6th November 2009 Archive

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  • Google unleashes internal JavaScript tools

    Channel the power of Gmail

    Developer 06 00:06

  • Apple under Jobs: from muck to mountaintop

    Fortune's CEO of the Decade

    Software 06 01:00

  • Domain auction house says top exec juiced bids

    SnapNames dates alleged shill to 2005

    Networks 06 06:02

  • Backdoor in top iPhone games stole user data, suit claims

    Storm8's iSpy

    Mobile 06 06:02

  • Fujitsu union confirms strike next week

    Outsourcer walkout imminent

    The Channel 06 07:02

  • Liquid Computing to float slushy Intel servers

    x64-commodity drip effect

    Servers 06 07:02

  • Texas snatches voter system from $863m IBM contract

    Fears for lost data

    Policy 06 07:02

  • Sony Reader PRS-600 Touch Edition

    Real page turner?

    Tablets 06 08:02

  • Don't panic over the secret copyright treaty

    At least, not until we know what's in it

    Law 06 08:02

  • Nutt sacking row deepens

    Scientists want maximum respect

    Science 06 09:47

  • Florida flasher deploys 'explosive diarrhoea' defence

    Cops find 'no evidence of uncontrolled bowels', however

    Bootnotes 06 09:55

  • Red-faced Times abandons fishy eco ad

    Another bogus scare, another re-Greta-ble cockup

    Science 06 09:57

  • Dell details 'world's thinnest' laptop

    Adamo XPS debuts

    Hardware 06 10:09

  • Intel replicates 'bricked SSD' bug, pledges fix

    Says solution a 'high priority'

    Hardware 06 10:50

  • Is this the world's dirtiest PC?

    Reader snap reveals Quatermass-style horror

    Bootnotes 06 11:02

  • Controversial email blocklist SORBS sold

    GFI confirms purchase of reputation service

    Security 06 11:05

  • Booze shops get ID card lessons

    More shops than cards

    Law 06 11:12

  • The decentralisation effect

    Server architectures and their impact in operations

    Server Management 06 11:23

  • US woman to drop sprog live on internet

    Promises 'tasteful' birthing coverage

    Bootnotes 06 11:27

  • Sun's Facebook-slapping hits wrong target

    Paedo-threat coverage risks more restrictions for all

    Law 06 11:40

  • H Ross Perot Jr fails to grab rhino by the horns

    Denied hunting trophy following 'bungled' shot

    Bootnotes 06 11:49

  • HP plans a trillion-sensor global stethoscope

    Hearing the heartbeat of the Earth

    Hardware 06 11:53

  • 'Something may come through' dimensional 'doors' at LHC

    Attack of the Hyperdimensional Juggernaut-Men

    Science 06 12:02

  • Firefox and Chrome updates spike stability bugs

    Bonfire Night alternative browser fixes

    Applications 06 12:03

  • Memory maker to sell films on Flash

    Kingston Technology partners with Paramount

    Hardware 06 12:12

  • LibDem backs IBM staff in pension row...

    ...with call for mass firings

    Financial News 06 12:16

  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ6

    Super-zoom for the cost-conscious

    Hardware 06 13:02

  • Net hasn't isolated Yanks - they've just misplaced their friends

    Net chums replace some neighbours

    Networks 06 13:20

  • Web host lunches clients' emails for a week

    Hardware blamed for snafu

    Broadband 06 13:26

  • The Desktop refresh

    Should I? Shouldn't I?

    PC Management 06 13:28

  • Non-Intels rally 'round LTE spec

    Speaking with 'One Voice'

    Mobile 06 14:02

  • Anna Friel spectator brings up his Breakfast at Tiffany's

    Pukes from upper balcony during musical number

    Bootnotes 06 14:11

  • US unemployment rate breaks ten per cent

    Telcos and IT services add jobs

    Financial News 06 14:26

  • Three critical fixes in store for MS November Patch Tuesday

    Has another crack at some October uberpatch flaws

    Operating Systems 06 14:30

  • EMI saves world from unauthorised Beatles downloads

    Takes Old Brown Shoe and kicks BlueBox with it

    Media 06 14:32

  • Legendary McLaren F1 designer talks up e-car plan

    And gets £4.5m of Govt money to build it

    Science 06 14:57

  • Skype founders drop licence threat against eBay

    Bluff pays off for European duo

    VoIP 06 15:11

  • Google countersues in Android Specht-spat

    Punitive damages and attorney's fees, please

    Mobile 06 15:21

  • Sony to bring Risk to the big screen

    Coming soon... Ludo: The Motion Picture

    Bootnotes 06 15:22

  • Eat my dust - it's time for Comment of the Week

    Bring your conjecture to the slaughter

    Bootnotes 06 16:33

  • T-Orange puts names on dotted lines

    Very nearly on schedule, too

    Mobile 06 16:38

  • Mossad hacked Syrian laptop to steal nuke plant secrets

    Evil Maid attack led to air raid

    Security 06 16:38

  • Boinkfest clicks 'Delete' on woman's memory

    Orgasmic amnesia

    Bootnotes 06 18:57

  • Doctor sentenced for massive online Rx factory

    Over 100,000 served

    Security 06 19:17

  • Intel lampooned by Nvidia toons

    Graphic ridicule

    Bootnotes 06 21:03