16th November 2009 Archive

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  • Top 500 supers - rise of the Linux quad-cores

    Jaguar munches Roadrunner

    HPC 16 05:02

  • Appro: HPC's all about the GPUs

    Magny-Cours as AMD 'comeback kid'

    HPC 16 05:02

  • Cisco and the war for, um, hosted email

    Anything GooIBMsoft can do...

    Applications 16 06:02

  • Channel 4 to become Channel 3D tonight

    Broadcaster's 3D TV week begins

    Media 16 08:02

  • High Court: Online article with only four visits not libel

    Claimants told where to go in no uncertain terms

    Law 16 08:02

  • Apple wins attack of the clones

    Sees off Psystar

    Hardware 16 09:17

  • Religious discrimination law may open door for decent deviants

    Pagans, vampires and libertines protected?

    Law 16 10:02

  • Droboman expects a 3TB drive from somewhere soon

    Western Digital the likeliest suspect

    Storage 16 10:10

  • Are packaged applications becoming less relevant?

    Or are they the only way of keeping up with demand?

    Evolving Apps 16 10:35

  • Taiwanese online hunk lures 20 women into bed

    With his dad, who turns out to be him

    Bootnotes 16 10:41

  • US boffins build, test working 2-qubit quantum processor

    Beryllium ions used in place of undead cats

    Servers 16 10:46

  • Software apps and the server room

    Does virtualization just deal with ‘everything’?

    Server Management 16 11:02

  • NZ interloper to commercialise UK internet blocking

    Watch this space for IWF 2.0

    Broadband 16 11:14

  • Moribund Mexican litters Street View

    Spymobile captures sobering slice of real life

    Bootnotes 16 11:17

  • Nokia transmits digital telly phone

    UK appearance unlikely?

    Phones 16 11:29

  • ICO chastises NHS over data losses

    A very leaky vessel indeed

    Government 16 11:41

  • HP Envy 15 'Lynnfield' Core i7 laptop

    Inside, Intel's most powerful mobile CPU yet

    Laptops 16 12:02

  • Intel Israel rolls out the barbed wire

    Fending off protests

    Hardware 16 12:10

  • French woman marries dead fiancé

    Becomes wife and widow, simultaneously

    Bootnotes 16 12:31

  • Canon loads up on Oce in €730m deal

    Printer vendors ink takeover

    The Channel 16 12:45

  • Cheerleaders in danger from cheerleading

    Stunts increase the risk of flashing injury

    Bootnotes 16 12:48

  • Pre-order page reveals Sony Ericsson Android arrival date

    SIM-free model confirmed?

    Phones 16 12:54

  • HP double stuffs Nehalem blades

    Skinless Opteron iron for HPC

    HPC 16 13:02

  • Mancunians finally get to open bank accounts, go to Europe

    ...if they have an ID card

    Government 16 13:03

  • MPs' Pretty Good Privacy 'ban' finally explained

    Parliament misunderstands privacy, not for the first time

    Security 16 13:08

  • Console modders attempt to bypass Xbox Live ban

    'Unbanning hack' guide posted

    Games 16 13:09

  • IGF censors for China

    Nice work lads, nice work

    Government 16 13:14

  • The biggest flash drive in the world

    An almighty tower of SSD power

    Storage 16 13:18

  • Edward Woodward dies at 79

    RIP, The Equalizer

    Bootnotes 16 13:20

  • QLogic gets vendor quartet for quad data rate gear

    Dell, HP and others hop the InfiniBand train

    Data Networking 16 13:25

  • Home Office accused of sexing-up mobile phone rescue

    Comms data 'essential'? Not really

    Mobile 16 13:28

  • First ever supersonic stealth jumpjet starts hover tests at last

    Will Harrier heir survive Byzantine aero politics?

    Science 16 13:43

  • Let me through - I'm a Sustainability Officer!

    And here's my employment lawyer

    Science 16 14:09

  • CERN's cosmic cloudmaker cranks up

    May solve climate mystery, Thermageddon scare

    Science 16 14:13

  • Asus to make grab for Toshiba's notebook biz?

    Top-three vendor ranking to follow

    Hardware 16 14:14

  • Reg hack beats 'Belle de Jour' sex rap

    Orlowski free of blogging stigma

    Bootnotes 16 14:45

  • Cisco adds half a billion to offer for video firm

    Money meet mouth

    Data Networking 16 15:16

  • Femtocells know you're home again - but so what?

    Hi honey, I'm... curiously disenchanted

    Mobile 16 15:57

  • Quick Guide to GPU Computing

    Parallel thinking

    HPC 16 15:59

  • Dell re-badges Cray for low-end cruncher

    Windows only. Why?

    HPC 16 16:00

  • Cell phone supercomputing, anyone?

    Plugcomputing.org dreams big, thinks small

    HPC 16 16:00

  • Rockstar confirms Grand Theft Auto V

    Location and plot under development

    Games 16 16:02

  • BBC publishes Freeview HD timetable

    London and Manchester top tune-in list

    Media 16 16:02

  • Earth set for annual Leonid shower

    Meteor outlook not bright in Europe or US, though

    Science 16 16:06

  • T-shirt firm hijacks good ship Pirate Bay

    The ironing is delicious

    Media 16 16:41

  • Spammers aim to profit from swine flu pandemic

    Caution advised over modern day Harry Limes

    Security 16 16:50

  • Judge Dredd 'Black Box' recorder/spy kit for guns unveiled

    An accident you say, sergeant? But you reloaded. Twice

    Science 16 16:51

  • Gang sentenced for UK bank trojan

    Almost £600,000 siphoned

    Security 16 18:45

  • DNSSec update deadline penciled in for 2011

    Long awaited security upgrade heading for .com and .net

    Security 16 18:49

  • Twitter preps paid plans for 'business' Web2.0rhea

    Money for 'marketing prowess'

    Media 16 18:55

  • Microsoft donates .NET Micro Framework to open source

    Apache mercy killing

    Developer 16 19:33

  • Microsoft's Startup Whisperer enters Google Chocolate Factory

    Redmondian evangelism meets iPhone envy

    Software 16 19:33

  • Atlantis heads for ISS with spare parts

    Last shuttle blast of year

    Science 16 20:03

  • Apple seeks OS-jacking advert patent

    It's an ad ad ad ad world

    Operating Systems 16 20:27

  • Spam net snared a quarter million bots, says conqueror

    Putting the mega in Mega-D

    Security 16 22:04

  • SGI previews UltraViolet Nehalem EX blade clusters

    Taking orders now for next summer ships

    HPC 16 23:03