12th November 2009 Archive

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  • Wikipedia sued for publishing convicted murderer's name

    Hey Wolfgang Werlé: Ever heard of the Streisand Effect?

    Media 12 00:02

  • AMD lays out 2011 PC roadmap

    Bobcat riding a Bulldozer

    Hardware 12 01:24

  • Attackers conceal exploit sites with Twitter API

    Trends technique suffers hacktile dysfunction

    Security 12 01:43

  • ASUS, MSI reveal quad InfiniBand boards

    Mellanox chalks up wins

    Servers 12 06:02

  • Android's delicate guts ripped apart

    Screws, and then some

    Phones 12 06:02

  • Boffins develop virtual reality anti-bullying game

    One in the eye for the Muntzes

    Science 12 07:02

  • Commentard to lose mask for teasing politico's son

    Free speech cum libel suit

    Law 12 07:02

  • Toshiba Satellite L450

    Cheap and cheerful

    Laptops 12 08:02

  • SandForce gets OCZ SSD design win

    This is not just Flash, this is consumer Flash

    Hardware 12 08:02

  • Robot negotiator ends tense Colorado siege

    Unarmed tin cop talks down two-gun desperado, 61

    Law 12 09:02

  • Redundancy costs dent BT profits

    But the cutbacks are working

    Broadband 12 09:22

  • Luvvies make last ditch appeal for radio mics

    Save Our (wireless) Sounds

    Broadband 12 10:14

  • Brace of Intel SSDs imminent

    Low- or high-end as you prefer

    Hardware 12 10:31

  • Government consults on possible £500,000 data breach fines

    Hanging, drawing and quartering not an option

    Law 12 10:34

  • Brazilian Playboy eyes miniskirted uni student

    Geisy Arruda mulls indecent proposal

    Bootnotes 12 10:36

  • Samsung's first Bada smartphone pictured

    Early 2010 launch?

    Phones 12 10:47

  • UK2.net still sorting email service

    Accounts all done, old mails still proving difficult

    Broadband 12 11:05

  • Azerbaijani donkey bloggers jailed

    US rattles small sabre over 'further erosion' of free speech

    Government 12 11:09

  • Google expands navel gazing

    See where you've been, work out where you're going

    Mobile 12 11:20

  • Intel's initial mobile CPU+GPU chips named

    'Arrandale' nearing release

    Hardware 12 11:28

  • Wolfram Alpha given keys to the Bingdom

    Microsoft gets mathematical on Google's ass

    Applications 12 11:47

  • Terrorism chiefs don't know what they've censored online

    You jolly well wanted records? Oh

    Law 12 11:49

  • Brain-delving boffins in key monkey-butler breakthrough

    Inability of apes to understand drinks orders probed

    Science 12 11:54

  • Win 7 remote kernel crasher code released

    File and print freeze menace revealed

    Security 12 12:05

  • Motorola muses marketing meatier cuts

    Everything but the mobile division might go

    Broadband 12 12:19

  • Wistron to release roll-out screen e-book reader in 2010

    Readius reborn?

    Hardware 12 12:28

  • Boffins find new way to spot stars which have planets

    Lithium trick ideal for hunting alien civilisations

    Science 12 12:29

  • Mozilla hits FF button with second Firefox 3.6 beta

    With a bit of a mind flip, you're there in the time slip

    Applications 12 12:41

  • UK's cyber warriors go into battle in March

    Onward online soldiers

    Government 12 12:54

  • Intel P55-based motherboards

    The best boards for 'Lynnfield' Core i5s and i7s

    Hardware 12 13:02

  • Cross-platform Safari update shoots down multiple bugs

    Apple rounds off busy patching week

    Software 12 13:12

  • SAP rejects blackmail charges over Oracle letter

    We never done nothing

    Software 12 13:14

  • Ringback tones outselling ring tones

    'Ring ring' not good enough for you?

    Mobile 12 13:17

  • MS exec gets shot down after 'inaccurate' Windows 7 spiel

    Get your Mac, you've pulled

    Operating Systems 12 13:20

  • 3 to start shaping traffic on Monday

    We know what you'll be doing all weekend then

    Mobile 12 14:16

  • Britain needs meat trimmers and boners, not techies

    Ballet dancers, fiddlers still in short supply says gov

    Management 12 14:16

  • Vodafone prices up the HD2

    HTC's flagship WM 6.5 smartphone

    Phones 12 14:32

  • Sky downplays Spook behavioural link

    Don't fear the RIPA

    Media 12 14:39

  • Britney's Twitter feed hacked again

    Satan hot on heels of toothy ladybits

    Security 12 14:40

  • Designers detail the cars of 2030

    DNA access, morphing bodywork and movement-based controls

    Science 12 14:51

  • Intel settles with AMD for $1.25bn

    Lawsuits wrapped up with cash, promises of good behavior

    Hardware 12 14:58

  • Hotmail imposes tracking cookies for logout

    And where do you think you're going?

    Applications 12 15:19

  • Palestinian network launches without spectrum

    If Tony says it's alright, what could possibly go wrong?

    Mobile 12 15:19

  • Nintendo posts DSi XL promo

    How's your Japanese?

    Games 12 15:32

  • Brocade's file virtualisation efforts come to nought

    StorageX development roadmap leads into oblivion

    The Channel 12 15:37

  • US Navy 'PANDA' tech to sniff out 'deviant' sailors

    Keeping the oceans true blue

    Government 12 15:45

  • Data Domain-besotted EMC dumps Quantum

    Not the girl for me, even after lending her $100m

    Storage 12 16:06

  • Google's Chrome beta for Mac expected early December

    In the lane, Snow Leopard is glistening

    Applications 12 16:10

  • Facebook status bolsters alibi in armed robbery case

    Nom nom nom... not guilty

    Bootnotes 12 16:36

  • AMD squeezes promises from Intel

    And it is 'still obliged to follow the law'

    The Channel 12 16:41

  • LG: watchphones for all in 2010

    New styles, new versions coming

    Phones 12 17:00

  • Dell resells customized Cray baby super

    It's a workcluster, it's a superstation

    HPC 12 17:09

  • Intel takes out $1.25bn insurance policy

    'We did nothing wrong and we won't do it again'

    HPC 12 18:51

  • MS patent looks just like Unix command, critics howl

    'Sudo for dummies'

    Security 12 19:00

  • Windows XP on netbooks to lose life support?

    Post-Christmas reality check

    Operating Systems 12 19:09

  • Parking spot flies to International Space Station

    Spacecraft docking day or night

    Science 12 19:20

  • Amazon cloud heads for Asian sky

    Steals MS thunder with Redmondian SDK

    Servers 12 21:01

  • Google Chrome web protocol seeks 2x download speeds

    HTTP gets SPDY

    Applications 12 22:38

  • Block McKinnon extradition, MPs tell UK Home Secretary

    Treaty's 'serious lack of equality'

    Government 12 22:51