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Microsoft counters Windows 7 upgrade hack advice

Microsoft has wagged its finger at users to dissuade them from hacking upgrade versions of Windows 7 to get a full copy of the new operating system on their PC.
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Google music search thingy revealed

Google has officially rolled out its new music-search service, after widespread rumors it was on the way.
Cade Metz, 29 2009
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China's The9 sued over Warcraft ditching

A US shareholder is seeking a class action lawsuit against Chinese game operator, The9, over its financially devastating loss of a contract to host World of Warcraft in the country.

Ubuntu's Karmic Koala bares fangs at Windows 7

Review Ubuntu 9.10 - aka Karmic Koala - is taking the fight to Microsoft and its new Windows 7 operating system.
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Watford council punts parents from playground

The final push toward state control of children began this week in Watford, as the Council declared two adventure playgrounds were no-go areas for parents.

VMware Workstation plays lucky 7

Server virtualization juggernaut VMware got its start on the desktop a decade ago, and it still makes a sizeable chunk of change virtualizing PCs and workstations so they can run multiple operating systems. In the wake of last week's Windows 7 blitz, VMware is kicking out its Workstation 7 hypervisor for x86 and x64 machines, as well as its companion for Apple Macs, Fusion 3.
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Westminster readies 'wave and pay' parking meters

Westminster City Council is to trial "wave and pay" parking meters.
Consoles & Gadgets Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Controller

Consoles & Gadgets Rapid Fire

Review One of the problems with being a newcomer to any multiplayer combat gaming platform is that, up against experienced sharp shooters, you probably won't survive for long. You really do get to learn the hard way. Although technically outlawed – offending the gaming community’s sense of fair play – a modified controller with rapid-fire functionality may well save the day for those whose profile is, literally, in terminal decline.

Nvidia names next-gen GeForce chips

Nvidia has acted rapidly to remove references to its unannounced GeForce 300M-series GPUs after they were spotted on the company's own driver download site.

Geeks play Guitar Hero without guitars

We’ve all been air-guitar gods at some point in our lives. But now a band of boffins have proven that you don’t need frets, a pick or even a controller to be a Guitar Hero.

Telcos to offer Asus e-book reader in Q1 2010, hint execs

Asus' upcoming e-book reader will incorporate Wi-Fi, 3G and WiMax technologies, company executives have apparently claimed.
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Yahoo! Microsoft! deal! delayed!

Yahoo! has told the Securities and Exchange Commission that it needs more time to sort out its search deal with Microsoft.
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Compellent pulls off a strong quarter

Compellent has shown steady growth again, recording $32.2m revenues in its third 2009 period in a 31 per cent rise on the previous quarter.

Nintendo confirms big-screen DSi

Updated Just days after rumours of an upcoming DSi with larger screens first broke, Nintendo has confirmed that just such a handheld console will be delivered in time for Christmas.
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Russia planning nuclear-powered manned spaceship

Russian space chiefs are considering plans for a manned spacecraft with a nuclear powerplant aboard, according to reports. Indications are that the nuclear kit would provide electrical power rather than being used directly for propulsion.
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Change your views: OS X tags exploited

Mac Secrets Time to conclude our exploration of Apple's mysterious CoreGraphics framework. This time I'll show you how to change the behavior of windows by setting so-called window tags, and I'll exploit window properties to show how to snoop on the windows of another process.
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Top drug boffin renews criticism of cannabis policy

The Home Office's chief drug advisor has today stoked the row over the reclassification of cannabis and ecstasy, accusing the government of "devaluing" scientific evidence.

Wii HD coming in 2010, claims mole

A seemingly well-connected gaming executive claims to have discovered that Nintendo will launch its long-rumoured HD Wii next year, in addition to a Netflix-for-Wii film and TV streaming service.
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Eurostar frustrated by 'illegal' e-Borders scheme

Government legal officials are still investigating whether aspects of the £1.2bn e-Borders scheme are illegal, a year after concerns were raised by Eurostar.
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UK gets final warning over Phorm trials

Updated The UK government today came a step closer to international embarrassment over its failure to act against BT and Phorm for their secret trials of mass internet snooping technology.
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Symantec secures profit rise as revenues fall

The good ship Symantec has adjusted to the recession and is making 19 per cent more profit despite three per cent lower revenue.
Asus P7P55D-E mobo

Asus intros first USB 3.0 motherboard

Asus has taken the wraps off what's certainly its first USB 3.0 motherboard and very possibly the first one of its kind at all.
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Sony recalls 69,000 AC adaptors

Sony has asked more than 69,000 owners of some of its all-in-one desktop Vaio PCs to return the machines' AC adaptors in order to avoid the risk of electric shock.

