3rd November 2009 Archive

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  • Hacker charged in $1m cable ISP customer cloning scheme

    MAC spoofing biz flourished for six years

    Security 03 00:20

  • AMD desktop rejig: six-core 'Thuban' set for Q2 2010?

    Phenom IIs out, Phenom IIs in

    Hardware 03 01:09

  • Yahoo! open sources uber web server

    '400-terabytes-a-day' Traffic Server lands at Apache

    Applications 03 01:12

  • Early adopters bloodied by Ubuntu's Karmic Koala

    Smooth Windows upgrade it ain't

    Operating Systems 03 03:36

  • Motorola to boost smartphone range

    Promises 20 models for 2010

    Phones 03 06:02

  • SpiderCloud weaves 3G into enterprise

    Fattened-up Femtocell

    Broadband 03 07:02

  • Sony Ericsson S312

    Cut-price Cyber-shot?

    Phones 03 08:02

  • Big Blue red-faced over Congestion charge crash

    First day fumble of new systems

    Government 03 08:02

  • Google not normal for Norfolk

    Search engine too taxing for web-footed web surfers

    Bootnotes 03 09:02

  • T-Mobile: Google to open Android Market to Win Mo apps

    Surely some mistake?

    Phones 03 09:02

  • Bono serenades fellow fader, Bill Gates

    "Happy Birthday' to Bill(ionaire)

    Software 03 09:02

  • Devious decryption scam rides ransomware Trojan

    We can remember it for you wholesale

    Security 03 09:50

  • Irish brogue voted world's sexiest accent

    'Have you got any Irish in you..?'

    Bootnotes 03 09:53

  • Big business bullies EU into open source U-turn

    Definition replaced with dubious vagueness

    Applications 03 09:58

  • Airwave cop-comms to be 'brought to life' for Olympics

    'U-turn' West coughs up £39m for Games upgrades

    Law 03 10:02

  • Sony Ericsson confirms Android Xperia

    Kimono opened, Rachael revealed

    Phones 03 10:06

  • Desktops: To upgrade or not?

    Today we have the answer

    PC Management 03 10:09

  • Opera Mobile sings out new Symbian version

    Mini features, mobile capabilities

    Mobile 03 10:38

  • Creative back on Apple's case with iPad-style media tablet

    E-book readers? PMPs? Pah! says firm

    Hardware 03 11:01

  • WD dives into SAS enterprise drive pool

    And then there were three

    Storage 03 11:02

  • Nintendo hints at free DSi 3G connectivity

    WhisperNet-style service coming to handheld?

    Games 03 11:06

  • EMC/Cisco's V-Block faces the hard Cell from HP

    Integrated stacks to face off

    Storage 03 11:21

  • Atheros touts 802.11n chip for phones, handhelds

    1-stream coming

    Broadband 03 11:28

  • M86 picks up Finjan to tackle web-based threats

    Doubling up on behaviour-based protection

    Security 03 11:45

  • Boffins working on biodegradable flexi LED implants

    Silky hand-tattoo displays to replace watches, PDAs?

    Hardware 03 11:50

  • Granada to start losing analog telly tomorrow

    BBC 2 first, all the rest later

    Hardware 03 12:02

  • MPs give offender system drubbing in scathing report

    Government cannot explain where the millions went

    Government 03 12:08

  • Extortionist targets jailbroken iPhones

    But then relents and offers free fix

    Mobile 03 12:10

  • 3M shows 9in naked-eye 3D display

    No specs please, we're British

    Hardware 03 12:19

  • Friends Reunited reunited with ITV?

    Regulator kicks deal into full investigation

    Financial News 03 12:34

  • Google wheels out Chrome, Wave updates

    Bookmark that, federate this

    Developer 03 12:36

  • Employers to take fingerprints for CRB checks

    In place of plod

    Government 03 12:40

  • T-Mobile Pulse

    The Googlephone for everyone?

