14th November 2009 Archive

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  • Bill Gates plants (wetter) smooch on Steve Jobs

    Steve, you're my inspiration

    Software 14 00:00

  • Brocade not for sale, really

    Klayko lays down law. In a tank top

    Storage 14 00:15

  • Cisco shareholders win say-on-pay

    Shake tiny fists at big wallets

    Financial News 14 04:10

  • Hackers in keyless Windows 7 entry

    Crack skirts MS code

    Operating Systems 14 06:02

  • Sarko caught short in Irish VIP footie box shocker

    Green blog looks down on French prez

    Bootnotes 14 06:54

  • Researcher busts into Twitter via SSL reneg hole

    Yes, it's a serious vuln

    Security 14 08:02

  • Acer Aspire One D250 with Android

    The first netbook with Google's OS

    Laptops 14 09:02

  • Googlebooks re-deal won't let orphans go

    Revised pact frees foreign works (UK excepted)

    Media 14 22:46