11th November 2009 Archive

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  • Adobe slips good-bye note to 10% of stafff

    Tough times at top employer

    Financial News 11 00:31

  • Google 'experiment' crossbreeds Python with C++

    Multi-core coding on the Go

    Developer 11 01:40

  • Ericsson R&D pulls out of Coventry

    Has staff even sat down?

    Mobile 11 06:02

  • NASA: the world will not end in 2012

    Ancient Mayan secret, huh?

    Science 11 06:02

  • Three more quit over Nutt sacking

    Johnson fails to calm

    Science 11 06:02

  • Boffins boast newfangled rootkit blocker

    Large scale, low overhead

    Security 11 06:12

  • Archos 5 Internet Tablet Android-based PMP

    The world's first Google-based media machine

    Tablets 11 08:02

  • ASA turns beady eye on web content

    Online ads will have to straighten up, fly right

    Media 11 08:02

  • Stuff you run v. stuff you run it on

    Calling all you Apps and Server types

    Server Management 11 09:03

  • Cisco's Norwegian buy looking dodgy

    Few takers for $3bn offer

    Data Networking 11 09:49

  • SandForce gets another $21m funding

    Why would a fabless silicon startup need that much cash?

    Storage 11 10:07

  • DARPA in bid for shark-portable laser rayguns

    Flimsy strato-robot cover story widely discounted

    Science 11 10:23

  • Libel reform campaigners seek £10k damages cap

    Apology better than payout

    Law 11 10:24

  • Police to keep innocents' DNA despite human rights ruling

    Home Office's six-year plan

    Law 11 10:27

  • Fungal invader bites Spanish ham

    Phytophthora hits vital acorn supplies

    Science 11 10:58

  • Election makes net snooping a pariah policy

    Alan Johnson's gift to the next government

    Government 11 11:02

  • IBM uses mirrors to pretty up XIV arrays

    Space reclamation improved too

    Storage 11 11:06

  • Matrox makes eight-screen graphics card

    16 DisplayPort and DVI links on board

    Hardware 11 11:09

  • DCSF claims good reception for ContactPoint

    Balls cheers hugely unsurprising flannel

    Government 11 11:09

  • Samsung plans Symbian-free future

    Oh my god, it's full of widgets

    Phones 11 11:11

  • Lighter Patch Tuesday focuses on Windows flaws

    Win 7 users get a month off for good behaviour

    Security 11 11:13

  • Europe welcomes Dell's Mac Mini Zino HD

    Small, colourful mini PC

    Hardware 11 11:18

  • MSN Video morphs into Bing

    Yet another makeover

    Applications 11 11:51

  • Docs press for probe into 'designer vaginas'

    Warn over 'invasive and irrevocable' labiaplasty ops

    Science 11 12:04

  • China heralds success of iPhone TV

    Doesn't exaggerate at all

    Mobile 11 12:26

  • Astronaut love-dustup mace space ace Nowak cops plea

    Anger management classes for wiggy carpark catfight

    Science 11 12:29

  • Malware cleans out jailbroken iPhones

    Hack tool wriggles through Rickroll worm hole

    Mobile 11 12:32

  • MPs prepare to beat off phantom Olympic hooker invasion

    When in doubt, multiply the evidence by 10,000

    Government 11 12:32

  • Manchester Uni looks into mobile health nannying

    Want to be nagged by a phone? There's an app for that

    Mobile 11 12:53

  • Sony Ericsson Satio 12.1Mp cameraphone

    Ready to take on iPhone, Pre, Hero etc?

    Phones 11 13:02

  • Brussels agrees pan-European ID standard

    STORK sallies forth

    Government 11 13:06

  • Health sector spews out much more carbon than airlines or IT

    When will Greens act against the real eco-villains?

    Science 11 13:08

  • MS' Project Natal launch date revealed

    Xbox buffs have 12 months to wait for Wii-style control

    Games 11 13:09

  • Suppliers fall over themselves to support Exchange 2010

    New species spreads to four new environments

    Storage 11 13:15

  • MS home server users hit by Windows Live Custom Domains snafu

    Down and out since Sunday

    Applications 11 13:29

  • Dell adds One to Inspiron line

    Firm's all-in-one desktop PC range grows

    Hardware 11 14:00

  • Google smothers stranded US holiday travellers with Wi-Fi

    Merry Googlemas to one and all

    Broadband 11 14:04

  • Qualcomm proffers first smartbook platform

    Smartphone spliced with netbook, see

    Hardware 11 14:13

  • Microsoft boots modders off Xbox Live

    'You're barred'

    Games 11 14:45

  • The Prisoner set for Sunday release

    Rehash promises 'reimagining of themes and characters'

    Bootnotes 11 15:05

  • Mouse maker spends big on video conferencing

    Eeeek... how much?

    Hardware 11 15:13

  • McKinnon’s mum 'snubbed' by Home Secretary

    Commons hearing on extradition given extra zest

    Government 11 15:15

  • Google backs enormous load of balls for Olympics

    Speak your brain into the London sky

    Bootnotes 11 15:16

  • Butterflies In Spaaaace!

    Gatorade-quaffing Painted Ladies to fly to ISS

    Science 11 15:50

  • GNOME 3.0 release hits six-month buffer

    Next weighty version held back from start line

    Applications 11 16:00

  • Urinating Spaniard soaks Street View's Canaries

    Public decency algorithm still taking the proverbial

    Bootnotes 11 16:03

  • Fujitsu strike cancelled

    Stand down, brothers

    The Channel 11 16:23

  • Platform clusters Windows HPC with Linux

    Tetris with supercomputers

    HPC 11 17:02

  • IBM plugs WebSphere ecommerce kit into mobiles

    User-generated love

    Developer 11 17:02

  • Netlist goes virtual and dense with server memory

    So much for that Cisco UCS memory advantage

    HPC 11 18:01

  • Mozilla brews browserless iPhone apps

    Firefox 'experience' without the Firefox

    Mobile 11 18:02

  • US Supremes prod software patent law

    Speed dating and horse whispering

    Law 11 18:02

  • YouTube tests skippable pre-roll ads

    Behavioral lab rats wanted

    Media 11 19:49

  • Apple passes Nokia, scares Nintendo

    One device, multiple battles

    Mobile 11 19:56

  • SAP slams Oracle Sun's control of Java

    Backs open-source JVM

    Developer 11 19:58

  • Facebook scoffs at hacktivist stunt

    Nothing to see here. Please move along

    Security 11 20:39

  • AMD unmasks Opterons of servers future

    Faces for 'Magny Cours' and 'San Marino'

    Servers 11 21:02

  • HP buys 3Com for $2.7bn cash

    Succumbs to Cisco envy

    Business 11 22:05

  • PHP founder takes flight from Yahoo!

    MS deal 'as lame as I feared'

    Developer 11 22:09

  • Acer and Apple prove recession-proof for Brits

    PC market shrinkage, nonetheless

    Hardware 11 22:13

  • Microsoft admits Mac was Windows 7 muse

    Hide your homework

    Operating Systems 11 23:17