10th November 2009 Archive

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  • EU officially objects to Sunacle deal

    Eye on MySQL

    Applications 10 00:31

  • Symbian channels iPhone love into Android scrap

    Of rubber ducks and bar-room seduction

    Developer 10 04:16

  • Microsoft and Seagate hunker down in EVault

    Cloudy for i365 days

    Storage 10 06:02

  • Security firm chokes sprawling spam botnet

    Mega-D no more

    Security 10 06:02

  • Snow Leopard redumps Intel's Atom

    Zaps data-munching bug

    Operating Systems 10 06:02

  • Next generation spammers rise up in Asia, India and Brazil

    High-speed broadband allows worldwide miscreanting

    Security 10 07:02

  • PMR heads for areal density limit

    Industry dithers over what's next

    Storage 10 07:02

  • Google Reader Koobface spotlights security risk 2.0

    Threat-resistant workers bypass Web 2.0 roadblocks

    Security 10 07:02

  • GlideTV Navigator

    The control every media PC must have?

    Hardware 10 08:02

  • Cambridge Uni cheerleaders in naming FAIL

    'Cougars' not old, not very foxy, sometimes not female

    Bootnotes 10 09:02

  • Spain 'goes 50% wind powered' - in the small hours

    Wind power: Ideal if you don't need the lights on

    Science 10 10:02

  • Loud sex a human right, says loud sex woman

    Appeals ASBO with 'involuntary vocalisation' defence

    Bootnotes 10 10:13

  • HP scores SMB storage hat-trick

    Disk, DAT and the other

    Small Biz 10 10:14

  • Brown's Building Britain website fail

    More government 2.0 twattery

    Government 10 10:29

  • Nvidia CEO says 'no' to x86 CPU biz

    'Very, very clear' focus on GPUs

    Hardware 10 10:40

  • iPhone goes Orange

    Network operator launches Jesus phone

    Phones 10 10:43

  • Melting ice sheets create new carbon sink, say boffins

    'Negative feedback' at work off Antarctica

    Science 10 10:59

  • Apple IDs the next-generation iPhone

    Cupertino wakes up to NFC?

    Phones 10 11:09

  • ICO investigates Play.com breach

    Hear the roar of the regulator

    Management 10 11:12

  • Google Oz maps mashups herald brave loo world

    Dunny data sets and more opening doors

    Developer 10 11:49

  • Big Iron, big data, big networks, big problems

    Intel's Wilf Pinfold talks us through SC09

    HPC 10 11:49

  • VMware brings fat graphics to thin clients

    Welcome to the Teradici

    Hardware 10 11:51

  • Samsung to offer open Android alternative

    New smartphone OS announced

    Phones 10 11:54

  • UK.gov denies innocent will be hit by filesharing regime

    Simon says

    Law 10 11:54

  • MS forensics tool leaks onto the web

    COFEE spill creates nasty mess

    Security 10 11:55

  • Iraq launches tourism drive

    Security a 'minor problem', assures tourist chief

    Bootnotes 10 12:18

  • IBM's cool zero-emission data centre idea

    Not a whiff of CO2 - but still whiffs of hype

    Servers 10 12:24

  • Silverlight dances with Facebook wolves

    Microsoft books dev toolkit seat in Web 2.0 pantomime

    Developer 10 12:26

  • Social net for nerds meets Twitter

    OMG! UR CV IS GR8!

    Small Biz 10 12:31

  • NASA hands over $900K for Laser propulsion system

    $1.1m still unclaimed

    Science 10 12:32

  • Kiwis slap 'vacant' sign on Paris Hilton

    Celebutard's lawyers unimpressed by billboard campaign

    Bootnotes 10 12:35

  • HTC Tattoo

    Cut-price Googlephone for the masses?

    Phones 10 13:02

  • Tagged.com pays $750,000 over deceptive emails

    The fine line between ambition and spam

    Media 10 13:02

  • Spectra launches T-Finity, plans beyond

    Aims to outshine Sun

    Storage 10 13:05

  • HP, Dell punters furious over Windows 7 upgrade delays

    'Step up to the plate', people

    The Channel 10 13:10

  • US boffins hail lab-grown rabbit todger

    Repaired lapines going at it like, erm...

    Science 10 13:12

  • Ricoh launches camera with removable lenses, sensors

    Uses slide-on modules

    Hardware 10 13:24

  • Retailer compiles ‘endangered tech’ list

    The devices doomed to die in 2010. Apparently

    Hardware 10 13:35

  • Catholic priests, scientists head to Rome to ponder alien life

    Little green men OK - female priests not OK

    Science 10 13:48

  • Drivers for server change

    What do you mean, saving money is not at the top?

    Server Management 10 14:02

  • Santa in Phones4U booze'n'fags logo 'shock'

    Annoying phone co wishes customers a merry Pissmas

    Bootnotes 10 14:13

  • UK to build robot stealth raygun jet/copter

    Bids for droid tail-sitter with pop-out chopper

    Science 10 14:17

  • Legless woman falls onto Boston train tracks

    Narrowly avoids becoming literally legless, CCTV shows

    Bootnotes 10 14:21

  • UK2's email still borked

    Migration worthy of an Attenborough doc

    Broadband 10 15:02

  • Firefox flaws make up 44% of all browser bugs?

    But numbers game ignores the big picture

    Applications 10 15:03

  • Pentagon chiefs buy net-security early warning system

    'Arming the cyber warrior'

    Science 10 15:52

  • Apple pushes out Blue Monday patch batch

    Tell me now how do I feel?

    Security 10 15:53

  • Cisco keeps schtum on big iron plans

    More SMP scale and Opterons required

    HPC 10 16:14

  • Netflix streamed onto PS3

    Console welcomes all-you-can watch film and TV

    Games 10 16:16

  • Glenn Beck loses and wins domain name case

    Handed site after doing satirist's work for him

    Law 10 16:19

  • GTA IV updates coming to Windows?

    Screenshot signals PC edition of TLAD

    Games 10 16:33

  • Brazilian uni readmits miniskirted student

    National outrage provokes Arruda U-turn

    Bootnotes 10 16:37

  • Visual Studio gets Linux dose with Mono

    No laughing matter

    Developer 10 17:43

  • Amazon uncorks Kindle for PC

    Available worldwide (sort of)

    Media 10 18:29

  • iPhone-shunning Wintel mobo bug squashed (for some)

    Intel chipset learns to love Apple

    Hardware 10 18:56

  • What do you call a flash-based super?

    Gordon, of course

    HPC 10 19:34

  • Eight charged in $9.5m payment processor hack

    Gone in 12 hours

    Security 10 20:04

  • Microsoft yanks Windows code on GPL violation claim

    Third time's the charm

    Developer 10 20:05

  • Apple's mini DisplayPort added to Vesa standard

    Proprietary no longer

    Hardware 10 21:32

  • Google search primed for 'Caffeine' injection

    A shot in the back-end

    HPC 10 23:18

  • Intel punts portable text reader for the blind

    Point, shoot, listen

    Hardware 10 23:34