25th November 2009 Archive

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  • Google eyeballs to track Tivo watchers

    Pact gives ad giant 'second-by-second' data

    Media 25 Nov 06:02

  • Climate change hackers leave breadcrumb trail

    Is anyone looking?

    Security 25 Nov 06:02

  • Billionaire floats eco dream on sailing soda bottles

    Plastiki and the 100% recyclable yacht

    Science 25 Nov 07:02

  • Apple tops Google as UK 'Thought Leader'

    Tories top thinkers too

    Bootnotes 25 Nov 07:02

  • Data Direct offers native file system

    Nehalem replaces FPGA hardware

    Storage 25 Nov 08:02

  • iRiver Story

    Best in class e-book reader?

    Laptops and Tablets 25 Nov 08:02

  • Unified networking: Reality or a marketing myth?

    Data Networking 25 Nov 08:58

  • 1,024 TV Re-Runs at 1.5GB/sec

    Now that's what I call streaming!

    HPC 25 Nov 09:39

  • Feral dromedaries besiege Oz Outback town

    'Some people open their windows and all they see is camels'

    Science 25 Nov 09:50

  • Microsoft loses top beancounter

    CFO looks for pastures beyond Redmond and beans

    Financial News 25 Nov 09:53

  • Eat frozen food and avoid line-caught fish, says eco study

    Enviro-profs clash with Greenpeace advice

    Science 25 Nov 09:53

  • Tivo to return to UK in 2010

    Virgin Media tie-in

    Hardware 25 Nov 10:24

  • Xiotech definitely not using SSDs in near future

    Are we clear on that?

    Storage 25 Nov 10:37

  • EMC stages $100m international reorganisation

    One holding company to bind them all

    Storage 25 Nov 10:41

  • Advertisers say new cookie law met by browser settings

    Implied consent innit

    Law 25 Nov 10:49

  • iPhone comes to Tesco

    Do Tesco do Finest mobiles?

    Mobile 25 Nov 10:51

  • Fault tolerance in virtualised environments

    Doesn’t get much more exciting than this

    Server Management 25 Nov 11:02

  • MSI preps slim laptop with AMD Neo X2 chippery

    Thin'n'light not an Intel-only game

    Hardware 25 Nov 11:05

  • Apple adds Tesco as iPhone partner

    Every retailer helps

    Phones 25 Nov 11:10

  • RIPA III: A legislative turkey comes home to roost

    The tragic consequences of anti-crypto law

    Law 25 Nov 11:19

  • The rise of targeted attacks

    Expert musings that hit the spot

    Security 25 Nov 11:31

  • HP rolls out business-friendly smartphone

    The iPaq is baq

    Phones 25 Nov 11:42

  • Beeb storm cockup: Wrong day's shipping forecast read

    But sailors shouldn't really be using Radio 4 anymore

    Science 25 Nov 11:49

  • Mozilla glares at Microsoft, chews on Direct2D graphics cud

    Harden up, people

    Applications 25 Nov 12:00

  • Fring brings Skype video calls to mobile

    Will you use video if it's free? Ah g'wan

    Mobile 25 Nov 12:16

  • Apple wants life ban for clone maker

    No sequel for Psystar

    Hardware 25 Nov 12:18

  • Superconductor forcefield to shield re-entering spacecraft?

    Euro/Russian plan for submarine missile test mulled

    Science 25 Nov 12:34

  • UK.gov rejects calls to open up on ContactPoint security

    Report on child database kept under wraps

    Government 25 Nov 12:41

  • Offline Gmail kisses up to attachments - at last

    I'm in an igloo, look at my ice cold face

    Applications 25 Nov 12:45

  • OCZ promising USB 3 desktop SSD

    Partnering with Symwave

    Storage 25 Nov 12:46

  • US senators tell EC: Butt out of Oracle-Sun

    Damn foreigners unfairly impeding US business

    The Channel 25 Nov 12:50

  • Responding to change in the server room

    How 'dynamic' is your server environment?

    Server Management 25 Nov 13:02

  • Nokia E72 smartphone

    BlackBerry liquidiser?

    Phones 25 Nov 13:02

  • US Air Force orders 2200 Sony PS3s

    Extending supercomputing Linux cluster

    Games 25 Nov 13:19

  • Cathay Pacific clobbered by kaput khazis

    Engineers 'looking into' clogged Airbus crappers

    Bootnotes 25 Nov 13:32

  • Police Intelligence may be a thing of the past

    *Insert your own joke here.*

    Law 25 Nov 13:41

  • Freesat to get BBC iPlayer on 7 December

    Freeview HD spoiler?

    Media 25 Nov 13:45

  • 'Whales can't even hear naval sonar' says Navy boffin

    Enormous CT scanner used to probe spermwhale's noggin

    Science 25 Nov 13:54

  • Nigel Lawson: Climate science has turned into religion

    Why a think tank? Why now?

    Science 25 Nov 14:25

  • iPhone anti-malware stuck in state of denial

    Not needed, says Apple. Won't run, say developers

    Security 25 Nov 14:53

  • Man guilty of selling fake chips to US Navy

    Go tell it to the Marines fella

    The Channel 25 Nov 15:34

  • Satyam investigation jacks up fraud bill by 40 per cent

    Money was funnelled into land, houses

    The Channel 25 Nov 15:37

  • 'Black box for buses' datachip survives 900° conflag

    Tech so secret, even DHS project chief knows naught

    Storage 25 Nov 15:52

  • 9/11 pager messages released on Wikileaks

    Of course the government sent most of them

    Mobile 25 Nov 16:24

  • Strap-on jetwing birdman does an Icarus into Straits of Gibraltar

    Yves Rossy flies, undone

    Science 25 Nov 16:27

  • New York to beam disaster alerts to Xbox gamers

    'Liberty City' to test emergency broadcasts via consoles

    Games 25 Nov 16:55

  • Evaluating enterprise application software

    Is IT's input really necessary nowadays?

    CIO 25 Nov 17:09

  • Wikipedia bans Volvo's IT over racist rants

    Swedish vandalism

    The Channel 25 Nov 17:46

  • Reg readers reveal their holiday toilet texting plans

    Beats staring at the walls

    Bootnotes 25 Nov 18:00

  • Mozilla hatches Thunderbird 3 release candidate

    Almost out of the nest

    Applications 25 Nov 19:29

  • Apple sues over knock-off power bricks

    Imitation not flattery

    The Channel 25 Nov 20:45

  • Why can't Google be more like Microsoft?

    Chrome OS and the wonders of closed open source

    Operating Systems 25 Nov 20:53

  • ICANN condemns registry DNS redirection

    No typo-squatting for SiteFinder set

    Networks 25 Nov 21:28

  • Atlantis glides home with choked pee nozzle

    No more dumps before terra firma?

    Science 25 Nov 21:43