2nd November 2009 Archive

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  • Cisco and EMC in joint venture blitz

    vBlock and tackle

    Storage 02 Nov 05:17

  • TalkTalk to fight net disconnection plan

    Speak to you in court

    Security 02 Nov 06:02

  • UK gov squeezes copyright law into cheat sheets

    Contracts for dummies

    Government 02 Nov 07:02

  • Belkin Powerline HD Gigabit mains Ethernet adaptor

    High-speed networking through a three-pin plug?

    Broadband 02 Nov 08:02

  • Europe plots black boxes for cars

    Project Veronica not a privacy problem

    Government 02 Nov 10:00

  • Olympic ticket scams already starting, says top e-cop

    Beijing Games was proof of concept

    Law 02 Nov 10:02

  • IBM facelifts i/OS for midrange gear

    Power system nip and tuck

    Operating Systems 02 Nov 10:02

  • 'Internet Age' means egalitarian 'hunter-gatherer' society

    Inherited cattle = unfairness, apparently

    Science 02 Nov 10:11

  • The state of the x86 server estate?

    Your peers are telling you

    Server Management 02 Nov 10:25

  • HTC to launch WinMo phone with Android-oriented UI

    HD2 official debut this week

    Phones 02 Nov 10:36

  • Unigen plans enterprise flash by the bucket

    May the SandForce be with you

    The Channel 02 Nov 10:45

  • Scientists flee Home Office after adviser sacking

    Nutt up or shut up

    Government 02 Nov 10:47

  • A short poll about server architectures

    Readers, we need you

    Server Management 02 Nov 10:57

  • Quanta opens servers to 100-core Tilera

    Snipping out the Linux middlemen

    HPC 02 Nov 11:00

  • Motorola Android 2.0 phone Europe-bound

    With new name and multi-touch screen missing from US version?

    Phones 02 Nov 11:24

  • Female fruitbat fellatio frenzy: 70% give head

    As do 100% of males - to themselves, naturally

    Science 02 Nov 11:31

  • Firefox 3.6 beta promises speed injection

    Fox on the run

    Applications 02 Nov 11:33

  • LG OLED TV roadmap forecasts 40-inchers for 2012

    But they won't become as cheap as LCDs until 2016

    Hardware 02 Nov 11:37

  • Creative whips out e-reader at AGM

    More than a reader. Or a tablet

    Hardware 02 Nov 12:14

  • BT Tower restaurant reborn for Olympics

    Top chef for top of the tower

    Broadband 02 Nov 12:19

  • TalkTalk steps up attack on government

    Dunstone claims broadband tax will disconnect 100,000

    Government 02 Nov 12:20

  • Nokia to shut down N-Gage

    A brief history of fail

    Games 02 Nov 12:22

  • Chronically ill people 'happier if they abandon hope', say docs

    Promises to 'reconnect bowels' make people sad

    Science 02 Nov 12:26

  • Agincourt: The sensational truth

    El Reg calculates the true strength of Henry's forces

    Bootnotes 02 Nov 12:40

  • Apple MacBook Late 2009

    Plastic phoenix rises

    Hardware 02 Nov 13:02

  • Southwark council sues IBM

    Pays public cash to lawyers to get it back from Big Blue

    Government 02 Nov 13:08

  • Aspiring model pleasures Taoist master

    Actually administers ritual BJ to truck driver, HK court hears

    Bootnotes 02 Nov 13:10

  • Pirate Bay clampdown prompted file sharing site spike

    A true 'cloud computing' effort, reports McAfee

    Security 02 Nov 13:23

  • Windows 7 busts the 3 per cent share barrier

    And that's not counting copies not installed yet...

    The Channel 02 Nov 13:32

  • Storage firm Drobo gets mysterious cash injection

    Ten million greenbacks for what exactly?

    Storage 02 Nov 13:48

  • Microsoft security report shows worms are returning

    UK holding its own in cyber security

    Security 02 Nov 14:02

  • Virgin America dumps servers, flies for the clouds

    Open-source payload

    Servers 02 Nov 14:02

  • UTIT IT touts titillation

    Logo walks tit like it talks tit

    Bootnotes 02 Nov 14:13

  • Fujitsu UK workers vote to strike

    Government IT services could be hit

    Government 02 Nov 14:33

  • US military tracker-droids to 'consider humans as fluid'

    Traffic algorithm upgrade for airborne spyeyes

    Science 02 Nov 14:56

  • Tandberg bigs up removable media capacity

    Frankfurt gets first peek at DAT 320

    Storage 02 Nov 15:02

  • Orange saves callers pennies with iPhone tariffs

    The future's bright, the future's 11p cheaper

    Phones 02 Nov 15:27

  • More than half of touchphone users will go back to buttons

    Survey reveals disappointment with technology, experience

    Phones 02 Nov 15:41

  • Notorious Kiwi pill spammers slapped with fine

    Herbal King dethroned

    Security 02 Nov 15:43

  • Ruiz out as Global Foundries chairman

    Another casualty of Galleon-New Castle insider trading?

    Financial News 02 Nov 16:01

  • Scots slam Germans for 'tight-arsed' slur

    Schotten Preise a cheap jibe, says SNP

    Bootnotes 02 Nov 16:26

  • Esther '1st lady of internet' Dyson appointed NASA advisor

    'I'm dying to get into space but can't afford it'

    Science 02 Nov 16:36

  • Vonage drops off the net

    From VoIP to NoIP

    VoIP 02 Nov 17:01

  • Apple said to have axed Atom support from OS X 10.6.2

    Hackintosh netbook builders worried by lone blogger's claim

    Hardware 02 Nov 18:11

  • Marvel Comics open on iPhone

    Stateside Jobsian X-Men

    Mobile 02 Nov 18:28

  • US gov warns banks on money mules

    More dough in the laundry

    Security 02 Nov 18:32

  • ZFS gets inline dedupe

    Switch it on and off at the dataset level

    Storage 02 Nov 18:37

  • Google retrieves coder's Microsoft badge from rubbish bin

    Gifts still on the heap

    Developer 02 Nov 19:10

  • Chip sales upgrade from terrible to bad

    Still down from 2008

    Hardware 02 Nov 19:13

  • Novell tongue-lashes LA for Google cloud switch

    What savings? What security?

    Applications 02 Nov 20:58

  • Unisys takes Secure Cloud private

    A chip off the virtual x64 block

    Servers 02 Nov 22:30

  • The Meta Cloud gets more meta

    RightScale and the floating UNIX analogy

    Servers 02 Nov 22:57

  • Amazon's EC2 brings new might to password cracking

    Cloudonomics and the art of black-hat hacking

    Security 02 Nov 23:03

  • Skype for Linux set for open source

    'In the nearest future'

    Applications 02 Nov 23:23