30th November 2009 Archive

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  • Border agency to start fingerprint checks

    Put your hands up for Detroit Dover

    Government 30 06:02

  • Dell sows 'experimental' Chrome OS for Mini netbooks

    Google that sours after 36 hours

    Operating Systems 30 06:22

  • Samsung H1 Vodafone 360

    The Twitbook lover's delight?

    Mobile 30 08:02

  • HP readies plan for EVA revolution

    SAS and SATA support with ProLiant controller

    Storage 30 09:02

  • Royal Society offers all-time top boffinry selection online

    Need to keep a dog alive with punctured lungs?

    Science 30 10:16

  • Expanding the footprint of enterprise apps

    Who’s being left out in your organisation?

    Evolving Apps 30 10:22

  • LHC smashes Tevatron record: Humanity enters the unknown

    Dimensional portal to open by Xmas?

    Science 30 10:59

  • Should you lose your religion on your CV?

    An equal opps dilemma for employers and employees

    Jobs 30 11:08

  • BMW to provide 'low emission' cars for London Olympics

    Would Nissan have been a better choice?

    Science 30 11:09

  • IBM poised to acquire database security start-up for $225m

    Guardium makes Big Blue sweat before signing

    Security 30 11:22

  • Should we care about SLA Monitoring and Management?

    Be a SLAve to the rhythm

    Reg Technology Panel 30 11:35

  • Villagers revolt over BT chairman's broadband

    Gets preferential treatment from own company shock

    Broadband 30 11:44

  • Gizmo5 Linux client vanishes in wake of Google takeover

    Penguin incarnation joins the choir invisible

    VoIP 30 11:52

  • Sony ships chips for 560Mb/s Bluetooth beater

    TransferJet inbound

    Broadband 30 11:55

  • Notts County Council sprays £82k on PC smut trawl

    Funding gap plugging boob

    Security 30 12:36

  • EU waits for wise men to deliver digi-books plan

    Culture ministers go away for a manger

    Government 30 12:38

  • Gervais pic used in amusingly rubbish failed bank fraud

    Berks borrowed Brent's boatrace but blew it

    Security 30 12:47

  • Samsung UE40B7000 40in LCD TV

    Skinny screen, but ample vision

    Hardware 30 13:05

  • Google Phone: What's it gonna be?

    To boldly go where no smartphone, etc

    Mobile 30 13:13

  • Why is USB 3 so slow?

    SuperSpeed it is not - yet

    Storage 30 13:23

  • Climategate: Why it matters

    The scandal we see and the scandal we don't

    Science 30 13:23

  • Titan has Earth-style 'climate change', says prof

    Saturnian ice-moon's 'Sea of Krakens' will vanish

    Science 30 13:38

  • Prevx blames Microsoft for black hawk screen down

    Patches bestow chocolate teapot status on Windows PCs

    Operating Systems 30 13:50

  • Nokia mole says one more Maemo smartphone next year

    Slower shift from Symbian than anticipated?

    Phones 30 14:08

  • Lost mobiles to pile up in taxis in run up to Xmas

    I 'ad six BlackBerries in my cab the other day

    Mobile 30 14:29

  • Gov targets boozers as Manc ID card scheme launches

    Gis yer face to get off your face innit

    Government 30 14:29

  • EU to approve more banking data for US spooks

    Win for Washington on private info

    Government 30 15:02

  • Why do people keep buying CDs?

    Meet the SuBo Wrestlers

    Media 30 15:12

  • French WiMAX is stepping stone to LTE

    But will go national in 2010

    Mobile 30 15:33

  • BNP leader unlikely iPlayer poster child

    Nick Griffin helps boost Beeb's figures for take-up of service

    Media 30 16:02

  • Bumbling NJ firemen, cops blown up in 'huge fireball'

    Gunpowder plot ruled out: bunker-buster blunder blamed

    Bootnotes 30 16:05

  • No Nook e-reader til 7 December or later

    Kindle selling merrily in meantime

    Hardware 30 16:30

  • Consumer group preps legal challenge to Facebook terms

    Getting poked all the way from Norway

    Law 30 16:41

  • Web service automates WordPress password cracking

    Malefactors debut Hacking as a Service

    Security 30 16:55

  • Making big ones out of small ones: 3Leaf

    Single system image

    HPC 30 17:02

  • Making big ones out of small ones: ScaleMP

    Big Picture

    HPC 30 17:02

  • eBay fined 1.7m euros in perfume kerfuffle

    Christian Dior ban slap

    Media 30 18:07

  • Server sales stabilizing, says study

    Falling less fast

    The Channel 30 18:24

  • Prolific penis pill pushers fined almost $19m

    At last

    Security 30 18:26

  • Apple 'games' NAND flash market

    Order a lot, buy a few?

    The Channel 30 18:37

  • IBM hoists Tivoli Monitoring onto Amazon cloud

    More Big Blue sky

    Applications 30 19:29

  • Microsoft files cloud data portability patent

    Component method

    Applications 30 20:00

  • Apple job listing hints of iPhone-Google divorce

    Wanted: map-meister extraordinaire

    Mobile 30 20:16

  • Sun VirtualBox gets live migration

    EU grudge list candidate

    Servers 30 21:49

  • Cisco and Juniper 'clientless' VPNs expose netizens

    No cure for authentication bypass

    Security 30 21:53

  • TechCrunch knocks off Vulture Central RegPad™

    The nonexistent future of couch computing

    Bootnotes 30 23:47