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IT admins: we don't need no stinkin' servers

Here's a newsflash. A company that rents server capacity for a living and who hosts such questionable customers as El Reg has commissioned a poll of IT shops and found that half of them wish they would never have to buy another server again.

How can the storage industry prevent cloud bursts?

CommentIf you send your data to the cloud today you might be sure of a big surprise: it could vanish. SwissDisk users know this and T-Mobile Sidekick users know that Microsoft is quite capable of losing their data, too.
Chris Mellor, 15 Nov 2009

The best mad scientist memoir of the year

Book reviewThe best mad scientist autobiography this year, perhaps the only one, is Tony Zuppero's To Inhabit the Solar System. Better still, it's free and in time for holiday reading. It's a long but definitely not windy 391 pages.
George Smith, 15 Nov 2009

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