18th November 2009 Archive

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  • Xiotech in spin transplant

    New CEO means new marketeer

    Storage 18 Nov 06:02

  • Ofcom preps for World Radiocommunication

    2012 looming

    Broadband 18 Nov 06:02

  • GooHooSoft bear-hugs 'Apache for web specs'

    Open source meets open standards

    Media 18 Nov 06:02

  • NASA maps Mars with child labor web games

    Hey kid, Be a Martian

    Science 18 Nov 06:02

  • Isilon doubles capacity

    2TB drives in the house

    Storage 18 Nov 07:02

  • Man charged in $111k domain name theft

    eBayed to basketball pro

    Security 18 Nov 07:02

  • IDC Ecco Personal

    Points the way, literally

    Science 18 Nov 08:54

  • Quantum's small tape libraries get big

    At least a little

    Storage 18 Nov 09:02

  • Microsoft feeds Excel to supercomputer

    Windows HPC chases Linux

    HPC 18 Nov 09:02

  • The great ‘build versus buy’ debate

    What's your view on the role of packaged applications?

    CIO 18 Nov 09:11

  • OCZ unveils 1TB SSD Colossus

    Enormous capacity - even bigger price

    Hardware 18 Nov 09:45

  • Mellanox pushes InfiniBand to 120Gb/s

    Offloading IB processing from CPUs to ConnectX-2s

    HPC 18 Nov 09:58

  • Macs not all that for reliability

    Pretty though

    The Channel 18 Nov 09:59

  • AMD intros dual-GPU monster graphics card

    Overclockers rejoice

    Hardware 18 Nov 10:08

  • MS store staff in spontaneous electric boogie

    Gobsmacked witness 'absolutely floored' by life-changing dance experience

    Bootnotes 18 Nov 10:13

  • NetApp and Fujitsu to integrate products

    Living together, not marriage

    Storage 18 Nov 10:18

  • T-Mobile coughs to data theft

    But can't understand all the fuss

    Mobile 18 Nov 10:21

  • Xbox bigwig pooh-poohs Natal's November 2010 launch

    Gadget 'still in the baking'

    Games 18 Nov 10:53

  • iPhone to become Blighty's favourite smartphone

    Sales to bloom with end of O2 exclusivity

    Phones 18 Nov 10:54

  • How the Dunning-Kruger effect will stop techies buying houses

    Oh, and murder the economy as well

    Small Biz 18 Nov 11:02

  • Are your Server Estate Policies Fully Mature?

    And is IT Governance a help or a hindrance?

    Server Management 18 Nov 11:13

  • Fortinet launches rare net security IPO

    Roll-up, roll-up

    Security 18 Nov 11:16

  • High-tech 'blade runner' legs better than real ones - profs

    Olympic ban on Dr Who Cybermen seems likely

    Science 18 Nov 11:19

  • Nokia N-series smartphones to lose Symbian by 2012

    Maemo to replace it

    Phones 18 Nov 11:25

  • New Zealand rated least corrupt country

    Somalia bent as a nine bob note

    Government 18 Nov 11:55

  • Facebook battles attack by child protection chief

    Gamble unfriends social networks

    Law 18 Nov 11:58

  • Windows Phones get to play Opera too

    Finally, more than three tabs at a time

    Mobile 18 Nov 12:00

  • Monitoring and managing power consumption

    Reg Readers tell it like it really is

    Server Management 18 Nov 12:12

  • Universities saving skint students still waiting for loans

    Systems still struggling with applications upswing

    Government 18 Nov 12:15

  • Massive net surveillance programme on schedule

    Home Office makes 2016 year of the snoop

    Government 18 Nov 12:17

  • Nokia to cull Symbian in 2012

    It's the end of an Epoc

    Mobile 18 Nov 12:25

  • Android 2.0 debuts on touchscreen tablet

    Vega set for CES unveiling

    Hardware 18 Nov 12:28

  • Google to pop Chrome OS cherry tomorrow?

