the Truthiness patch

    Science 02 16:08

  • Govt promises unemployed free laptops, net access, websites

    Virtual Jobcentres for virtual jobs?

    Government 02 16:18

  • EDS HP staff vote to strike

    Break out the braziers

    Government 02 16:25

  • Nissan super-battery to 'double' e-car range

    Better cathode, bigger capacity

    Science 02 16:27

  • ESRB unloads US game ratings iPhone app

    Game database of dirty parts

    Mobile 02 17:24

  • Wikisupremes eject UK Wikispokesman from inner circle

    Then pretend it never happened

    Media 02 17:36

  • HP shows smallest pod in the world, talks HPC

    Top500 wins - or losses?

    HPC 02 18:02

  • Yahoo! to juice Facebook fusion

    Deeper integration with Facebook Connect

    Media 02 20:05

  • Sequoia opens kimono with e-voting code handout

    'Completely reversed'

    Security 02 20:36

  • Why probe Google for antitrust? It 'does no evil'

    Prof: Google ads aren't ads

    Media 02 21:29

  • Intel puts cloud on single megachip

    One die, 48 cores

    HPC 02 23:08