13th November 2009 Archive

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  • Apple pen-tablet plan revives Newtonian handwriting

    Microcosmic God at work

    Hardware 13 Nov 03:26

  • Will HP 3PAR high-end storage arrays?

    Crossroads for ex-EMC man Dave Donatelli

    Storage 13 Nov 05:35

  • NASA preps Mars rover rescue plan

    Earthly for trapped Spirit

    Science 13 Nov 06:02

  • EU 'optimistic' Oracle will see reason on MySQL

    It's the open source, stoopid

    Applications 13 Nov 06:02

  • Europe clamours for data centre capacity

    Price rises on the way

    Servers 13 Nov 07:02

  • Google gives Voice to 'open standard Skype'

    And vice versa

    VoIP 13 Nov 07:02

  • Lite-on ETDU108 slim DVD drive

    Burning ambition?

    Hardware 13 Nov 08:02

  • Corel receives bigger buyout offer

    The other software company...

    Applications 13 Nov 09:55

  • Tax regime fails to help UK technology sector, says PwC

    Please stop messing about, Darling

    Small Biz 13 Nov 09:57

  • 3UK shapeshifts on traffic shaping

    Reprieve for video steaming, but P2P still in sights

    Mobile 13 Nov 10:03

  • German boffins produce sim of 'invisibility carpet' in action

    Don't try sweeping anything important under this

    Science 13 Nov 10:28

  • Activision leaps into Modern Warfare 2 sales figure fight

    As Grand Theft Auto IV's loses day-one sales crown

    Games 13 Nov 10:42

  • Samsung retracts Symbian support snub

    Kissy faces back on

    Mobile 13 Nov 11:00

  • Dirty, dirty PCs: The X-rated picture guide

    Horror beyond human imagination

    Bootnotes 13 Nov 11:00

  • Police sitting on forensic backlog risk, says top e-cop

    Triage tool coming to save the day

    Law 13 Nov 11:02

  • Reg readers on: Stuff you run vs stuff you run it on

    Poll results

    Server Management 13 Nov 11:19

  • Novell targets netbooks with latest OS

    OpenSUSE 11.2 tugs at Karmic Koala's fur

    Operating Systems 13 Nov 11:25

  • Atlantis crew gears up for Monday launch

    Poses for cheerful snap ahead of ISS jaunt

    Science 13 Nov 11:32

  • BOFH: Slab happy

    The PFY needs to play his cards right

    BOFH 13 Nov 12:02

  • Last call: HTC Hero up for grabs

    Win HTC’s latest Android phone and Copilot Live 8

    Phones 13 Nov 12:07

  • Microsoft defends Hotmail's cookie requirement

    Log out block 'good for security'

    Security 13 Nov 12:09

  • Swiss roll Street View into court

    Data protection supremo's patience runs out

    Law 13 Nov 12:13

  • Bishop calls for Priests 2.0 to evangelise on the net

    No fear of the flames

    Bootnotes 13 Nov 12:16

  • Wii to receive dedicated iPlayer feed

    Auntie's interface adjusted?

    Games 13 Nov 12:23

  • Sophisticated parcel mule scam unpicked

    Middlemen stung by work-from-home scam

    Security 13 Nov 12:29

  • Windows Mobe Marketplace sets its stall out

    150 apps available: Apple quaking in its boots

    Mobile 13 Nov 12:33

  • 'F-22 Raptor stealth coatings are crap' case goes to court

    Pricey ultrafighter 'defective', alleges whistleblower

    Government 13 Nov 12:54

  • Olympus PEN E-P1 Micro Four-Thirds camera

    Grown-up compact for DSLR lovers?

    Hardware 13 Nov 13:02

  • US judge rules quadriplegic can bear arms

    Grants firearms permit to wheelchair-bound hunter

    Bootnotes 13 Nov 13:30

  • Office 2010 beta sneaks onto wild wild web


    Applications 13 Nov 13:33

  • Michael Jackson planned 'robot duplicate' of himself

    Dead megastar droid zombie blueprints offered for $1m

    Bootnotes 13 Nov 13:37

  • Play.com leaves Modern Warfare 2 buyers empty handed

    Guaranteed launch day delivery promise broken

    Games 13 Nov 13:39

  • Border guards get first dozen ID card readers

    That's 167 cards per machine - how will they cope?

    Government 13 Nov 13:43

  • Morgan Computers: Your memories

    Cheap PC flogger of all our hearts

    The Channel 13 Nov 14:02

  • Revealed: The amazing premise behind Ridley Scott's Monopoly

    Go directly to Fail?

    Bootnotes 13 Nov 14:30

  • Overland languishes in intensive care

    Bleeding cash still

    Storage 13 Nov 15:08

  • Casio designs camera for golfers

    Able to analyse your swing

    Hardware 13 Nov 15:18

  • Quickening satellite quickens pulses at ESA

    Speeding Rosetta orbiter baffles astro-boffins

    Science 13 Nov 15:32

  • Adobe Flash attack vector exploits insecure web design

    User-supplied malware upload peril

    Security 13 Nov 15:32

  • Spanish region teaches kids how to crack one off

    'Pleasure is in your hands', suggests Extremadura

    Bootnotes 13 Nov 15:39

  • HP: Q4 will be better than expected

    China wakes up early from recession

    The Channel 13 Nov 15:40

  • To horse! It's Comment of the Week

    I preferred the 'Dungeon' theme but whatever

    Bootnotes 13 Nov 16:02

  • Feds pinch two Madoff geeks

    Due in court today

    Financial News 13 Nov 16:08

  • Taser gang targets 'high value' Heathrow computer consignment

    Heist used bogus police checkpoint

    The Channel 13 Nov 16:23

  • Mantis Reaper-clone drone flies

    BAE rolls out latest Wheel 2.0™ offering

    Government 13 Nov 16:30

  • ISS piss recycler packs up again on eve of Atlantis visit

    O for a beaker of the warm south

    Science 13 Nov 17:04

  • Dell confirms first Android-based smartphone

    Launch announced, specs not

    Phones 13 Nov 17:07

  • iPhone worm hacker gets death threats, job offers

    Mixed bug bag for chastened VXer

    Security 13 Nov 17:41

  • Google Chrome OS due next week, says someone

    Goonux for Eee. Maybe

    Operating Systems 13 Nov 18:02

  • Microsoft opens Windows 7 to advertisers

    Dolly Parton sings for IE 8

    Operating Systems 13 Nov 19:49

  • NASA: the Moon is a hydrated mistress

    LCROSS spies 'buckets' of water in lunar crater

    Science 13 Nov 20:12

  • Apple snuffs iPhone app for too much Appleness

    'Devs can't use pics we give to devs'

    Developer 13 Nov 21:04

  • Boffins fight pacemaker hacks with ultrasound security

    Don't go breaking my heart

    Security 13 Nov 21:17

  • HPcom spells 'IT disaster,' says UK firm

    Save the 3Com customers foundation

    Data Networking 13 Nov 21:48

  • Google Docs set for 'get rid of' Office moment

    Only a year away. Says Google

    Applications 13 Nov 23:10

  • Microsoft admits Win 7 tool violated GPL

    ImageMaster open sourced

    Software 13 Nov 23:11