27th November 2009 Archive

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  • Sun's Open Storage roadmap revealed

    New high-end and entry-level products

    Storage 27 Nov 00:02

  • Vodafone offers free mobile internet

    Strings attached

    Broadband 27 Nov 06:02

  • iPhone upgrades - a one-way control-freak street

    Destroying the past for your own damn good

    Mobile 27 Nov 07:02

  • Super Micro primes 'Magny-Cours' Opterons

    Intel Nehalems too. And, yes, Tukwilas

    Servers 27 Nov 07:02

  • Acer Aspire 1810TZ

    Small laptop, enormous battery life

    Laptops and Tablets 27 Nov 08:02

  • Google, Microsoft, and Amazon - the cloud dating game

    Why you need a cloud (whatever that is)

    Software 27 Nov 08:02

  • O2 gives birth to GiffGaff in gust of gabble

    Commentard customers create great ignorance cache

    Mobile 27 Nov 09:02

  • Carphone credits Tiscali for growth

    Ringing up profits

    Broadband 27 Nov 09:45

  • Half of Sony tellies to go 3D by 2013, says exec

    Vaio PCs and PS3s too

    Hardware 27 Nov 09:55

  • Splinter Cell hack smells more like publicity stunt

    Pwn or PR?

    Games 27 Nov 10:02

  • Gov net disconnections could breach EU law

    May scupper free Wi-Fi too

    Broadband 27 Nov 10:15

  • Uni seeks 'research officer' for sex trade 'fieldwork'

    Experience of lapdancing and vice girls? Apply here

    Science 27 Nov 10:19

  • MSI intros AMD 'Congo'-based thin'n'light laptop

    New Wind

    Hardware 27 Nov 10:25

  • Juggling server virtualisation and database workloads

    Bananas and chocolate, or chalk and cheese?

    Virtualisation Lab 27 Nov 10:27

  • How can I make an old CPU SSE 2 compliant?

    Chip conundrum

    Hardware 27 Nov 10:34

  • IPPR calls for National Policing Agency

    Cop IT cops it

    CIO 27 Nov 10:44

  • Sony Ericsson admits 'PlayStation phone' woes

    Touchscreens Aino workin'

    Phones 27 Nov 10:50

  • McKinnon family 'devastated' by Home Sec's latest knock-back

    Options running out for 'suicidal' Pentagon hacker

    Security 27 Nov 11:22

  • Alternative perspectives on business productivity

    Measure, consider, action

    Reg Technology Panel 27 Nov 11:36

  • Toshiba worker arrested for selling copy limit busting SW

    You can't do that in Japan

    Security 27 Nov 11:38

  • Pentagon world-sim tool making good progress, say profs

    Computer suggests a savage bombing campaign, Mr President

    Government 27 Nov 11:48

  • Vendors to push 12in netbooks in 2010

    As 10in models get cheaper to battle smartbooks

    Hardware 27 Nov 11:56

  • BOFH: Made of win

    Pushing the gold envelope

    BOFH 27 Nov 12:02

  • Apple tweaks T&Cs for Blighty customers

    Famed code of silence (somewhat) broken by OFT

    Hardware 27 Nov 12:12

  • Green politician says oral sex is part of being Swedish

    Free speech comes naturally here

    Bootnotes 27 Nov 12:31

  • Oracle talking turkey to Eurocrats

    Hearing in two weeks

    Applications 27 Nov 12:32

  • It's here at last: The Evolution of x86 Server Estates Report

    Modernisation drivers and practicalities

    Server Management 27 Nov 12:43

  • 'Alienated' gamer sues WoW for ruining life

    Industro-pop muso subpoenaed in terribly sad case

    Games 27 Nov 12:44

  • Google and Murdoch - a divorce made in heaven?

    It's about money, but not bribes from Bing

    Media 27 Nov 13:02

  • IBM shows off Power7 HPC monster

    Big Blue unveils big box: Crowd goes wild

    Servers 27 Nov 13:02

  • Panasonic DMC-GH1 Micro Four-Thirds camera

    HD video with a super smooth lens, what's not to like?

    Hardware 27 Nov 13:02

  • India plans its own net snoop system

    Indian IMP pilot for mid-2010

    Government 27 Nov 13:15

  • Reg readers lay out their selection criteria for app packages

    It's not just about business functionality

    CIO 27 Nov 13:39

  • FreeBSD version 8.0 lands

    I trust you can handle this contraption, Q?

    Operating Systems 27 Nov 13:50

  • British laggards told to embrace their digital futures

    Dad's tech army limbers up

    CIO 27 Nov 14:09

  • Head-cam video used to OK Arkansas cop kill

    'This will make for more polite encounters with police'

    Law 27 Nov 14:09

  • (Back) into The Valley

    Remembering a BASIC coding classic from 1982

    Games 27 Nov 14:19

  • Just how political is your IT organisation?

    The impact of the non-technical

    Server Management 27 Nov 15:07

  • Generators and UPS fail in London datacentre outage


    Servers 27 Nov 15:12

  • Smut-ladened spam disguises WoW Trojan campaign

    Pwned and porned

    Security 27 Nov 15:12

  • Sh*t the bed, it's Comment of the Week

    Or feel free to read a storage story instead

    Bootnotes 27 Nov 15:33

  • Royal Navy sailors given PSPs as study aids

    Tar very much

    Games 27 Nov 15:53

  • Web host Daily recovers after Tux-themed defacement

    Lock-down follows cartoon penguin attack

    Security 27 Nov 15:56

  • Cyborg MIT prof touts iPhone-controlled power-jumping legs

    Other bionic plugins offer 7' height, climbing claws

    Science 27 Nov 16:07

  • Asus' tablet Eee takes on multi-touch

    More fingers and more storage

    Hardware 27 Nov 16:09

  • Fujitsu gung-ho on eight-core 'Venus' Sparc

    Tofu super glue

    HPC 27 Nov 18:02

  • What ever happened to storing pics with electron cannons?

    Blue Blue's digital photo beam

    Storage 27 Nov 20:03

  • Pitchfork-wielding mobs encircle smart meters

    'Fraud meter' fear

    Science 27 Nov 22:02