    Tangos with Microsoft rival in code showdown

    Operating Systems 18 Nov 12:39

  • Netbooks 'not just a consumer fad'

    Business keen on 'em too

    Hardware 18 Nov 12:48

  • Fujifilm Finepix F200EXR

    Extra sensory perception?

    Hardware 18 Nov 13:03

  • US Navy electromagnetic mass-driver commences tests

    Electric machine will toss off Topguns from 2010

    Government 18 Nov 13:14

  • Queen promises to make poverty and budget deficits illegal

    Tower looms for recalcitrant Chancellor

    Government 18 Nov 13:19

  • Intel offers non-Jewish Saturday workforce in Israel plant row

    Compromise plan after ultra-Orthodox protest

    Hardware 18 Nov 13:21

  • Anti-filesharing laws are go

    Digital Queen

    Government 18 Nov 13:30

  • Cosmic Vampire sheds light on dark energy

    European Astro-boffs eagerly wait for supernova

    Science 18 Nov 13:32

  • Gene testing firm goes titsup

    DNA disease spotting ain't worth spit

    Science 18 Nov 13:44

  • Touch controls floated by Infragistics for Microsoft's Surface

    Computational fiddling

    Developer 18 Nov 14:01

  • Facebook revises privacy policy

    Plain English update

    Security 18 Nov 14:11

  • Wall-punching Brit gamer foams (milk) at the mouth

    Didn't much like Modern Warfare 2, YouTube vid suggests

    Bootnotes 18 Nov 14:14

  • LHC starts beaming Saturday: Collisions Dec 3

    Reg reader unlocks secret CERN web

    Science 18 Nov 14:41

  • E-car driven from Dover to Calais

    John Surtees goes for subterranean spin

    Science 18 Nov 15:01

  • Yahoo! Go! Going! Nowhere!


    Mobile 18 Nov 15:15

  • UK cybercops cuff ZeuS Trojan suspect pair

    Alleged Bonnie and Clyde of malware

    Security 18 Nov 15:17

  • Mozilla kicks rebel coders to kerb with Firefox 3.6 'lockdown'

    Components directory to become Firefox-only playpen

    Developer 18 Nov 15:31

  • Ombudsman slams EC Intel probe

    Where's your working out?

    The Channel 18 Nov 15:33

  • Sony wireless e-book Reader priced, dated

    North America only, alas

    Hardware 18 Nov 16:01

  • Acer, Asus dominate Euro netbook biz

    Demand rises despite recession

    Notebooks 18 Nov 16:02

  • US data firm blows s**t out of server

    Hail of lead does for innocent box

    Bootnotes 18 Nov 16:02

  • Renegade weatherman forecast today's storm weeks ago

    Mystic Met baffled

    Science 18 Nov 16:15

  • Windows 7's dirty secrets revealed

    Hidden work arounds and complex dependencies

    Operating Systems 18 Nov 17:02

  • Microsoft squirts out Office 2010 public beta

    Testing times ahead

    Applications 18 Nov 18:02

  • Sony Ericsson slashes US presence

    Layoffs trail shrinking sales

    Mobile 18 Nov 18:08

  • Second-hand ATM trade opens up fraud risk

    Craigslist cash machine contains 1,000 card numbers

    Security 18 Nov 18:23

  • IBM lab builds computerized cat brain

    Feline consciousness sim

    HPC 18 Nov 19:37

  • Office 2010 fights Google with SharePoint bloat

    Decent upgrade gets out of shape

    Software 18 Nov 20:12

  • Intel cash pays down AMD debt

    Good news. For Intel

    Financial News 18 Nov 21:34

  • Microsoft unleashes Silverlight 4 beta

    Delivers IE 9 standards vagueness

    Developer 18 Nov 22:11

  • Egyptian telecom counts cost of football riot

    Police brace for trouble after World Cup grudge match

    Bootnotes 18 Nov 22:38

  • Google and the myth of the open cloud

    The world's most closed open company

    Developer 18 Nov 22:52

  • Salesforce insists on 'Facebook for enterprise'

    More Chatter

    Software 18 Nov 23:27