Motorola fesses up to Droid

Motorola has finally confirmed the existence of Droid – the first smartphone set to come with Android 2.0 pre-installed.
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Reanimated Picsel lays off staff, plots with Samsung

Picsel, developers of innovative mobile rendering software, is back from the dead with the same management, but many fewer employees and financial backing from Samsung.
Bill Ray, 29 2009
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Government to protect children from zombie paedophiles

The Vetting database will protect children not only from living predators – but from dead ones too.
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Microsoft ditches MSN Direct

MSN Direct, Microsoft's data broadcast network, is to be switched off in 2012, leaving literally dozens of users bereft of updates and another Microsoft initiative in the dust.
Bill Ray, 29 2009
Motorola Dext

Motorola Dext Android smartphone

Review Few would be surprised to learn that US brand Motorola has struggled of late. Since the flush of success it enjoyed with the Razr series back in 2004, Motorola has singularly failed to set the mobile world alight, seemingly watching as other brands grasped the smartphone nettle and raced to the future.

GTA guide hints at fifth edition

No-one ever reads the manual, right? Well you should, because eagle-eyed gamers have claimed that one page of the latest Grand Theft Auto instalment’s manual hints at a fifth version of the popular game.
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Renegade weatherman drops his kimono

Piers Corbyn gave a glimpse into his methods of long-range weather forecasting yesterday. Corbyn can claim an extraordinary degree of accuracy for predicting extreme weather events. So much so, it makes the professionals look stupid. Corbyn's WeatherAction is a successful private business, with farmers, big insurance, and other serious players increasingly shunning the taxpayer-funded Met Office in preference to his forecasts. He's been banned by the bookies from betting on his own forecasts.
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Brit space agency to probe 'crackpot' antigravity device

A controversial British antigravity device is to be investigated by the government's National Space Centre, according to reports. If the technology really works, it would be able to counteract the force of gravity using only electrical power, permitting the easy building of Jetsons-style flying cars or hoverships and hugely simplifying space travel.
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DEFRA loses tapes - and plot

It has been revealed that the UK's Rural Payments Agency (RPA) lost tapes five months ago which contained the payment details of more than 100,000 farmers in the UK. It told DEFRA and DEFRA told nobody else, certainly not the farmers.
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Amazon peddles payment service

Amazon.com is offering PayPhrase which allows you to pay for purchases at several different websites using your existing Amazon profile.
Mobile Phone

Egypt crafts mobile phone 'code of conduct'

Think twice before using your mobile phone next time you're in Egypt, because the country has drawn up an “ethics code” for mobile phones.

Leaked Lotus doc hints at e-Evora

Leccy Tech The evidence that Lotus may launch a leccy version of its Evora sports car is mounting, following a leaked company presentation highlighting how the model could be used as the basis for a sporty e-car.
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Symbian Foundation bulks out board

Fujitsu has signed up to the Symbian Foundation, while Qualcomm's new open source lab has also got itself a boardroom seat.
Bill Ray, 29 2009
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UK Supremes question vetting scheme

Britain's top judges have warned that new background checks to vet millions of adults for contact with children carry a "real risk" of infringing human rights and undermining public confidence in protection measures.
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Brit robo-sub dives to 3.5 miles on seabed volcano quest

British oceanography boffins are celebrating successful trials of their latest robot submarine, which has now autonomously navigated itself about at a depth of three-and-a-half miles beneath the surface of the Atlantic.
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Sun aims for sky, shoots self in foot

As European regulators drag their feet on approving Oracle's $7.4bn acquisition of Sun Microsystems, the securities laws for public companies back home in the States compel Sun to still do its paperwork. Sun has dutifully sent out the proxy notices to shareholders telling them to mark their calendars for the annual shareholder meeting, and another note detailing the compensation packages of the top brass at the company.
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Google finds voice to respond to FCC

Google has responded to accusations that it blocks calls to certain numbers by reducing the quantity of blocked numbers to around 100, rather missing the point of network neutrality.
Bill Ray, 29 2009

Sony recalls defective power bricks

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a recall for tens of thousands of power adapters for Sony VAIO desktops.

Internet pops champagne on (second) 40th birthday

Today, the Internet celebrates its second 40th birthday.
Cade Metz, 29 2009

Juniper spruces up products, burnishes identity

Juniper Networks is launching a fleet of new software, hardware, and partnerships today under a major retooling of the company's brand identity.
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Microsoft applies lipstick to MSN butterfly

With Windows Live and Bing, Microsoft's MSN butterfly has had its wings ripped from it in recent years
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Intel aims 30W Nehalem at 'microservers'

Intel will soon offer a two-core 'Clarksdale' processor rated at a mere 30W, aiming to slip this low-power chip into the super-svelte "microservers" it first trumpeted at its developer forum last month.
Cade Metz, 29 2009
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Apple blueprints the iShoe

Providing further proof that the days of Apple Computer are far behind, the US Patent and Trademark Office published two of Cupertino's latest patent filings on Thursday: one for a head-mounted MP3 player, and a second for what might well be described as the iShoe.
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Palm Pre evicted from iTunes (yet again)

Apple's Thursday update to iTunes - version 9.0.2 - yet again kicks the Palm Pre off Cupertino's media-sync reservation.