20th November 2009 Archive

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  • Google Chrome OS - do we want another monoculture?

    Microsoft ball breakers. Strings attached

    Operating Systems 20 Nov 00:16

  • Dell is beat by The Street

    Awaits Win7 bonanza

    Financial News 20 Nov 00:37

  • Major IE8 flaw makes 'safe' sites unsafe

    Microsoft's XSS buster busted

    Security 20 Nov 01:42

  • Google Wave relies on kindness of strangers

    Copy our cloud, please

    Applications 20 Nov 06:02

  • Firefox millions - now only 9 per cent Google free

    No banking on Microhoo

    Applications 20 Nov 06:02

  • Google touts real-time RSS transplant

    What's all the PubSubHubbub?

    Media 20 Nov 06:49

  • Atrato replaces sales boss - again

    To lose one is unfortunate, to lose two looks like carelessness

    Storage 20 Nov 07:02

  • HTC HD2 Windows Mobile smartphone

    Big screen winner?

    Phones 20 Nov 08:02

  • High Court ruled against Skype founders on day of settlement

    US eBay action scooted over Atlantic

    VoIP 20 Nov 08:02

  • Tesla Roadster used for videogame audio

    Electric engine fails to dampen screeching tyres

    Science 20 Nov 09:02

  • Server upgrade and disposal plans

    Data protection 1, reuse strategy nil?

    Server Management 20 Nov 09:15

  • Auction's over for Skype

    eBay rid of troublesome VoIP biz

    VoIP 20 Nov 09:36

  • Datacentre black box recorder gets take-off cash

    $9m series B funding round

    Servers 20 Nov 10:01

  • 2pm GMT today: El Reg Unified Comms webcast

    Feeding back the Reg readers survey

    Broadband 20 Nov 10:02

  • US forces developing 'miniature weapons' for killer robots

    Phantom Works pocket missile ideal for 'suburban combat'

    Science 20 Nov 10:04

  • Database anonymity at risk, warns researcher

    Prof Ohm resists data safety claims

    Applications 20 Nov 10:35

  • Filesharing laws to hit websites and newsgroups too

    Mandelson to 'future-proof' P2P restrictions

    Law 20 Nov 10:38

  • Asus serves up Windows 7 Home Server box

    2TB of on-board storage - add more using eSata

    Hardware 20 Nov 10:57

  • ACPO proposes new domestic violence database

    Fears over unsubstantiated and malicious allegations

    Law 20 Nov 11:02

  • PS3 to go 3D in 2010, says Sony

    Specs at the ready

    Games 20 Nov 11:04

  • MS discovers flaw in Google plug-in for IE

    Google whacked

    Security 20 Nov 11:10

  • Humax Freeview HD set-top box to debut 'early 2010'

    Ahead of the rest?

    Media 20 Nov 11:14

  • Mandelson to get Nominet reform powers

    Just in case

    Broadband 20 Nov 11:22

  • Where is server virtualisation taking us?

    Crossing the virtual chasm

    Virtualisation Lab 20 Nov 11:25

  • Taiwanese sex scammer's net double is NYC model

    'Shocked' Richie Kul expresses dismay to El Reg

    Bootnotes 20 Nov 12:02

  • Ubuntu in truffle shuffle with Chrome OS

    'Sloth love Chunk'

    Operating Systems 20 Nov 12:13

  • Amazon punters go mad for 'Laptop Steering Wheel Desk'

    'A total lifesaver', enthuses satisfied customer

    Bootnotes 20 Nov 12:31

  • US immigration dodge is permanent

    Global Entry forever

    Government 20 Nov 12:43

  • LHC dimensional apocalypse from midnight: Your thoughts

    Aliens, gov planetbuster boffins, many others write in

    Science 20 Nov 12:58

  • Riverbed going virtually into public cloud

    Virtual Steelhead speeds iSCSI WAN traffic

    Storage 20 Nov 12:58

  • Ricoh CX2

    Clever capture modes

    Hardware 20 Nov 12:59

  • Vampires not good role models for Catholics, declares Vatican

    Deplores use of 'extremes' to make a point

    Bootnotes 20 Nov 13:18

  • MS denies Win 7 backdoor rumours

    Oooh, spooky!

    Operating Systems 20 Nov 13:18

  • Ballmer waxes lyrical about Windows 7 double bubble sales

    Shy about numbers, mind

    The Channel 20 Nov 13:34

  • The pros and cons of business application packages

    It's all about horses for courses

    CIO 20 Nov 14:13

  • Yank objects to Reg cherry-popping headline

    'Find another line of work, like as a Hooters waitress'

    Bootnotes 20 Nov 14:14

  • Asus intros netbook with desktop CPU

    Category killer?

    Hardware 20 Nov 14:36

  • ISPA slams Mandy's copyright land grab

    Someone tell Lord Sith about encryption

    Broadband 20 Nov 14:48

  • Nokia swings axe again

    Suffers from arrested development

    Mobile 20 Nov 15:19

  • Lawyers pursue banned Xbox Live gamers

    Anti-Microsoft class action in the offing?

    Games 20 Nov 15:52

  • QinetiQ mail virus patent attracts barbs

    Looks a bit familiar

    Security 20 Nov 15:57

  • Oracle begs EC for more time

    Commission extends deadline

    Applications 20 Nov 16:03

  • VTOL gyro-copter flying car mates with killer robot

    Droid jump-choppers to be offered to military

    Science 20 Nov 16:03

  • Skinny Acer notebook delivers six-day battery life

    Just ask Windows 7

    Hardware 20 Nov 16:18

  • Wrecking CRU: hackers cause massive climate data breach

    Secretive scientists' source code goes walkabout

    Science 20 Nov 16:51

  • Sony demos monster 3D TV

    280in 'wall' made from 70 28in sets

    Hardware 20 Nov 18:02

  • Apple cult leader emails outside world

    11 words from the Messiah's Jesus phone

    Mobile 20 Nov 18:16

  • Microsoft Silverlight - now with hidden Windows bias

    So much for cross-platform

    Developer 20 Nov 18:18

  • Potty-mouths charged for Comcast hijack

    Destination '69 dick tard lane'

    Security 20 Nov 19:18

  • Nvidia previews next-gen Fermi GPUs

    The supermodels of HPC: hot, and worth it

    HPC 20 Nov 19:38

  • MySpace makes peace with Indies

    Merlin deal at last

    Media 20 Nov 19:46

  • Hackers free Snow Leopard from Jobsian cage

    Apple Atomness restored

    Operating Systems 20 Nov 22:28

  • IBM chases HP (and Sun) with tiny mem prices

    AIX pipeline lubrication

    Servers 20 Nov 22:35

  • Oman cuffs 212 for selling VoIP calls

    Net phones verboten

    VoIP 20 Nov 23:28

  • FDA takes aim at illegal net pharmacies

    Please don't feed the spammers

    Security 20 Nov 23:30