    Mobile 03 13:02

  • Cisco plays hardball over Tandberg buy

    But snaffles Chinese TV box business in the meantime

    Data Networking 03 13:02

  • Tories will scrap 'pre-crime' vetting

    Won't assess dodginess by beliefs, fave films

    Government 03 13:10

  • Nokia Siemens Networks to slash almost 6,000 jobs

    No omelette without strategic workforce rebalancing

    Broadband 03 13:22

  • BetOnSports founder Kaplan jailed for four years

    Racket rumbled

    Law 03 13:51

  • FBI techs shy away from facial recognition

    Spends 40 years losing face

    Law 03 13:58

  • Adaptec CEO on the ropes after dreadful results

    Company steels itself for doomed proxy fight

    Storage 03 14:21

  • 3Leaf makes big SMPs out of x64 clusters

    Shared memory trumps virtualization

    Servers 03 14:33

  • Volcanic African 'unzipping' could see continent divided

    Mighty cleft suddenly appears in 'mega dyke intrusion'

    Science 03 15:14

  • Who does what in the server room?

    Servers and service delivery

    Server Management 03 15:20

  • Reg hack pursues Street View spymobile

    Orwellian black Opel flees from chance encounter in rural Spain

    Bootnotes 03 15:21

  • Microsoft chops cloud costs

    Hosted biz services cheaper

    The Channel 03 15:31

  • Americans promised all you can eat Twittering for $99

    Hail the unsmart phone

    Mobile 03 15:34

  • Arkeia digs deep for dedupe technology

    Pockets Kadena Systems

    Storage 03 15:56

  • Trojan pokes Facebook for zombie commands

    Anti-social networking

    Security 03 16:01

  • Cisco, EMC, and VMware join hands and plunge into cloud

    Acadia, the power of three

    Servers 03 16:27

  • Peugeot's bulbous BB1 e-car bound for Blighty

    Your chance to kick the types, etc.

    Science 03 16:28

  • US sees 'hot-tub related injuries' increase triplefold

    Horrific 'body part entanglement' <cough> bloodbath

    Science 03 16:33

  • Barnes & Noble nobbled for 'nicking' Nook-e Reader notion

    Sued for 'stealing idea' from business partner

    Hardware 03 16:40

  • Buffalo adds add-in card adaptor to USB 3.0 line-up

    PCI Express to the rescue

    Hardware 03 16:51

  • Microsoft's SQL Server gets appliance of iron

    Test code challenges Oracle

    Applications 03 17:02

  • Can Darwin help us find little green men?

    Astrobiologist celebrates Origins bday

    Science 03 17:17

  • VIA intros Nano 3000 netbook, notebook CPUs

    Takes aim at Intel's Atom and CULV chips

    Hardware 03 17:22

  • Dell hit by $12.8m camera conspiracy verdict

    Not so big and easy now

    Bootnotes 03 19:21

  • PayPal opens 'embed everywhere' APIs to world+dog

    X marks the 'we're bigger than eBay' play

    Developer 03 19:39

  • ChiPhone fails to ignite consumer frenzy

    But betting against Apple still inadvisable

    Mobile 03 20:17

  • Turkey whacks Google with £28.7m fine, claims tax dodging

    Doubts over Dublin domicile

    Financial News 03 20:40

  • Bug in latest Linux gives untrusted users root access

    Protections for some, but not all

    Security 03 20:55

  • Red Hat pitches x64 virtualization with KVM rollout

    RHEVing up server hypervisors

    Virtualization 03 21:42

  • Inside Acadia: the Cisco, EMC, VMware love child explained

    A chip of the old vBlocks

    Servers 03 22:15

  • IBM hurls defiance at Microsoft after communications pitch flop

    'Trust me, this stuff works'

    Applications 03 22:26

  • Microsoft adds higher price to SQL Server's new features

    The rising cost of data

    Applications 03 23:17