1st December 2009 Archive

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  • Fanbois spy future iPhone in log file

    Predicting the inevitable

    Phones 01 00:49

  • FreeBSD bug gives untrusted root access

    'Unbelievably simple' exploit

    Security 01 03:34

  • Windows 7 - Microsoft minus the martyrdom

    The Vista mob abates

    Operating Systems 01 03:59

  • rPath heaves Javelin at Red Hat

    The Linux automation dream

    Software 01 06:02

  • ISS crew drops from 12 to 2

    In space, nobody can hear you scream (but the other guy)

    Science 01 06:02

  • Government outlines five year IT strategy

    Try sticking to the next five months, lads

    Government 01 07:02

  • Porn app targets your Android

    Stiff iPhone competition

    Phones 01 07:02

  • Iomega ScreenPlay Director HD

    The Apple TV for the rest of us?

    Hardware 01 08:02

  • MS casts Project Natal as uber-remote

    Control games - and your telly and internet experience

    Games 01 10:19

  • Privacy fears prompt Fry to quit Plaxo

    A bit of Fry and worry

    Security 01 10:19

  • x86 Server struggles: Watch the webcast

    Rewind selector

    Servers 01 10:43

  • MPs slap ICO for bad language

    Sort your sh*t out, you obtuse f*cks

    Government 01 10:45

  • BlackBerrys get stuck on NFC

    RIM payments prove fruitful for MasterCard

    Mobile 01 10:47

  • The Options for Virtual Desktops

    It's all too much to take in

    Virtualisation Lab 01 10:56

  • Extra spam and malware security for bit.ly

    Sophos, VeriSign and Websense to provide belt and braces

    Security 01 11:24

  • Snoop Dogg pimps self out on TomTom

    Chrizzle on a bizzle

    Media 01 11:25

  • France Telecom stuck with €1bn aid bill by Euro court

    A fine mess EU've gotten me into

    Broadband 01 11:51

  • Boffins: Stress of family Xmas can cause fatal diseases

    'Fight/flight' reaction misplaced vs average relatives

    Science 01 11:53

  • NHS hurls iPhone into booze abuse fray

    Even less fun than that stupid beer-drinking app

    Mobile 01 12:01

  • British boffins talk up squeeze-to-control 3D mouse tech

    Cogito ergo Suma - I think therefore I squeeze

    Hardware 01 12:03

  • Vetting database is mighty maths mess

    The sum of all incompetence?

    Government 01 12:44

  • Cisco unveils small biz spy phone

    And other tiny company love

    Small Biz 01 13:02

  • Acer Aspire 5738PG Touch

    Notebook gets touchscreen treatment

    Laptops 01 13:03

  • BT could jack up line charges to fill pensions hole

    Ofcom consults - unbundlers set to scream

    Financial News 01 13:14

  • UK.gov may abolish edited electoral roll

    Six options for register reform published

    Law 01 13:16

  • Space firm to send Christmas Day tweets to dead people

    Is there anybody out there? Let's hope not

    Bootnotes 01 13:36

  • EA exec punts 96,000rpm e-car engine

    Miniature jet drives generator

    Science 01 14:07

  • Tories flash leaked UK.gov IT strategy

    They want to know what you think. Yes, specialmost you

    Government 01 14:12

  • DARPA balloon-hunt compo: Stand by for skulduggery

    We may never be told the winners' methods

    Science 01 14:18

  • Embedded systems and telemetry checkpoint

    Do you have any opinions or experiences to declare?

    Reg Technology Panel 01 15:07

  • FCC invites white space bids

    Asks Microsoft, Google if they want a monopoly

    Broadband 01 15:47

  • Anti-spammers urged to gang up

    Test suggests collaboration is the way to fight the wrong'uns

    Security 01 15:56

  • Acer embiggens server and storage range

    It's gonna play in the mainstream SMB and HPC markets

    Servers 01 16:06

  • Google pockets half of 'unlicensed' news dollars, says study

    Murdoch fodder

    Media 01 19:02

  • GooTube mulls fee-TV streams

    $1.99 non-downloads

    Media 01 19:24

  • Cloud hopeful rejects Microsoft's interop patent

    Open has its limits

    Servers 01 20:00

  • Russian ransomware blocks net access

    New social engineering wheeze appears in east

    Security 01 20:27

  • Hackintosher Psystar to pay Apple $2.7m in settlement

    But it ain't over til it's over

    Hardware 01 21:06

  • Concurrent unhoods RedHawk Linux 5.4

    Real-time is real money

    Operating Systems 01 21:27

  • Foodies sue providers of hacked payment system

    Breaches R Us

    Security 01 21:39

  • Comcast trials bandwidth cap meter

    After 13 months of bandwidth capping

    Networks 01 22:11

  • Nokia sues LCD makers over price-fixing

    Mirrors AT&T suit

    Mobile 01 22:37

  • SC09: Mineral oil computing - The coming wave?

    Liquid cooling

    HPC 01 22:48

  • Making big ones out of small ones: SGI

    SGI's Geoff Noer talks us through UltraViolet

    HPC 01 22:59

  • SC09: Two Guys and a Cluster

    Tell me about the cluster, Buster

    HPC 01 23:06

  • Cell phone supercomputing II: in the flesh

    Demo graphics

    HPC 01 23:53

  • Dates named for next Microsoft Office and SQL Server

    Online Office opens next summer

    Applications 01 23:55

  • Millions of mobiles blocked by Indian authorities

    No ID, no call

    Broadband 01 23:56