19th November 2009 Archive

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  • Stalker video peepholed ESPN bombshell

    'Erin Andrews Naked Butt'

    Security 19 01:12

  • National Security Agency beefed Win 7 defenses

    Now for Apple, Sun, and Red Hat

    Security 19 04:35

  • IBM greases mainframe app pipe

    System zware boost

    Servers 19 05:02

  • DWP IT contractors in strike ballot

    Union: 'Tell management that enough is enough'

    Government 19 06:02

  • Fedora 12 - it's a horse, not a camel

    Design by committee makes good

    Operating Systems 19 06:02

  • US, China play footsie with joint space mission

    We will 'enhance security in outer space'

    Science 19 07:02

  • Crypto pioneer and security chief exits Sun

    One in the PKI?

    Business 19 07:02

  • Google remaps Earth for iPhone

    Turn-by-turn (mis-)directions

    Mobile 19 08:02

  • Nuke labs show the future of hybrid computing

    Share and share alike

    HPC 19 08:02

  • IoSafe Solo disaster-proof drive

    Fireproof and waterproof - we know, we tried it

    Hardware 19 08:37

  • No Freeview HD kit in time for launch, warns telly exec

    Full rollout timetable revealed

    Hardware 19 09:02

  • The Register's threat predictions for 2010

    What lurks in the New Year?

    Security 19 09:20

  • Queen's Speech slammed by small biz

    Seven minutes of slurry

    Small Biz 19 09:32

  • Arriva cellphone tickets let mobiles keep you mobile

    Bus spotters irate*

    Mobile 19 09:58

  • Arkansas cop tasers 10-year-old girl

    Mother backs electric justice for unruly child

    Bootnotes 19 10:26

  • Infrastructure convergence - The two sides of the coin

    What are you gonna do today, Napoleon?

    Data Networking 19 10:28

  • Toshiba plans new enterprise: High capacity 3.5-inch HDDs

    Wants to be a bigger player in the big drive market

    Storage 19 10:32

  • When algorithms attack, does Google hear you scream?

    Inside Google's search penalties gulag

    Media 19 11:02

  • North England to replace satanic mills with iPhone app factories

    On Ilkley Moor baht app

    Mobile 19 11:02

  • 'Hybridisation' tech to quintuple battery life

    DARPA seeks box-o-lotso energy goodening gear

    Science 19 11:05

  • iPhone gets NFC hook-up

    Plug-in peripheral enables wireless goodness

    Mobile 19 11:20

  • Apple iPad to get OLED screen

    But launch delayed as a consequence, claims mole

    Hardware 19 11:30

  • Atlantis specialists set for ISS spacewalk

    Robotic arm lube job on list of tasks

    Science 19 11:31

  • Palin claims webmail hack disrupted GOP campaign

    Yes, that was the problem, Sarah

    Security 19 11:56

  • Hi-tech Silly Putty reformed as gadget protector

    Malleable orange goo absorbs impact

    Hardware 19 11:58

  • NetApp doubles profits ahead of Fujitsu love-in

    Mighty strong quarter there

    Storage 19 12:05

  • New 'reversible' paralysis-ray turns victims blue, flaccid

    'Many test subjects survived', claim inventors

    Science 19 12:25

  • MySpace recruits Imeem band member

    Web 2.0 music titan mashup

    Financial News 19 12:27

  • Modern Warfare 2 sets second sales record

    Most sales over a five-day period, claims publisher

    Games 19 12:35

  • How blogger kept Belle de Jour's ID secret

    Using Google for good

    Media 19 12:39

  • Casio casts ultra-slim 'freezeproof' compact

    Tougher than old boots?

    Hardware 19 12:51

  • Ofcom talks to spook firm on filesharing snoop plan

    Peering inside your packets

    Broadband 19 12:54

  • Parents demand control over text messaging

    cnt tlk, mum's listnin 2 my txtz

    Mobile 19 13:01

  • Sony Bravia KDL-46W5810 46in LCD TV

    Setting the standard for Freesat tellies?

    Hardware 19 13:02

  • Downfall writer praises Hitler rant net meme

    'I find those parodies tremendously amusing'

    Bootnotes 19 13:18

  • ISA report reveals email security lapse

    Safeguarders slightly slipshod on safeguards

    Security 19 13:26

  • Japan claims latest long distance e-car record

    Sorry, Tesla!

    Science 19 13:58

  • Spanish payment breach prompts huge German card recall

    Holidaymakers at risk of fraud

    Security 19 14:01

  • Judge batters Bluebeat with injunction over Beatles downloads

    Site owner gives long and winding explanation

    Media 19 14:12

  • HP workers eye walkout over engineer jobs dispute

    'Sacrificial offering on the altar of stock exchange'

    Financial News 19 14:40

  • Sony Ericsson goes web crazy

    Who wants to be native these days?

    Mobile 19 14:52

  • US flights suffering nationwide delays

    Computer says whoa

    Servers 19 15:01

  • Boffins try to get closer to hot bodies

    Quantum dots: making electricity from waste heat

    Science 19 15:02

  • US monster-truck roboguns to blast enemies autonomously

    While simultaneously shooting rockets out of the air

    Science 19 15:14

  • Santa menaced by sex offender postie

    US Postal Service grinches Christmas

    Bootnotes 19 15:28

  • Qualcomm's nifty Skifta home P2P

    It's Orb-tastic

    Mobile 19 15:30

  • Will Ferrell is Hollywood's most over-rated overpaid star

    Tops Forbes' list of fiscal shame

    Bootnotes 19 15:58

  • California votes in HD TV power pruning law

    Standby not good enough?

    Hardware 19 16:02

  • 'Banned' Xbox Live consoles appearing on eBay

    Cheap consoles without connectivity

    Games 19 16:08

  • IBM squishes systems software into new business unit

    Making programs play nice with each other

    Software 19 16:10

  • NJ teen jailed over Scientology DDoS


    Law 19 16:11

  • FCC approves radio mast 'shot clock' rule

    Not as fun as it sounds

    Mobile 19 16:59

  • AOL appeals for 2,500 job axe volunteers

    Imminent Time Warner divorce puts web firm in bedsit

    Financial News 19 17:15

  • Scareware tool dumps smut on Windows PCs

    Rogue clean-up tool poses child abuse frame risk

    Security 19 18:05

  • Google open sources flash-happy Chrome OS

    Uber browser shuns hard drives

    Operating Systems 19 18:20

  • Users howl as Fedora 12 gives root to unwashed masses

    Breaks Unix 'zero-assumption' trust model

    Security 19 18:59

  • Intel invests in exafloppy future

    'Calcul Intensif,' indeed

    HPC 19 19:18

  • Google adds automatic captions to YouTube

    Robo-transcription technology

    Media 19 19:29

  • Why Microsoft's IE 9 will frustrate standards fans

    Return to render

    Developer 19 20:19

  • Write haiku, win home server

    What's needed to win
    Microsoft and Intel schwag?

    Bootnotes 19 21:37

  • Al Gore entertains the supercomputer troops

    Seeks political scientists

    HPC 19 23:04