5th November 2009 Archive

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  • Men allegedly broke into computers of former employer

    Poor password hygiene indictment

    Security 05 Nov 00:12

  • Judge spanks lawyer for leaking personal details in brief

    'Negligent, inattentive electronic filing'

    Security 05 Nov 00:51

  • Google: Android fragmentation not 'bad thing'

    It's what devs want

    Mobile 05 Nov 01:04

  • Linden Lab unveils Sadville: Enterprise Edition

    A private Second Life in a $55,000 box

    Applications 05 Nov 01:14

  • Sun and Apache: the Java scars that endure

    Neutrality gets you so far

    Developer 05 Nov 04:40

  • Second-gen TTxGP e-bike unveiled

    'Laptop on wheels' available to buy

    Science 05 Nov 06:02

  • Open-sourcers promise cloud elephant won't trample your code

    Hadoop buffed for 2010 'completion'

    HPC 05 Nov 06:02

  • 115,000 nabbed for in-car calling

    Drivers get the message, but only after pulling over

    Mobile 05 Nov 07:02

  • Tech titans meet in secret to plug SSL hole

    Web authentication busted on Apache, IIS

    Security 05 Nov 07:51

  • Hisense 1080p Media Player

    Link HDDs, Nas boxes to your TV, cheaply

    Hardware 05 Nov 08:02

  • Asus ups ante on Acer with two 3D laptops

    Gamers targeted

    Hardware 05 Nov 09:02

  • At what point do servers become HPC beasts?

    El Reg barometer survey. Your input needed

    Servers 05 Nov 09:44

  • Toshiba attacks 2.5-inch drives from below

    320 gigs on 1.8-inch HDD

    Storage 05 Nov 10:15

  • Pirates get extra seat in Euro Parliament

    22-year old Swedish woman goes to Brussels

    Media 05 Nov 10:16

  • All-in-one PCs to replace desktops, claims Asus

    Three years and counting?

    Hardware 05 Nov 10:28

  • 'Searched' web info hits harder than 'surfed' - shock

    Stuff you're interested in is more interesting

    Science 05 Nov 10:38

  • Cybercriminals down five British police forces in a year

    For more than three days each

    Law 05 Nov 10:39

  • Wikipedia's founder gets €10K coolness credit

    Nokia Foundation rewards cult Foundation leader

    Mobile 05 Nov 11:00

  • The state of the x86 server estate

    Your peers are telling you

    Server Management 05 Nov 11:02

  • Mozilla plots Firefox interface overhaul

    'Dated' UI gets cross-platform makeover

    Applications 05 Nov 11:12

  • BBC website now unbroked

    Auntie fell asleep during the night

    Media 05 Nov 11:34

  • EU block to Mandelson's filesharing laws removed

    Consumer campaign defeated

    Broadband 05 Nov 11:38

  • Mandriva flashes its small aggressive penguin

    It's Linux for 2010

    Operating Systems 05 Nov 11:39

  • Orb goes Mac - at last

    Photos, music via little fluffy cloud

    Applications 05 Nov 11:50

  • Fat Reg slims down for spanking new mobile phone version

    Bookmarks at the ready!

    Phones 05 Nov 12:02

  • Ex-HP boss confirms political move

    California gets tech Senate bid

    Financial News 05 Nov 12:05

  • Fifth of iPhone users watching porn

    Quarter have left physical partner over mobile use

    Mobile 05 Nov 12:06

  • Spotify: The Sutton Coldfield challenge

    Fifty Quid Bloke replaced by small cluster of Spotifans?

    Media 05 Nov 12:06

  • Asus delays 'smartbook' release

    Android implementation slows down release?

    Hardware 05 Nov 12:26

  • Google launches privacy Dashboard service

    What does Google know about me?

    Applications 05 Nov 12:30

  • Samsung Galaxy i7500

    Stellar Android performance?

    Phones 05 Nov 13:02

  • Brown declines to resign

    Democracy 2.0 inaction

    Government 05 Nov 13:07

  • Could a hard drive dedupe data?

    Manufacturers start looking for the next big thing

    Storage 05 Nov 13:11

  • Large Hadron Collider scuttled by birdy baguette-bomber

    Bread on the busbars could have seen 'dump caverns' used

    Science 05 Nov 13:23

  • US carrier in shock 'wireless pipes make money' claim

    T-Google's open lovefest

    Broadband 05 Nov 14:02

  • You too can become a Taoist Mao Shan master

    Handy Reg step-by-step guide to achieving enlightenment

    Bootnotes 05 Nov 14:37

  • China says there's no such thing as net addiction

    Then warns on 'inappropriate use of internet'

    Science 05 Nov 14:40

  • Olympus intros E-P1's successor

    Second-gen Micro Two-Thirds camera announced

    Hardware 05 Nov 15:08

  • T-Mobile backs into Android Marketplace

    One bill to rule them all

    Mobile 05 Nov 15:20

  • Swedish spooks knocked offline by hack attack

    DDoS attack follows intro of new monitoring powers

    Security 05 Nov 15:24

  • Travel agents accused of shilling for ID cards

    Fun with glove puppets

    Government 05 Nov 15:30

  • IBM gives big discounts on Power engines

    Latent capacity a go-go

    The Channel 05 Nov 15:59

  • Sony upscales PS3's PlayTV to HD

    Also adds Aino 'PlayStation phone' support

    Hardware 05 Nov 16:12

  • Gwen Stefani in Band Hero avatar argument

    Ain't No Doubt about it

    Games 05 Nov 16:19

  • Murdoch admits delays on paywall scheme

    How's never? Is never good for you?

    Media 05 Nov 16:28

  • NY insider trading scandal widens, 14 more charged

    String of deals since 2006 involved

    Business 05 Nov 18:05

  • Vint Cerf mods Android for interplanetary interwebs

    'Hot dead birds' protocol comes to earth

    Applications 05 Nov 18:40

  • Latest Moblin Linux polished for netbooks

    3G, Bluetooth, and browser boost

    Hardware 05 Nov 20:03

  • Windows 7 sales leave Microsoft coffers unstuffed

    Beats Windows Vista - at a price

    Operating Systems 05 Nov 20:03

  • Spain won't disconnect illegal file sharers

    Rejects Mandy and Sarko approaches

    Media 05 Nov 20:09

  • Facebook, MySpace backdoor exposed user accounts

    Bit drafty in here

    Security 05 Nov 20:11

  • Google demi-god backs shared mobile airwaves

    Raises fist at 'Soviet Ministries'

    Networks 05 Nov 21:23

  • IBM parks beta cloud on development and test servers

    Big-Blue software diet

    Software 05 Nov 21:52

  • Opera in top secret iPhone talks?

    We did not approach Apple...'at that time'

    Applications 05 Nov 23:39