9th November 2009 Archive

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  • VMware virtually crashes Windows 7 desktop party

    Tempts Windows XP laggards

    The Channel 09 Nov 05:02

  • How new is Juniper's 'New Network'?

    The devil's in the wireless details

    Data Networking 09 Nov 06:02

  • Nokia N86 8Mp cameraphone

    The serious snapper's smartphone?

    Phones 09 Nov 08:02

  • Morgan Computers shuts its doors, sells website

    Has cheap-as-chips dealer had its chips?

    The Channel 09 Nov 08:02

  • Legal vultures circle STEC after overstock admission

    Who knew what, when?

    The Channel 09 Nov 09:50

  • Is the server layer just a commodity?

    Or can it ever be?

    Server Management 09 Nov 09:57

  • Blind gamer sues Sony

    Suit gets mixed reception

    Law 09 Nov 10:01

  • Isle of Man plays catch-up on extreme porn law

    Spare the birch, spoil the sexual deviant

    Law 09 Nov 10:02

  • Adaptec cancels AGM

    Steel Partners soap opera lurches on

    Storage 09 Nov 10:16

  • Swedish cyborg gets haptic hand

    'Perfectly good nerve endings' plugged in once again

    Science 09 Nov 10:22

  • Nokia coughs to shock-risk phone chargers

    Recalls potentially faulty kit

    Phones 09 Nov 10:41

  • No jobs recovery for years

    Public sector cuts jobs but services sector on the up

    Financial News 09 Nov 11:25

  • French cheer on €11.6m heist security guard

    Tony Musulin: Tu es mon icône!!

    Bootnotes 09 Nov 11:25

  • Play.com emails customer details to other customers

    No explanation yet from data-spraying vendor

    Security 09 Nov 11:43

  • How malware frames the innocent for child abuse

    Traces of guilt

    Security 09 Nov 11:46

  • Intel to fast track Atom 2.0 introduction

    New, more power-efficient netbooks after Xmas

    Hardware 09 Nov 12:04

  • Xbox 360 802.11n add-on priced for UK

    Adaptor spotted in Asda

    Games 09 Nov 12:16

  • Nintendo nixes Wii HD speculation

    Not happening, says US chief

    Games 09 Nov 12:24

  • Spanish Army builds ant-colony AI conquistador algorithm

    Iberian insect intelligence to plan 'actual strategy'

    Applications 09 Nov 12:28

  • Spain cuts off 3m pre-pay mobiles

    Mass failure to register phones

    Mobile 09 Nov 12:29

  • Government rejects call to secure snoop data

    Mandatory crypto 'impractical'

    Government 09 Nov 12:31

  • WarMouse pushes gamers' buttons with OOMouse

    Retains 'burning hatred' for Microsoft, not Apple

    Hardware 09 Nov 12:35

  • Delays, password problems hit UK2 email restore

    Sunday night = Monday night

    Storage 09 Nov 12:49

  • Kingston SSD Now V 40GB boot drive

    Game changer?

    Hardware 09 Nov 13:02

  • 'L33T' web defacer blames Durham police for Pakistani conflict


    Law 09 Nov 13:03

  • Reg readers take on Unified Comms

    Tech Panel results unleashed in hi-res

    Broadband 09 Nov 13:25

  • Watchdog clears NotW over renewed phone hack allegations

    The Guardian takes pop at PCC 'whitewash'

    Security 09 Nov 13:25

  • WTO could be used to abolish censorship say researchers

    Free speech trade now

    Government 09 Nov 13:35

  • Jetpack 0.6 dishes up two major APIs for Firefox add-on coders

    Can we take a look at the specials menu, please?

    Developer 09 Nov 13:39

  • Wallace and Gromit make iPhone comic book debut

    Novel graphics?

    Hardware 09 Nov 13:54

  • More delays for UK.gov's net snooping programme

    Queen to keep schtum on IMP

    Government 09 Nov 14:50

  • Microsoft buys Teamprise tool for Java bridge

    Cosmetic dentistry or real engineering?

    Developer 09 Nov 14:54

  • Regulator warns on school CCTV schemes

    Filming kids changing is er, not cool, guys

    Government 09 Nov 14:55

  • Ofcom balks at Beeb's HD DRM dream

    More consideration needed, but there ain't long

    Media 09 Nov 15:24

  • Windows 7 kills two thirds of active Vista initiatives

    Fresh insights into desktop modernisation

    PC Management 09 Nov 15:37

  • Firefox keeps Microsoft 'honest' on 5th birthday

    Mozilla waxes lyrical about cutesy tot browser

    Applications 09 Nov 15:48

  • How I rebuilt Europe after the Berlin Wall collapsed

    Morgan Computers, Moscow and Me

    Hardware 09 Nov 16:05

  • Xbox 360 Twitter, Facebook clients rated X

    No ID? No tweets!

    Games 09 Nov 16:05

  • BT call centre staff snaffle £45m lottery win

    Talking telephone numbers here

    Broadband 09 Nov 16:06

  • B&W commits to cans

    Unveils first headphone design

    Hardware 09 Nov 16:08

  • Baying mob turns on miniskirted Brazilian uni student

    Abused by fellow students, then expelled

    Bootnotes 09 Nov 16:45

  • zPrime cost-cutting mainframeware gets traction

    Neon chuffed, talking to DOJ and Brussels

    Servers 09 Nov 16:47

  • Cisco leaps into hosted email, social networking

    Lands on partners' toes

    Media 09 Nov 17:06

  • iTunes sync comes to Moto's Droid

    Palm still prefers to cheat

    Mobile 09 Nov 18:37

  • Bot herders hide master control channel in Google cloud

    Google AppEngine co-opted

    Security 09 Nov 19:42

  • Microsoft U-turns on Exchange Server 2007 support

    Money walking on server death march?

    Operating Systems 09 Nov 20:39

  • HP shoots low with Lynnfield ProLiants

    Plus Hyper-V bundles, new switch

    Servers 09 Nov 21:26

  • Google swallows AdMob for $750m

    In-app mobile ads, anyone?

    Mobile 09 Nov 21:56

  • Murdoch threatens to yank News Corp. from Google News

    Google: Go ahead, make our day

    Media 09 Nov 22:44

  • BlackBerries get their (3D) game on

    Dev fun from RIM, Adobe

    Mobile 09 Nov 22:53

  • Sprint axes (at least) 2,000 (more) jobs

    Extra call centers? Who needs 'em?

    Financial News 09 Nov 23:02

  • Firefox at 5: the Google Cold War

    Saving the interwebs from 'cable TV'

    Applications 09 Nov 23:16