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SGI logo hardware close-up

Of NVIDIA and hybrid computing

At SC09, it was hard to travel the floor without running into hybrid computing in some way, shape, or form. In fact, you couldn’t swing a cat without hitting someone or something related to using accelerators to maximize performance. (I know this because I actually did bring in a cat to test this theory… an actual live cat… well, it was alive at the beginning of the testing.)
Dan Olds, 29 Nov 2009

Serial slurry fetish man jailed again

A middle-aged man with a sexual fetish for farm waste was sent to prison after a breaching a restraining order that banned him from being around a farm he has terrorised for years.
John Leyden, 29 Nov 2009

Finns fail to warm to 2.6GHz auction

Ofcom may be sweating at the news that the Finnish auction of 2.6GHz raised only €3.8m. The regulator is hoping to raise a lot more when the same spectrum is auctioned off in the UK next year.
Bill Ray, 29 Nov 2009

Cartoon smut law to make life sucky for Olympic organisers

Government zeal in pursuing anyone suspected of harbouring paedophilic tendencies may shortly rebound – with unintended consequences for the 2012 Olympic logo.
Jane Fae , 29 Nov 2009

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